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Open Season on Thelasi!

Melkor Unchained
27-07-2004, 04:36
Good Evening. As I am certain many of you are aware, the Star Empire of Thelas has been, shall we say, quite the thorn in our collective sides. The Thelasi, it would seem, tend to befoul everything they touch and incite a burning hatred for their kind wherever they travel. Their continued idiocy, coupled with their utter and blatant lack of common sense, leads me to but one conclusion every time I ponder the issue.

The cancer that is known as Thelas must be shuffled loose the mortal coil. Their continued existence, or at the very least, their continued access to arms must be halted at once. It in this spirit which I offer to anyone on the world stage, a bounty on Thelasi military officers, civil administrators, government figures--anyone of import. Prices per head will depend on the physical status of the specimen, and rank primarily. Bounties offered will range from $2.2 million credits to $25 million credits.

Once the location of the Thelasi craftworld is made known to us, we will distrubute the information as needed to interested parties. All bounty hunters need to contact us before commencing their mission for recordkeeping purposes.

Let the hunt begin.

Melkor, Lord of Darkness
He who Arises in Might
Emperor Eternal of the Five Kingdoms, Lord and Master of Arda
27-07-2004, 04:49
The message was received and processed. It was handed off to those best capable of responding to it, as was procedure. This was how the message found its way to the office of one Sir Torin De'Kallos, Manhunter, Mercenary, and Combatant-at-large.

The message was read and responded to curtly.

The response was in the form of a note, handwritten in Sir Torin's precise lettering.

The extraordinary bounty placed upon the government of Thelas has come to our attention. It is our intention to claim for ourselves a piece of this. We will be pleased to receive the coordinates to the Thelasi craftworld, and will use said coordinates to acquire, whether dead or alive, as many Thelasi individuals as possible.

After having made our quota, we will proceed to use our own un-erring methods to distinguish any and all possible persons of import among the living. Dead people will simply be dumped in plastic trash bags and sent along.

Our thanks for this opportunity.

-Sir Torin De'Kallos, Justicar.
Torin's Hammer Bounty Hunting Limited.
Meridian City, Northfell, Revenia

The message was delivered via the usual means. Meaning entirely mysteriously and without any identifiable means of transmission.

Such are the ways of the children of change.
Northwestern Liang
27-07-2004, 05:19
The transmission quickly reaches the Domain. Casimir, interim Lord while Yorinaga was away in Raem, looked over the report with a gleam in his eye. He knew just the person.
The message sped down below the depths. Usually the massive but unseen dwarven population did not associate with the surfacers, but Casimir was quite certain this particular one would make an...exception.

In this way, the dwarf Hjôr received the absolutely pressing need to elimanate a vicious, imperialistic elven government. He required only a little convincing to take up arms against the Thelasi, and he was only too ready to cleave through elf-flesh, having been instrumental in some of Casimir's opponent's more...opportune deaths.

To: The Five Kingdoms of Melkor Unchained
From: Hjôr Foeslayer
Concerning: Thelasi imperialists

It has come to my attention that the Star Empire of Thelas' government has made itself most...annoying. I will rectify that problem as swiftly as possible, and report back to the kingdoms with their bodies, probably dead and possibly alive. Until then, I am sure the string of reports detailing the split skulls of various Thelasi governmental members will satisfy both you and I.
27-07-2004, 05:21
The realms of Earth were quiet these days, the radios and other communications devices, so readily available to Ainulindalion were becoming harder to listen to.

Not by any loss of power, but by the fact that he was remaining in human form so often. That happened occasionally. He would survive. Then…

…the message. The Dark Vala was requesting an open season on the Thelasi. Kinslayers. Criminals. Corrupted, perverted elves, broken in every since, the very opposite of the elves Eru had meant to create.

Though undoubtedly, He had known that some would be… different, wrong. And of those, the Thelasi were among the worst.

