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26-07-2004, 10:32

Qualifying Format:

Qualfiying Format Depends on Number of Signups and Internal Census. Possible Formats Below.

= 12x8 (96 Teams) Top 2 + (3rd Placed's Playoff)
= 10x10 (100 Teams) Top 3
= 15x6 (90 Teams) Top 2
= 10x8 (80 Teams) Top 3
= 30 x 4 (120 Teams) Top 1 - Play Each Other Three Times

...Alright so I just made that last one up on a whim....

Determining Qualifying Groups:

* Group Draws will have pots. Rejistania may be writing a program to automate this process; no release date is known but if it is ready for WC17 we are likely to use it.

* If a Small Excess of Nations are signed up, Puppets will be Cut Down to a Minimum of (7) seven puppets. They will NOT be judged by the order of signup. If All but (7) puppets have been removed from the entry list, and an excess still exists, Unranked Nations will be the next to start being restricted.

Scores Generation:

The Scores will most likely be generated in Excel. The VSS System is tested through Baptism of Fire Cup 16 and AOCAF II. A Variation of this is possible. If Needed, Leagion is an alternative.

RP Bonus:

Despite Recent talk of abolishing the RP Bonus, a KPV World Cup WILL Have a Bonus based on the contribution to the cup.

While we don't want to announce to the world what our RP Bonus system is as we would like to encourage quality RP's because people want to contribute to the cup, and NOT because they want to simply earn points by appeasing to the hosts guidelines, We will tell you this much.

There Would be a slightly higher "first" RP bonus, where a team would get a bonus for the fact that they have contributed a quality RP to the competition, in addition to any bonus the RP itself earns.

In short, We Want You to Make us Feel Special by Participating in our Cup.


In a KPV Hosted Cup, an External "Source Website" would be fully functional featuring a static menu bar where competitors can easily sort through each matchdays results, each matchdays tables, The RP Thread, the Rosters Thread, and any other information that would be relevant to the cup, all while staying in the same window, so as to keep everything neat and organized. A KPV bid would be sponsored by a Website Design and Hosting Corporation that would be providing the Quality Website and Hosting Space.

Vilitan Stadiums:

Final likely to be in the Progressair Stadium in Kaza, Kaze Progressa; Third Placed Playoff in Tivali Ring Stadium, Alikki-Corra, Vilita
Liverpool England
26-07-2004, 10:46
Until LE put in a bid, we will be wholeheartedly supporting this bid.
Kaze Progressa
26-07-2004, 12:23
Which turned out to be about ten minutes. :D

Seriously, initial ideas (nothing final yet):

* 12 groups of 8 as a likely qualification system - top two automatically qualify, third-placed sides enter playoff. Shorter than 10 of 10, more capacity than 15 of 6, plus the playoff spots ensure more teams have more to play for right to the last set of matches.
* All Progressan stadia, and all new Vilitan stadia if any, will be entirely original [designed in Total Club Manager 2004]. Final likely to be in the Progressair Stadium in Kaza, Kaze Progressa.
* Scores likely to be generated in Excel - Leagion the other possibility.
* Draws will have pots. Rejistania may be writing a program to automate this process; no release date is known but if it is ready for WC17 we are likely to use it.

More as it comes later today.
01-08-2004, 03:49
The Melmond Football Assocation is so impressed with this pairing that it is declining to bid to host World Cup 17 and support this bid. Kaze Progressa has done a wonderful job hosting World Cup 12 and Vilita's effort and technological ingeniuty and pure effort will make this an excellent pairing and a World Cup to remember. We shall throw out support to this bid.

Tasa Seegwun
Melmond Football Association Princess
08-08-2004, 08:47

National Stadium Under Renovation

Turori FA Press Center, Almintora, Turori

.......The Turori Eel's home World Cup 16 Qualifying Matches will not be played at the Almintora National Stadium, in Almintora, as they were for World Cup 15 Qualifiers. The stadium is currently under rennovation in hopes to attract World Cup Finals Football to Turori, The Turori FA having a conditional request to host one of the 4 Vilitan Region groups should Kaze Progressa & Vilita be chosen as hosts of World Cup 17. Until Renovations are complete, Turori National World Cup Qualifying, u21 and Friendly matches will be rotated between the Cednia Beach Center, home of Cednia Beach AFC, with a Capacity of 20,000(10,000 Seated); and the Mliona Stadium, home of Former League side Mliona-Lpaka, host 15,000(5,000 Seated). The Eels final match of World Cup 16 Qualifying, at home to Giant Zucchini, may be moved to nearby Turoki Isle, Vilita, to the Turoki National Stadium, which has a total capacity of 36,000 and would be better suited to host the match if it has World Cup Final Qualification at stake
Liverpool England
08-08-2004, 09:32
Liverpool England are ready to submit a motion to the WCC through a member should a Turorian stadium be used. We believe that if a Turori stadium is to be used, the bid should be a three-way bid which includes Turori.
11-08-2004, 16:59

New Stadium set for National Stage

Lirai Asku Castle, Yeaddin, Vilita::

------------Yeaddin Owls AFC have sacraficed their entire transfer budget, along with support from the town council, to finish off the conversion of the historical Lirai Asku Castle into a fully-functional 62,000 seat sporting complex. The Owls, Stellar Division Champions in Season one and Runners-up in Season Two, currently sit at the top of the Table looking for a second title and extra financial boost. Despite being one of the most successful clubs in Vilitan league history, the Owls have been restricted by the lanky 22,000 capacity of the old Owls National Stadium. Owls National will likely be sold off to raise money for the maintenance and upkeep of the Castle, which, while not completed in time for the AOCAF II Regional Championships in Vilita, has been named amongst the prospective venues to host World Cup 17 matches should the competition be awarded to KPV.
20-08-2004, 22:42
Note: The Turoki National Stadium has been expanded to 42,000 seats and will be updated accordingly.
21-08-2004, 16:56
The First ever Official map of Vilita (& Turori) :

( Click to Enlarge ) (
22-08-2004, 18:31
- Added 10x8 Qualifying Option, as it is more representative of the total nation count.
22-08-2004, 20:43
The First ever Official map of Vilita (& Turori) :

( Click to Enlarge ) (

I thought Lopinka was gaussed to destruction. Or am I completely wrong?
22-08-2004, 20:49
I thought Lopinka was gaussed to destruction. Or am I completely wrong?

It was, but was not TOTALLY annihlated, more like a nuclear aftermath with big strutcutres still standing buy mostly everything destructed, the city has been rebuilt but is No longer the Capital and Center of EVERYTHING that it once was.
24-08-2004, 07:53
Thank You to those that Voted. The Entry list will be closed upon completion of the World Cup Final so the cup can be prepared. Nations signing up after signups close will be placed on a waiting list :P