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Attention Christian Nations!

Banjo Players
26-07-2004, 02:13
A newly formed region has been created. It is called the Alliance of Christian Nations. Only Christian nations, meaning those that believe Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior need apply. If you're a Christian nation and interested in joining in a region dedicated to Jesus Christ, please send me a telegram. Thanks!
26-07-2004, 03:55
Well, bad news for ya buddy. There arent that many very active Christian regions that are known in NS. The best we have is mine, Greater Prussia. You have alliances of Catholics and other things, but seldom Protestants. You are very much welcome to join my region if this doesn't pan out. If it does, I will be the first to extend to you the hand of Friendship from the Greater Prussian Empire, the last beacon of Protestantism on the face of the NS world. God Bless.

Rev. Ian R.K. Paisley
Emperor of Greater Prussia
26-07-2004, 04:47
Despite the piety of our citizens and recent steps toward developing a long term eucomenical council between nations, the Republic of Obstat would like to express her concerns about the creation of an entirely theocratic nation. Our historians of the Yith order have the experience of centuries and the evidence that unless very carefully monitered and kept in the spirit of acceptance and compassion, the fates of such nations - or even leagues of like nations will generally result in an imbalance that not only would harm those not of that particular belief system, but also the citizens of such nations. Despite our plea that you consider other nations, you will have our respect and our best wishes.


Mikhail Strojanovich, Prime Minister of the Republic of Obstat

+Archbishop Arius IV of Obstat+

H.I. Thangka Ubungwya

Minor Brother, 48th deg., Ylangotrimethius
Banjo Players
10-08-2004, 04:00
Well, even though there aren't that many, it has to start somewhere. Many are called and few are chosen... so, if God wills, it will be successful. I welcome any hand of friendship and brotherhood from others of the Spirit. Thank you. :)
10-08-2004, 04:08
I would be interested in an alliance with your region. Again, if it doesn't pan out, you ought to consider moving to the only established, active, Christian Protestant region in NS. Greater Prussia.