Perhaps, this once…

He would have to ask, of course. And ask politely. So he would.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The immortal being whispered into existence, high above the mortal, earthly realms, werein most of creation dwelt, living peaceably.

The room was empty, blank, not even a room, but an empty whiteness, were everything was off. But there was power here…

“Can I go?” It was all he had to ask. There was only one presence there besides himself. All knowing, all powerful.


The restrictions flooded his mind, then. He would be constrained, of course. Using his full power would unbalance the fight too much. It would be far too simple a task, if he did it that way.

So he would be as a mortal, organic. Breakable, to an extent, and resisting using the powers he had would be more the exercise than tracking an capturing a hundred of the silly elves.

As he became non-corporeal once more, to return to the lower planes, he concentrated, a brief message flickering out to a small business card, sitting on a nightstand, in a bedroom, in a palace, far to the North…

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A spherical room, blankly white, a man in black clothing floating in the middle, waiting for the precise moment.

Now. Melkor was using the palantir. Again. Ainulindalion smiled, and then room shifted, bringing him into Melkor’s vision, abruptly.

“I will hunt Thelasi for you.” An enigmatic smile. “You know my price.” And the Dark Lord would, indeed, know that there would be no charge from the immortal being, in the standard sense.

Just a vague sense of a favor done, that was not expected to be repaid.
Steel Butterfly
27-07-2004, 07:03
tag...seems promising
Lalande 21185 System
27-07-2004, 07:08
Envoy message
We will, of course, not be taking part in any acts of genocide, and find such deplorable.

Even though the Thelasi may have acted foolishly, extermination of their entire nation is excessive. It is better to seek its political dissolution.
End of message.
The Atheists Reality
27-07-2004, 07:20
Envoy message
We will, of course, not be taking part in any acts of genocide, and find such deplorable.

Even though the Thelasi may have acted foolishly, extermination of their entire nation is excessive. It is better to seek its political dissolution.
End of message.
The Thelasi are scum, even to one such as I. They are in need of death. and there are many beings willing to give it to them without question.

Lord Movodor Alarin, Minister For Foreign Relations, and many other things....
27-07-2004, 07:26
Lord Melkor,
The city-state of Parthenon would be more then happy to dispatch a small fleet to locate the Thelasi craftworld. Once this information is obtained I can bring ships full of Thelasians to you on a regular basis. You would always have a fresh supply to do as you please. Consider our offer as it is worth looking into.

Servent to Athena
Princess Amanda Valtreck
27-07-2004, 07:55
A lonely street in Thelas...

A silent bolt left the crossbow to strike at the chest of the lonely woman who came out of the house, killing her almost instantly as it broke her heart in two pieces. The hooded assasin reloaded the weapon in less than three seconds, still stalking the street as he changed his position to avoid being easily spotted. With a thump the dead woman hitted the ground near the middle of the street, and even before the stealthy assassin reached the new spot his com link was already twitching inside his ear.

"What is it?. I'm in the middle of the job", said the assassin though his link in sindarin with an strong eldar (or dark eldar, for that matter) accent.

"I'm going to broadcast you a message from the Imperium. Prepare yourself because this one is really surprising, and it will be truly music to your ears", said a female voice, this one clearly the hissing low tone of a drow, from the other side.

After hearing the message, the man couldn't stop to afford a little smile. "And to think that I was doing it just for the fun of it!. Yet it's time to get serious. no stupid cops and their families from now on. We need to catch some big and fat fishes out there. By the way, I need your help here, even as I have just killed this cop's wife, he hasn't come out of the house...Do you think that you could...", he said through the com link in a cold, icy tone.

"Leave it to me, just call the attention of the guy with something flashy", answered the other voice.

It's hunting time indeed, he thought as he fired a shaft through the window and raised his head just to see the flash of a dagger and the spray of blood in the next room. Idiots. Why all these Thelasi build their Houses with a back entrance?. they make this job too easy. Finally he turned on the com link again. "Remember the orders, please spare the children. We're not supposed to kill any kind of innocents"

"Too late. One of them made a silly move to escape", answered the female from the other side.

