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Hotengovia looking for Solar power solutions.

25-07-2004, 19:32
The following statement was released to the World Press this morning from the offices of the Hotengovian Ruling Council.

'For a long period of time we of the Ruling Council have been considering plans to upgrade our oil and coal fired Power Stations to more environmentally friendly methods of generation. Our position on the orbiting BHE Fleet Station Vangaurd has led us to conclude that Solar energy would be the most effective answer. We would therefore like to extend an offer to any nation with experience in the construction and maintenace of large scale solar energy systems to submit designs for the reconstruction. This would of course require greatly expanded trading and technical links and would also incur the goodwill of the entire population of Hotengovia. We also have contracts available in electrical transmission and storage, power conduits and the adjustment and expansion of our regional defences. Please submit all designs directly to the offices of the Ruling Council of Hotengovia'

Statement from Supreme President Wells
Presiding Officer
Hotengovian Ruling Council

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