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General Jean-Paul Tsolkenis takes Ghelmanos

27-07-2004, 17:29
General Tsolkenis surveyed his new lands. In recognition of his many years of service to Pantocratoria, the Imperial Government had authorised his annexation of the uncivilised island of Ghelmanos on the outskirts of the Pantocratorian Archipelago. With the Empire's booming population, it had been decided that a number of the less desirable Pantocratorian citizens, especially those from New Constantinople, should be relocated to relieve the population problem. The natives had at first resisted, but had soon come to accept the inevitability of Pantocratorian dominance in the region.

"Sir, the last of the boats have arrived, and our new citizens are ready to begin work"

General Tsolkenis turned to see young Lieutenant Ettienne Lefevre.

"Excellent, have them begin construction of the Presidential Palace." he replied

Lt Lefevre arched an eyebrow "Shouldn't we begin work on housing facilities first?"

The General mimicked her expression "Most of these people lack discipline, and i refuse to coddle them. They will learn that hard work is expected of them."

Lt Lefevre nodded and began her hike down the steep hill. The General went back to gazing at his new lands. He sighed. He would have liked to have built his house here, but it was a perfect location for a military outpost, and such concerns were paramount.


Later that day, the General was inspecting work on the foundations of the Presidentail Palace, when he noticed a young native man walking towards him.

"This is the one i told you of" Lt Lefevre whispered.

Apparantly one of the natives had already learnt French in a few short weeks, and wished to speak with him.

"General, I am Matona, and i come to you on behalf of my people."

General Tsolkenis masked his surprise at the youth's complete lack of accent. "And your people want what?"

"We wish to live in peace, and we come to ask what it is we must do for that." The General was impressed, the youth's steely gaze did not falter.

"If you want to live in peace, simply do the work required of you without complaint. Otherwise, we will have....problems." the General returned the gaze.

The youth stayed silent for nearly a minute. when he spoke, there was no sign of resignation in his voice. "Very well, we will do as instructed." he then marched off.

"Why do you allow a native to speak as an equal?" Lt Lefevre asked.

"If they do the work, they are our equals." the General replied. He seemed lost in thought. "After the palace is completed, begin work on the Barracks, then on our housing. Those that wish to enlist will enjoy a roof before the others....and make sure you impress on Matona that any natives who enlist will also be given full citizenship. Makes sure he WANTS to be a citizen."

"Aye, sir." she replied

"Good, i expect results from my Minister for Military Enlistments." he said, walking away.

Lt Lefevre smiled. Two days in a new land, and she was already a minister. Ghelmanos was not the joke assignment she thought it would be.
27-07-2004, 17:52

TO: Tsolkenis, Jean-Paul (General), commanding the Infantry Legion of the Despotate of New Constantinople, Ghelmanos


It is with great pleasure that we have received reports of your successes thus far in the pacification of the island of Ghelmanos. We encourage you to continue in your efforts, and desire that any further assistance you may require in the establishment of the colony be made available to you by the Imperial High Command.

We do hereby grant you the position of Interim President of the Democratic Republic of Ghelmanos, and charge you with the establishment of responsible government.

Given by our hand in the 31st year of our reign,


By the Grace of God, Imperator Pantocratoria, Autocrator of the Romans, Equal of the Apostles, King of France and Navarre, et al.
27-07-2004, 18:00
To: His Most Catholic and Imperial Majesty, Emperor Andreus

I am pleased to announce that at this time we require only the most basic of necessities. Food has been rationed effectively, so building resources are of paramount concern.

I am also pleased to announce that the fully 86% of the immigrants have Enlisted for 10 years service in the Ghelmanos Defence Force, as well as many of the native inhabitants. It appears that those that were formerly... troublesome members of society are now coming to their senses.

As always, I live to serve

General Tsolkenis, Interim President of Ghelmanos