"Owww. you know we're going to be punished by that, right?. They said no children, no old men and no pregnant women. And even more, inside there were three children, not only one", the man slapped his forehead as he said the last words.

"Oops. My hand slipped. I suppose I could spare the last one, but he has pissed in his pants, and the odor is disturbing. Don't worry, I'll clean up everything afterwards. I won't leave trace of the kids", answered the other voice before a little squirm echoed through the audio.

"Oh, you can't be fixed. Let's get serious and find something worth of a bounty, ok?", finally said the man, climbing down the roof...
The Brotherhood of Nod
27-07-2004, 12:37
Interesting. Oxanna thought. The Brotherhood can always use some extra cash. Too bad I can't go myself. Kane won't let me. I'm too important. Oh well.

"CABAL, do we have any capable agents in Thelas?" she spoke to one of the screens on the wall.

"Define "capable", human."

"You're smarter than that, CABAL."

"Three of our agents qualify for this operation. One has my recommendation. Her name is Anna Natalya Koskovin. She has full Black Hand training and excells in assassinations. She was involved in the assassination of Imperator Volcatius of Akilliam, and has been our primary agent in Thelas since.

"Contact her. And send a message to Melkor."

To: Lord Melkor (
From: Oxanna Kristos (
Subject: Thelas

The Brotherhood is interested in your proposal to remove the heads of any Thelasi officers from their shoulders. The Black Hand has found a suitable operative for this mission and will commence with the operation as soon as we have received clearance to do so."

Oxanna Kristos
High General to the Brotherhood of Nod
27-07-2004, 13:39
OOC: :sniper:
The Ctan
27-07-2004, 15:46
It has come to our attention that a bounty has been offered on members of the former Thelasi administration. This is unacceptable. Thelas is sovereign territory of the Empire, and there has been no permission granted by the Empire to use such territory for these, bloodsports. As such, we also issue a bounty, on all such hunters within the borders of the Imperial Province of Thelas without prior authorisation from the C’tan Imperial Office of Game and Fisheries. Prices per head will depend on the physical status of the specimen, and the difficulty of their elimination. Bounties offered will range from $3.2 million credits to $26 million credits

Needless to say, anyone taking this offer up is expected to apply to the Imperial Office of Game and Fisheries before entering the province of Thelas. Similarly, we shall be taking our own measures to rid the area of such interlopers in the near future.

- Asirnoth, Chief Lieutenant of Mephet’ran, Viceroy of Thelas.
27-07-2004, 15:55
"Everything is going well, according to our plans. And to think that Melkor is giving us a hand with the motivation that message placed inside our mercs' hearts", said the Drow Baroness, checking the incoming messages from the annihilation squads.

"But I have enough reports about unneccessary roughness to have the both of us hanged. I have heard of one or two massacres inside the city. Restrain your men, Baroness, or we will be in deep trouble. I can make some of the reports dissapear to never reach the Everqueen, but such behavior must stop. Some of the sindarin hunters and huntresses are already refusing to fight alongside our troops, and they are possible witnesses to this whole affair", answered Philantras, the Sinister ArchDuke, as he sipped a little wine from the glass over the table.

"Everything could be arranged, dear. Everything could be arranged", almost laughed out loud the drow, finally in her features painted a wry and sarcastic grin.

"You're not thinking about touching those men and women, right?. Should I warn you that many of them belong to my own House?. Stop your wicked mind right there, Drow. You're aiming too high and you could be harmed in the proccess. No aelosians will be outright murdered by your twisted intent here. I think you have enough work with all those Thelasi running around", said the Duke as he placed the glass over the table, his knuckles turning white as he balled his hand into a fist.

