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Planet Chai Sasha - 31st Century

Earth Defence
26-07-2004, 00:26
To all space faring nations:

The Planet Chai Sasha is the furthest large scale human colony in space. Here is a place of trade, commerce, diplomatic functions and somewhere you could call 'home'. Chai Sasha is located in sector Epsilon - column Alpha near the plains of 'Null Space'.

Orbit Station EA-33 is the giant orbiting fortress where ships can dock for resupply, repair and upgrade. It is administrated by Earth Defence Captain Chi Lin and is the central sector headquarters run by Strategic Commander General Tony Kimba.

All are welcome to the region. This is the last largest point of call before heading off into uncharted space.

Ki Ki
26-07-2004, 23:41
We the Ki Ki people accept this offer to move to Chai Sasha. The majority of our people are highly Xenophobic and will not take kindly to outsiders who enter our boarders without permission!

We shall begin minimal trade relations as soon as we have established ourselves in relation to everyone else!
8th Empire
26-07-2004, 23:46
The 8th Empire is continuing its reaserch into artificial Intelligence and the possibility of exploiting that in a combat situation