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The Rogue Nation Manifesto

25-07-2004, 09:15
The following document is a brief outline of concepts which may serve as a guiding principles for any state operating outside the oppressive conventional strictures of international politics. All like-minded national leaders are invited to add their signature. It should also be noted that the manifesto is not a static document- comments and suggestions for future amendments are entirely welcome.
- Gen. Ivan Khovorinsky, President of Borostonia

The Rogue Nation Manifesto

1. We affirm the fact that the good of the state always supercedes the good of the individual. "Civil rights" and "political liberty" are irrelevant and immaterial concepts which serve only as impediments to the pursuit of the common good. We also assert that the "common good" should be defined by the body most capable of assessing the condition of the nation as a whole and formulating appropriate courses of action- namely, the national government.

2. We assert that national governments, as the bodies with the fullest understanding and expertise in matters of governance, should have sole responsibility and authority for the formulation of national policy, both domestic and international. We affirm that, as the good of the people is synonymous with the good of the state, it is unnecessary for any political power to be delegated to the general public itself through needless and inefficient democratic processes. We further affirm that the national government is licensed to take any and all actions whose effect is to increase the security and prosperity of the state.

3. We do not recognize the authority or validity of the United Nations, an organization whose purpose is the subjugation of sovereign nations to universal servitude and oppression. As such, we neither abide by United Nations regulations nor contribute to the organization in any way.

4. We reject any and all policies of international arms control as devices employed by major powers to unjustly perpetuate their global dominance. We affirm the right of any nation to develop conventional, biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons of any kind to enable a more balanced worldwide distribution of negotiating power and to dissuade oppressive major nations from preying on smaller states.

5. We reject the notion that war or any other act of unauthorized intrusion into a sovereign state can be legitimately justified on the grounds of promoting "freedom," "human rights," or any other such imaginary ideal. Those nations claiming such justification for international intervention are in fact concealing a hidden agenda of capitalist imperialism, racial hatred, or geopolitical opportunism.

6. We assert, however, the right of nations to exert military force for tangible social, political, or economic goals, such as (but not limited to) the abolition of capitalist bourgeois oppression or the recapture of land rightfully belonging to a given nation due to historical or ethnic ties.

7. We assert that there are no legitimate rules or conventions of warfare, and that such so-called rules and conventions have been devised by dominant powers to ensure their own military superiority. We assert that any and all tactics, both conventional and unconventional, are permissible in combat situations, and that no nation or individual can be prosecuted by another nation or international body for violating arbitrary and illegal "laws of war."

8. We affirm the fact that democracy as a form of government is an unnatural and impractical system with no legitimate basis in either empirical observation or theoretical construction and that it is, furthermore, a propagandistic tool of the oppressor class masquerading in falsely idealistic rhetorical terms. We assert that a government led by a single individual or a small group can be, and usually is, far more efficient and effective than elected governments, and that a single individual may rightfully, if it serves the good of the state, retain control of a nation for many years, or indefinitely.

9. We reject the brutal laissez-faire capitalist system in favor of an economy centrally controlled by a government capable of regulating or restricting production and trade for the greater good of the state.

10. We affirm the right of any population to rise in armed or unarmed rebellion against any oppressive regime opposed to the promotion of the common good. We deny, however, the right of any group or individual to rise against a government whose true endeavor and effect is the advancement of the common (based on the principles stated above) in the mistaken opinion that their selfish personal needs outweigh the infinitely greater needs of the state.

-Approved and issued by Gen. Ivan Khovorinsky, President of Borostonia
The Island of Rose
25-07-2004, 09:49
Blessed be thy name!

Your first post is intelligent! We welcome you sir to the NS forums!