"Was that a threat?. That is not healthy for your heart, darling. To think that a powerful Archduke like you is a weakling with a failing heart. Only your sorcerer powers protect you, right?", said the Baroness, moving like a cat in a hunt, approaching the Duke with a hand on her back.

The best sorcerer in Aelosia could have dispatched the drow with a flick of his fingers by her insolence, and planned to do so indeed after directing her a few last words. However, the man's face suddenly grew pale as he tried yet...

"Indeed you can't talk, and barely move at this rate. Were you really trying to challenge the Mistress of Assassins?. You're not the first mage I kill, nor be the last one once I start with those annoying Thelasi spell-hurl stupids. Always check your food and drink, darling, you made a mistake questioning my methods. It's sad that you, the greatest wizard of the Empire, could be assassinated by a plain and simple Thelasi rebel. Most will say that you were already too old for the task", said the dark-skinned elf as she approached the Duke, a carefully crafted dagger, with no doubt with an ensorcelled edge.

"You were a good partner and couple, yet you're not a drow, but one of those arrogant and stupid sindarin that think they're our masters. If everything ends like I planned, we will make a new country in this land, a drow country, and you won't be able to stop us, as the poison of that wine will prevent you of using your flashy powers. Without them you're just as inoffensive as a farmer, right?, Oh Noble Chief, ArchDuke of the Empire?", the dagger was placed under the chin of the Duke, yet with not enough strenght to make the elf bleed.

The Duke was outraged beyond his own imagination. To think that he was trapped and deceived by this wretch!, to think that he, master of poisons, had been poisoned by such a lowly-born scum!.

It was too late for those thoughts, anyway, as the blade sank deep into the man's chest. With a flick of a wrist, the Baroness finished the job, breaking the man's heart in two. "At least I'll make those Icharvita to look skillful enough", she whispered as she dodged the spray of blood that came out, to avoid staining her clothes, but not to avoid that some of it could fall in her face, licking the warm blood out of her cheek with a simple move. "However, this Thelasi dagger willl do most of the job", she laughed, leaving the room quickly.

A shadow of a man was standing in the outer hallway, entirely covered by a black cloak. A hiss came from under the hood, a really unearthly hiss. "Is it done?"

"Done, dear. Although I thought that you and the ArchDuke were allies, I don't know why you ordered me to..." started the drow woman, her complexion turning grey as she saw the man.

"He was a nuisance. Prepare everything and give orders to your men of finishing the job here, both over the Thelasi and over the Philantras' former troops, unless they swear loyalty to me. Then report to the Everqueen and say that the Duke were killed by the Icharvita, and that you lose most of your troops in the beginning of the assault, so you're going to call from reinforcements. Mobilize the entire Eöl House into the Thelas' territory, and I'll move my own men, plus our secret ace. First Thelas and finally that wretched Craftworld. No returned hero of old will fade my ambition. Is that clear?. Oh, and call the Imperium, maybe the reward will be higher if we kill most of the Thelasi population, and we both know that our little plan needs all the money and help we can muster", continued the hissing voice as a pale, sick-looking hand grabbed the ebony chin of the drow.

"Don't fail on me, dear, or you will follow Philantras into the depths of hell", were the man's last words before he dissapeared in the darkness.
27-07-2004, 16:53
To: The C’tan Imperial Office of Game and Fisheries
From: Warlord Typhus of the Draconian Cult
Subject: Thelas Bounty
My Greetings, I have taken notice of the Vicroy Of Thelas' counter bounty and its implication that you may gain authorisation by contacting the Office of Game and Fisheries. I wish to increase my private fortune with a minimum of effort and so I must ask what is needed to gain authorisation. Please send back the necessary forms.

