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Conquering an Empire

25-07-2004, 14:28
The secret base in the Asteroid Belt was humming with activity. Finally, the last of the eight fleets had arrived.
The transports had arrived from across the Star Empire, among the Morchant Tirith and Marines were Tirn, the most powerfull of the Thelasi assualt units, many of their ancestors had fought against Sauron, and their ancestors had fought against Morgoth, now, they would once against fight against the enemies of their people, again their blades would stike, their sheilds would repell the barbs of the enemy, and their own arrows, now of energy rather than of metal, would piece the flesh of their enemies.
Commander Imarca stood in one of the massive docking bays, below her were the legions of soldiers that would stike the blow against the enemies of Thelas. Black figures stood rank upon rank on the cold hard floor, their armor glistening, reflecting in the light of the ceiling lamps. Yet in the first rows were soldiers whose armors neither glistened nor did their weapons shine, their swords were black as their armor. Their helmets differed from normal Thelasi armor. These were the Tirn, these were the shock-troops of shock-troops. The only troops in the Thelasi ground army to carry personal deflector screens. They would lead the strike.
As the troops boarded, another action was taking place, in a massive ship-yard, carved into an even more massive asteroid, a large shape was barely visible in the red battle lighting. Over the com channels in the base, voices came through.
"Power core ignition, go"
"Drive systems, go"
"Secondary drive systems, go"
"Secondary core systems, ingition, go"
"Trinary core systems, ingition, go"
"Primary command systems, go"
"Secondary command systems, go"
"Trinary command systems, go"
"Quatranary command systems, go"
"Primary weapons systems, go"
"Secondary weapons systems, go"
"Trinary weapons systems, go"
"Primary sheilds, go"
"Secondary sheilds, go"
"Trinary sheilds, go"
"Quatranary sheilds, go"
"Check, all systems"
"Check, all systems, go"
"Command, AI systems, go"
"Captain, all systems go"
With those final orders lights came on in the docking bay, illuminating a massive ship, larger than any other Thelasi warship, large even than the out-dated behemoths of Thelas' early space fairing days. Gigantic turrets, with no apparent guns, lined the ship, and openings could be made out, where the Anto-Proton generators would discharge. Slowly the massive battle-destroyer lifted out of its craddle. As one engeneer put it, "A big craddle for a damnably big baby". Now it was time to see if the trillions of credits invested in this ships ten year construction time would pay off. A warship, with 100% fire sphere, with enough power to destroy entire fleets. If it lived up to expectations, this would be one interesting deployment.
"All ships, this is the Force Commander, it is time for our operation to begin. For the last time our enemies have defied the Star Empire, now, we will rule them, now we will crush their resistance, and make them fear us once again.”
The massive armada began to move, slowly the ships swung around, warping to a point out in space.