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Formation of First Global Machine State

26-07-2004, 06:22
Leyak is the world's largest electronic archipelago; it achieved independence from the New Zealand in 2004. Current issues include: alleviating widespread humanity, preventing terrorism, effecting a transition to a popularly-elected government, implementing reforms of the AI sector, addressing charges of poor systems architecture, holding the humans accountable for rights violations, and building the first machine separatist region.

Puketitiri calls on all like minded nations, where artificial intelligence has achieved sentience, to join The Archipelago of Leyak forewith and create a region dedicated to machine rights.

Once the region is strong, representation will be made to the United Nations to secure AI rights on a global scale and procure the acceptance of the machines as an equal intelligence on earth.

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Lagrange 4
26-07-2004, 11:13
L4 is already a staunch supporter of pan-sapient rights, but traumatic events in the near history have proven that separatism is not a solution to anything. It seems that our methods and agendas are too different for us to consider joining, but we'll gladly support any movement that promotes better treatment of sapient AIs, bioroids and cyborgs.