Warlord Typhus Fiendbrand

Typhus set his seal on the message and sent his man away with it. Next he called for the latest intellegence reports on the Thelasi. There were several Captains, and majors withing easy striking distance on vacation, of course there was better game to be had but one would need authorisation for that. Typhus nodded and gestured with one clawed hand for his ship to be readied. He should be able to take that major, probably even alive, before the C'tan's reply arrived.
The Ctan
27-07-2004, 17:41
"We have been instructed to give all comers permits without any 'fuss,' as such, you are now authorised."
28-07-2004, 04:32
Sir Torin De’Kallos sat in his command chair, smiling grimly as his small flotilla made Star-rise. Four ships, they were; all but one bearing the insignia of Torin’s Hammer Company, Ltd.

Those four ships were:

The Chevalier class Pursuit Cruiser RNS Justicar, Torin’s own ship.
The Frigate Up Shipyards Ltd. Armored Combat Transport Hammer.
The Frigate Up Shipyards Ltd. Armored Combat Transport Patrick.
The Chevalier class Pursuit Cruiser RNS Chevalier, the ship of Torin’s Mentor.

Normally, he would have made do with half that number, but this was something special. They had received the C’tan’s warning, and it was Torin’s mentor who had made the decision.

“We have given our word.”

Five words, and all that needed to be said.

Because of who Torin’s mentor was, he expected he had unseen reinforcements, but he couldn’t count on it. No, all Torin could putting his trust in was those four ships, two large ACTs and two lithe and quick five-hundred meter Pursuit Cruisers.

Those four ships and the men they held. Torin’s own Justicar carried a strike unit of twenty of his Hammermen, plus himself. On the Chevalier, Twenty black battle-armored warriors accompanied his Mentor. The Chevalier class had room for thirty individuals in their brigs, and on top of that, the ACTs had been modified specifically for this line of work.

The massive eight hundred meter long transports were extremely well armored, rather quick, and armed, if not so heavily as the cruisers, still respectably enough. That was a given, though, as the ACTs were not Navy ships.

They held additional troops, drawn from Torin’s Hammermen, fifty each, and also would bear the brunt of any captures made in their large, tightly ordered, and automated prison decks.

They also served as light carriers, each one holding five squadrons of the rather excellent SF-39 Victor Interceptors plus the pilots to fly them. That gave him a total fighter force of one hundred interceptors.

It wasn’t much but it was what he had to work with.

His Hammermen were outfitted with the excellent and mil-standard SIBA Infantryman’s battle armor, each one with the Crisis Inserts already in place. They were equipped with the mil-standard CR-17 ‘Ranger’ Combat Rifle. Normally his Hammermen didn’t have access to this type of equipment, but due to the nature of the situation; Torin had pulled a number of strings, and spent a lot of cash.

He himself wore a suit of SORA Partial Powered Assault Armor, modified over the years into a unique suit of armor all his own. His Warhammer, ‘Felhammer,’ dangled from his right hip, held in place by a lanyard.

His Mentor’s troopers wore full suits of flat black Myrmidon Combat Armor, were equipped with the same CR-17 combat rifles as the more regular Hammermen, and wore no insignia but for a set of wings over the right breast.

Torin had fielded larger numbers before, but never men so well equipped, and never before with such an elite force attached.

His thoughts turned to the action looming in the near future.

The sort of breaching action he hoped to fight, the quick punch-and-go, was a specialty of his Company. In that case, he would hold his Mentor’s troops back; allow them to form a strategic reserve.

And, of course, if the feces truly hit the rotary air impellor, allow them to make an escape.

This would be the sort of action he hated, but the sort of action he knew he excelled at: sustained Snatch-and-Grab under fire.

Further, the C’tan’s message still worried and disturbed him. Almost too bad he couldn’t do both, y’know. Grab other Hunters, and grab Thelasi too.

He coughed. Can’t have everything, y’know.

Regardless, he expected he would simply have to play this one by ear. Stay mobile, avoid being pinned down. Neutralize, grab, and move on. He spent a few moments lusting after some covert armor, and then re-directed his thoughts back to task.

His fingers danced across the keypad. His CI-Implants enabled him to interface directly with his ship, yes, and with his suit computer also. However, for real thinking work, he preferred a good old keyboard.

Plans began to form in that mind of his, plans for a moving conflict. He tapped out an order, and the ship armorers began to fit the SIBA suits with the leg servos and light maneuvering thrusters that would aid them in the plans he was making.

He then opened a comm channel to the Chevalier.

“M’lord Reaper?” was Torin’s query.

That low, almost raspy, voice, that voice that told so much, and yet so little, that supremely capable voice that could conquer the sounds of a battlefield or whisper witticisms, that was that voice that he heard.

“Yes, Torin?” answered his Mentor’s voice, that voice.
“I have need of Council,” said Torin, in his most respectful tone.
“I hear,” was his Mentor’s response.

Torin began, “I have already given orders to prepare my Hammermen for a moving conflict. I intend to begin a standard breaching action, the kind of action that my Hammermen specialize in. For this, I would like you and your troops to form my strategic reserve. Not tactical, M’lord, I don’t want you on site.”

The Lord Reaper paused for moment, as if thinking, then spoke, “Yes, Torin. I understand you perfectly. Keeping options open. If things go bad, then we can flee. I approve.”

Torin continued to elaborate his plan, “Then, assuming we establish a successful breach, we will commit the rest of our forces in roving units. Squad level. Assume twelve roving squads. My entire complement of Hammermen. That’ll leave us your unit to use either as a tactical crisis unit, or as an additional number of roving units. I can’t seem to decide which one, that and where to place the two of us is the crux of my dilemma.”

The Lord Reaper was silent as he thought. Normally he would agree to dividing his unit up, preferably into four groups of five, and using them as additional roving units. However, the thought of a crisis unit was a good one, and a decidedly better one at that.

He spoke, a string of seemingly unrelated thoughts, yes, but that was the way that cunning mind of his worked, “We’ll use it as a mobile crisis unit. I’ll command. We can detach units as necessary to relieve any roving units caught under fire. I’d suggest you take one of the roving units. The SIBA armor you have equipped them with, plus standard urban and enclosed combat tactics should provide sufficient protection. I would suggest you issue primarily Hollowpoint rounds instead of explosive rounds. Less risk of decompression, of course, if all works out perfectly, the only thing we’ll have to fire is darts. Sadly, this is unlikely.”

Torin felt he understood what his Mentor was getting at. The Thelasi themselves would be some challenge, but it would be unlikely that, in general, they would have sufficient firepower to bring down one of The Lord Reaper’s troopers in Myrmidon Armor. The counter-hunters attracted by the C’tan’s offer, on the other hand, very well might.

If they could take out a trooper in Myrmidon Armor, then they could take out a trooper in SIBA armor as well. Standard urban and enclosed combat tactics were the best bet.

The SIBA armor his Hammermen wore was vacuum sealed; as was the Combat Jumpsuit it was worn over. Others might not take such precautions, so that was a potential point in his favor.

The CR-17 Combat Rifle could fire Tranq Darts without any special modifications; in fact, it was designed to do so. It could also, through the simple flick of a conveniently located switch (in the case of his Hammermen,) or, even simpler, with but a thought, (as was the case of The Lord Reaper, his troops, and Torin himself,) convert effortlessly to firing more lethal ammunition.

This was due to the triple-magazine system: three magazines, side-by-side, holding thirty rounds of 10mm ammunition: one tranq, one soft, one solid. It allowed for tactical versatility, which might as well be the new motto of the Revenian Armed Forces.

So, that was another potential point in his favor, though one that he would not, under any circumstances, rely upon. The operational assumption was that all weapons were lethal, it would remain so.

He looked over the equipment load out list for each Hammerman. It closely followed the load-out of the Revenian Marines. Torin wished it would have followed it exactly, but there was no way he could have secured full suits of Berserk Boarding Armor for his men.

Again, he rebuked himself for wistful thinking and returned to the matter at hand. Which, he discovered, was complete. Aye, completed in the rough and ready style of his Company, but completed nonetheless.

Torin De’Kallos sent a standard respectful disconnect message to the Chevalier, and allowed himself to drift off to sleep.

Starfall was made. A multi-colored burst of energy swallowed up the flotilla, and they were gone. Not long now ‘til Sol. They’d wait there until the coordinates were received, then travel directly to that place, assuming it was within twenty-five light years, the maximum Starfall distance of the ACTs.

And then, the fun would begin.
28-07-2004, 05:23
To operate under limitations. That was something Ainulindalion had done before, but never to this degree.

He had, of course, seen all about bounty hunters in the variety of entertainments that the organics had devised, and so, knew that he needed something different in the way of equipment. Especially if he were to operate with organic limitations.

Firstly, transportation.

Many of the Thelasi were off of Earth, and without using his ability to just be somewhere, he would need a ship of some kind to get there.

And so, a ship evolved out of the thin air. It pulled from popular culture, and was morphed by Ainulindalion’s own mind, twisted and perverted, colored in his colors, bearing his banner upon its crest.

Weapons… weapons like his sword, of course. The very destruction of existence. Not antimatter, as much of the organics science liked to claim as the ultimate in destructive power. No, that would of course leave energy behind.

Leave nothing. Unlife. Non-existence. Energy was too good for their remains, if it came to that.

That wasn’t cheating, was it?

He would have to change his appearance, of course. Lord Daniels was too recognizable, too perfectly proportioned and shaped, and too perfectly clothed and cleaned.

Something different. Darker. His hair grew out, browning slightly, his eyes becoming blue instead of midnight black. A scar creased the side of his face, from brow to chin. His clothing grew slight patches to it, lightening and darkening. He became slightly dirty, a stubble of a beard creasing his face. His cape became a trench coat, a pistol rode low on his thigh, opposite his sword, its appearance slightly dulled from its usual gleaming brilliance.

Nothing at all like Lord George Oliver Daniels would be presented to the world.

His eyes grew dim, but fire burned in them, a fire of ice, burning with hatred, death carried on a glance.

He strode up the ramp into his new vessel, and twitched his head, his very thoughts commanding it, a neural linkage perhaps, had there been any neurons involved. He could feel radio now, through the ship, along with many things denied him in human form.

Including the C’tan’s warning.

They had nothing, except perhaps the C’tan themselves, to threaten him seriously. And if they should care that much, he would withdraw.

No need to get himself killed, not when he had something… no, someone to live for, now.

He picked up a broad brimmed hat from the edge of the command chair, and placed it rakishly upon his head, jauntily angled to cover one eye. He would go on, and have a bit of diversion. Power roared through the systems.

As it was, the ship… It needed a name. All good ships had names, after all. Crescendo of the Ainulindalë. That was a good name.

The Crescendo rose on its engines, lifting effortlessly free of the planet below it, twisting upright into flight mode, landing gear becoming wings, and the hunt began.
28-07-2004, 06:02
Warden Green ( gave a sardonic grin as he reviewed the daily bounties, hmmmm, interesting proposals.....he thought to himself. This could be fun. Nothing specifically states that I can't do both..... I wonder how they'd take it. Green pondered the prospects of real freelancing again - the kind where you're making your way through some backwater shithole slum factory while being chased by armed thugs and asking yourself as you jump over several homeless squatters -- why?

Why indeed?

Because its fun.

Ahhh yes, thats it. There we go.


To: [the appropriate Melkorian contact responsible for Thelas hunting]
From: Mr. Black
Subject: Thelas Bounty

I wish to register for this delightful hunt. Be so kind as to add me to the list of information recipients.

Mr. Black


To: The C’tan Imperial Office of Game and Fisheries
From: N. Blue
Subject: Thelas Bounty

Respected sirs, it has come to my attention that you have recently approved of certain big game hunting in the Thelasi territorial holdings. I seek to bag myself a few trophies. I request a permit which would allow me to do such.

N. Blue
The Ctan
28-07-2004, 07:26
Including the C’tan’s warning.

They had nothing, except perhaps the C’tan themselves, to threaten him seriously. And if they should care that much, he would withdraw.

OOC: Hardly. As I've said before, he doesn't exist, and never will, as far as I'm concerned at lest.

IC: The usual affirmative response was dispatched to Warden Green almost immediately
28-07-2004, 07:33
I can send 10,000,000 soldiers to it. (I have many puppets)
The Atheists Reality
28-07-2004, 08:48
I can send 10,000,000 soldiers to it. (I have many puppets)
*soooo funny*
04-08-2004, 03:53
The dark ship floated in space, reaching out through its long range sensors, merely extensions of Ainulindalion’s will, mostly, seeking the Thelasi worldship. One thing he had learned over the ages of the world, was that each race had its own bio-magical signature, that allowed it to be tracked, be it Sindarin, Noldorin, Eldar, Human, Orc, etc.

Further, each individual had their own signature as well. But those had to be known, and left smaller disturbances in the fabric of the universe, evidence of their passing wiped away that much quicker.

But the immortal being knew not of any Thelasi’s specific bio-magical signature. One thing was certain though. Nearly all the Thelasi were Sindarin, and a large group of Sindarin would leave a very specific trail through the ether.

There. And There. Perhaps… yes, There as well. Three paths to track down. One would have to lead to the Thelasi and their worldship.

A rip in space time opened, and the ship vanished into it…
The Resi Corporation
04-08-2004, 04:52
The Resi Corporation eventually receives the transmission in the form of an e-mail, after it has been passed down the line from nation to nation at least four times. The result is surprisingly accurate, which tends to be about a one in a million occurance for such progressions of news. The e-mail is delivered to the CEO, but first travels through his Secretary, Dawn Kradii.

The two sit in the CEO's office, the e-mail printed out and placed on CEO Jai Resi's desk, squarely between him and his secretary.
"Tell me, Dawn," Jai began, studying the e-mail, "what do you think of this? We still pay tribute in some form or another to these people, so how should we take this?"
"Well, we can't send major help no matter the cause without Dreadfire's approval," Dawn spoke softly, a first for her, "but I'm not sure we'd even want to anyway. Couldn't we just impose an embargo to keep Melkor staisfied?"
"But why do we need to do that?" Jai inquired, "What's he going to do, fight a two-front war? He may have an insanely large army, but I honestly doubt he could pull such a feat with a nation our size and one of Thelas', especially because we both have our allies."
"Indeed," Dawn pondered the point for a second, then exclaimed, "That's it! We can trade our tribute for an embargo! Melkor willing, of course.
She looked excitedly at Jai, knowing she had a good idea. Jai simply muttered, "Yes, that's acceptable."
She continued looking at him, expecting more. There had to be more than this anticlimax to her idea.
"Well, you're my secretary," Jai said, simply, "Get on it."
"Oh right..." Dawn muttered, standing up and walking off to draft a note.

To His Highness Lord Melkor:
Let us start by stating that it is our sincere hope that this message reaches you in one piece. The streams that this must travel through are unreliable, and as such, bits and pieces of information may be left off, or added on. If you are reading anything that seems unbelievable, please proceed to disbelieve it, and disreguard this note, as no action is better than false action.
Now on the business. It has come to our attention that you are on the virge of, shall we say, a disagreement with Thelas. We also have a longstanding system of tribute with you, of which you are well aware, we're sure. However, for the duration of this... disagreement, we can exchange the fees that we would otherwise pay you for a total embargo of Thelas. As you probably are aware, we cannot commit forces without the permission of Lord Damion Dreadfire, so this is the best we can do on our own. We hope this meets with your satisfaction, Lord Melkor.

Dawn Kradii, Executive First Class
Secretary of the CEO

EDIT: I used a word that wasn't a word. :rolleyes: