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The Rose: Ressurected (Private rp)

Rave Shentavo
24-07-2004, 15:14
As I lay there dying, sifting through the darkness, I felt something within my heart open. The darkness had faded into blue skies, and the sky was a light shade of red, tainted with the blood that was spilt. The earth still shook occasionally, and debris burned in great masses of flame. My eyes hurt, and my body was sore, but there was no damage upon it. Had I not just killed myself? What was going on. I saw Vaughn next to me; not moving. I knelt by his side.

"Michael?" I question, knowing full well that he was dead. Zacharian, however, could be a different story. And what about Qui? What ever happened to him? Was he still alive? As much as he had rebelled against me, I loved him. I always had. I stood up from Michaels body, seeing it disappear before me. I had to send him. I had to. The words passed shakily through my lips as I sent him into eternity.

I look around me. Such chaos I had caused. To bring about the distruction of my entire land? It might end some of this suffering. I can stand it no more, because I have no more tears left to cry. I stand straight, and look around. Feathers fall from my wings to the ground, one by one. They still seem to remain full. I jump into the air, my wings carrying me. In a second...I am gone. First, my son...then Zacharian...then, Cecilia. I have a hold on her now. The dead always have one up on the living.

Azrael is not dead m'lord.


And neither is Cougaji...

Her son survived as well?

Yes...he lives. He's more stubborn than she is.

Well...this is very unexpected. I thought Azrael would have been dead by now. Apparently we underestimate her. Who has died?

She removed Daja's soul from his body, and crushed it in her hand.

Daja was very weak when it came to her. No matter how much he drugged her, she never gave him the answer he wanted.

Sounds like old Azrael to me, Kaos.

Indeed it does...

Qui looked at the blood upon his hands. Sarah was past saving. He held the body within her arms, and held her tightly. He slowly bent his head to kiss her forehead. You were the only sister i've ever known, and the only one i've ever loved. But...but you never could see. You never loved me in the way I loved you. You could never see me that way...Sarah. He placed her body upon the ground, and sent her. It was his first sending. As a renagade, he wasn't allowed to , but his love for her was not allowed either. Wasn't Ravelyn, too, a renagade? Azrael and Cougaji; Ravelyn and Qui...the only ones left.

"CECILIA!" he bellowed. "NO MORE GAMES. MY RULES..." The rage swelled within him like nothing before. The room seemed to grow increasingly hot. They were both torn into a rip in time, and as the red stone walls and fire ensured; a room without doors or windows, and no way to escape. "I'd like you to meet hell's angel..." With one wing being severed off from before, the one wing he had left spread out, as black as ever. His eyes were an inexcusable fiery red. "You die now lived long enough... "
Five Civilized Nations
24-07-2004, 17:54
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24-07-2004, 19:11
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Rave Shentavo
16-08-2004, 03:55
“Qui,” a voice said softly. Qui turned around, his rage vanishing. He came face to face with his mother. “Are you all right?” she asked. Qui was in an utter state of shock. It wasn’t that his mother was there,
“Your stomach....” he said, looking downward. There was a large shard of wood through it.
“It’s nothing…I’ll be fine.” She looked at it, and could barely grasp it. Qui placed his hand on it.
“Ready?” she nodded. He pulled it quickly, and she fell to the ground, blood seeping into the earth. He helped her up, and was now on his knees, holding her within his hands. “Mother?”
“I’m fine,” she says. “I just need…I know that I’ve never asked from blood from anyone, but I do not have a bloodstone with me, and…”
“Shhhh…” he said, placing a finger to her lips. “I know…I know…” He cut his wrist with his fang, and placed it to her lips. She took very little, then fell limp. “Mother? … Mother?! Mother!!” Her hunched over her body. For the first time, a tear fell from his eye.

I know that your alright. Now to Zacharian.

I know you can hear me right now my love. I know that in this place and in this time you can feel my presence. Where you are, you can’t stop fighting, because I’m still standing. You can’t die without me Zacharian! That’s the promise you make to someone when you ask their hand. So don’t you go and die on me! If you do, you know I’d follow right behind you into hell again to get you out.

So I’m calling to you. I’m calling out to you, and sending with this message our truth. Our love is eternal, and it can not be broken. I fell for you, Zacharian, and that is how I’m given a second chance. I’m fallen, and cannot return to the heavens. Anything is worth a second chance at life. I know you can hear me, so hear this. There is always a way to get to me. And I will be there, waiting for you so that if you go there, you’ll find me. I promise.
17-08-2004, 10:46
"Is it confirmed?
- Yes, sir.
- So... Michael Vaughn is finally dead. Good news indeed.
- Indeed, sir.
- Do we still have those sample tissues?
- I had the laboratory prepared, sir.
- Gooooood! Very Good. Start the cloning program then.
- Err... Sir... Are you sure about this?
- If I'm sure? Oh yes! Yes, I am. It's not because they couldn't control her that we won't be able to. Are all the security controls in order?
- Of course, sir. I have all the scanners ready. If there's any magical activity, subject gets killed instantly.
- Perfect. Now that Vaughn is dead, the United Corporations are ours. Now is our time."

Yakomo Asiko stood up and looked at the city throughout the gigantic windows.

"That's quite a view we have from the top of the Tower, isn't it?
- Yes, sir.
- The top of the food chain now," Asiko muttered to himself. "All right, let's get the CASSANDRA project started." (ooc: reference to the Lotus thread ;) )


I couldn't do anything. I was just there to watch. I hate that. I hate her. All my soul is pure hatred now.

How they came in my cell, I have no clue. But my daughter was already so weak. Why had he let her come in? He should have let her outside. Why did she try to release me? Why? Why!?!

Then he finally realized. Isn't that purely Shentavo? To understand consequences only when they do come right into your face? He saw her dead and then he decided to act. He finally did what he should have always done: he consumed Cecilia from the inside. Consumed her to death I hope.

Now, of course, he consumed me. But isn't that purely Shentavo? To destroy the entire place just to get rid of one target?

I feel so detached now. I know the other me is dead. Vaughn is no more and, with him, what was left of my humanity (if I ever got some) is gone I fear.

I feel nothing. I don't fell anything anymore. Am I dead? Am I really destroyed? Then why wouldn't I have lost consciouness? What is happening to me? What is to become of the "great" Zacharian?
Rave Shentavo
17-08-2004, 14:25
Rave once again reached out to Zacharian. Cecilia was dead, if not from her, then from Zacharian. Even in breaking her wings, she would not let this matter rest. Both hell and heaven knew what she was now capable of, not bound by any rules.

And what is this?

-corrupt human leadership, obviously.

You think that she'll make it in time?

-of couse, unless Cougaji mess up something. That daughter of his, Nikita, is more fragile than she seems.

Should we kill her?

-In all the times you've seen me work, kaos, I've never sided with Azrael, but right now, it would be foolish to side against her.

Can she be killed?

-Of course, you know how too. And that other part that is keeping her here is still alive.

You mean Zacharian?

-of course. That bitch won't die unless you kill of Zacharian to.

So why don't I kill him.

-Let him live.

You're always a pacifist, aren't you Lotus (name sounds familiar right?)

-till the end.

My eyes were burning white, I could already tell. I needed to feed, but my bloodstone was shattered. I needed to rest, but there was no rest to be offered. I could not travel by flight, my wings were broken. I would not let this end like this. It couldn't end like this.

I promise. I repeat. He'll here my message, or I will go by the gods to make it be heard. Just don't give up on me yet.
17-08-2004, 14:56
(ooc: not complicated enough(tm) :P )

"Easy, easy. Rest. I doubt you have enough strength for running a marathon right now.
- I... I...
- You... you..." the other replied with a joking tone. "Well, sir, you're just getting out of the blue, so I suggest you don't speak... err... send."

The etheral form walked around me. Its shape was unable to comprehend, as if it was always in movement, pulsating.

"Who... who are you?
- Who I am?" the form replied, giggling. "Well, first I'm quite disapointed you forgot me and, second, the good question would rather be: where are we?
- You... you didn't answer." I insisted.
"Would I look better with horns and bat wings?" he answered. "Though that's not my form anymore." the being looked at what could have been its arms. "Not that I look like anything tangible right now. I guess this damn japanese ninja would laugh at me big time if he could see me."

Could it have been...?

- The one and only." the form answered. "Maybe alive... dunno... definitly in need of kicking." he approached me." But don't worry, rest. You need to."

A friend. I was with a friend.

I collapsed.
Rave Shentavo
17-08-2004, 16:33
Kaos? you sure about this?

Definately. Lotus, this woman will be the perfect tool. She renounced her throne, and even more so, makes her now a threat.

She won't hurt the innocent.

She'll do anything she can to get to him.

I don't think your right. I think she wouldn't, because he wouldn't want her to do so.

You got something there....

I always do. I know her the best after all.

Perhaps that's true. Even so, should we intervene?

No, let's just wait and see...what about her son?

"Cougaji?" a voice said from behind Qui. Qui turned around and smiled widely. "It's been a long time since I've been called that, Ryouko."

"Just Lotus now..." He smiled. Lotus was 6"1 with light blonde hair and grey eyes.

"I'd thought you had become displacent..." Qui said. Lotus walked around him, and placed a grip on his tattered wing, then looked at the blood on his hand.

"Are you in need of healing?"

"Very much so. I'm catching on though. My mother isn't dead, because her body is still here? Am I correct?"


"And if that is true, and you are here, the only reason a god would intervene, even a lesser one, is because she's grown to strong for Kaos."

"Your on the right track."

"So you need me to stop her?"

"Only if things get out of hand. Kaos had fed her power as he always has, but nothing has gone arry, that doesn't mean it won't."

"It's good to see you again Ryouko."

"And you Cougaji."

Both laughed a bit, and walked on. Lotus picked up Ravelyn's body in his arms, and Qui lit a cigarette.
17-08-2004, 20:59
(ooc: I'll let you go on a little more... waiting for the appropriate moment to introduce new characters ;) )
Rave Shentavo
18-08-2004, 00:13
I don't have time for your stupid games! :headbang:

Heh heh heh heh heh... :cool:


Or what? :rolleyes:


Ooooo.. Azrael, you always were the feisty one. I suppose you'd attempt to kill me and take the heavens, eh?

No, *she smiled* but i may put you in a head lock for quite some time.

I never thought you would anyway.

Kaos jumped down from a spire and landed right next to Ravelyn. He was tall with dark black unkempt hair and red eyes. He had a scar running across his face and looked quite young. He was quite the charmer, might even give Qui a run for his money.

“Wow, would have never recognized you Azrael…” he said, walking around her. “That lustrous auburn hair, those sanguine colored eyes, those flushed cheeks, those trembling lips. You know Azrael… you are beautiful when your angry at me.” Ravelyn shook her head and hugged Kaos. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, hun?”

“Mmmhmmm…” she said, muffled in his shoulder. “You didn’t change a bit.”

“Your wings don’t look so good,” he said in observance.

“Both were kind of torn of, ya know? With the apocalypse and all.”

“Oh yes, your apocalypse, how did that go? I was a bit worried about that.”

“It didn’t. The world is still there. Michael saved me.”

“I know. Well, do you want me to finish the job that it started on you?”

“Yes…it really does hurt.” With that Kaos reached behind her back, and his hand settled on her right wing. In a quick burst of power, he ripped it from her back. She didn’t let out a cry, only a tear from her left eye. As he had done with the right, he did to the left. “Bloody hell that hurt…” Ravelyn muttered as he began to heal her back.

“They are no use to you know, being severed already for the most part.”

“I could use them.”


“A feather duster, maybe?” Kaos laughed at her remark and hugged her once again.

“You really haven’t changed when I come to think of us. You were the most rebellious of all of us. And I’m the one that was named Kaos.” She laughed. “Are you going to be all right?” She nodded. “You sure?” She nodded again. “Do I have to make you smile again?” she shook her head.

“Why are you talking to me like I’m a grown up for?” she said with a wide grin.

“Oh, sorry childr…um…well, you’re not exactly a little angel anymore. You’re all grown up.”

“I know. I know. But I need the keys.”

“To the car?” She pushed him lightly. He then realized she was serious. “I can’t…” He looked at her stern expression. “Ok beautiful, their yours, but only for now.” He handed her a white orb.

“Thanks, love.” She said, and backed away.

“Won’t you stay for tea?” he joked.

“Only if its Lotus.” With that she vanished.
Rave Shentavo
18-08-2004, 22:31
"It's been quite a while, Cougaji."

"That it has... but we had good times, eh?" Qui leaned on the side of a railing, looking at the waterfall. He turned around. "Though I wonder if you still maintain your old record. Wanna test it?"

"You can't beat a god, even a lesser one."

"Well, let's see..."

Both jumped off.
19-08-2004, 09:43
It's at that very moment that Qui's head began to hurt. A violent, brutal, incredible burst of pain. As if if very soul was being torn.

He heard a breathe inside. A dying breathe.

Then the pain went away but a strange black fume was pouring out of his nose... like... shadows...
Rave Shentavo
19-08-2004, 14:18
Qui writhed in pain, and was now unable to concentrate at the task in hand. It was a blinding pain.

Lotus' eyes widened in suprise. Seconds before they got close enought to the ground, he grabbed Qui, and stopped both of them.

Who's after you Cougaji... Lotus said to himself, seeing very well that Qui had passed out. Qui had passed out!?! Thats a first in all of history. Lotus touch made the shadows stop, but maybe that was all ther was. He looked at the shadows.
19-08-2004, 15:41
"All right now, who switched the lights off?"

Azerzdat's etheral presence got closer to mine. I could feel his energy near me but vision, or whatever it was that permitted us to look at one another, seemed to be lost.

"Jesus f--k, what's going on here?" the ex-demon added. Then he laughed. "If only I knew where we are," he muttered to himself.
"We are in the most unlikely place imaginable, I'm afraid," a new voice echoed all around us.

I felt Azerzdat's energy raising, ready for an attack. "And who is it that is talking now?" he asked loudly.

I tried to move but my old friend was right: I had lost far too much energy. I could still feel the fire onto my body as Rave was kissing my lips. Just a last kiss. Where are you my love?

"That's a question we'd better search the answer for later," the newcomer's voice said, as if the being had been able to read my mind. "You seem weaker than usual my poor Vaughn.
- Would you please ANSWER MY QUESTION?!?" Azerzdat yelled.
"Who am I? That's your question, right?
- Exactly," Azerzdat replied. If only I had enough energy, if only I could help him. "Who the f--k are you?
- Well, the answer is simple: I came with the shadow. I am Zacharian. I had no choice but to break into this place. I sensed something but I didn't think I would find you two here."

A silence followed.

"Now, what I'd like to know is what the Hell we're doing here.
- And... where would that be?" Azerzdat asked, his voice far less assured than usual.
"Between two ears, Azerzdat. Two Shentavo's ears. Into a mind that's purely unbreakable. We are trapped into Qui Shentavo's subconscious."
Rave Shentavo
19-08-2004, 15:51
After the ordeal, Qui was swearing terribly. Lotus was suprised, for he swore worse than usually. Lotus looked at Qui. There was something else, inside of him. He attempted to get into Qui's mind, but he was thrown back.

"Jesus Christ!"

"What?" Qui said, "wincing."

"Your defences are really unbreakable, Cougaji?" Qui leaned back and inhaled once more on the cigarette.

"Yea. The only person that would able to have a direct connection with me is---"

"Azrael," Lotus interupted, finishing his sentense.

"Yea...mommy dearest." He smiled. "I don't suppose you can bring her back?"

"Not unless she wants to come back." Lotus looked at her body.

"So who's in my head."

"I dunno."

"how'd they get there?"

"Any one you care about lost from you recently?"

Qui thought for a moment... "Yea.... Zacharian...Vaughn..." he admitted after a while.

"Where the hell is that devil of an angel, anyway?" Lotus questioned. Kaos, you didn't do anything?

Don't look at me...she left in search of you.
19-08-2004, 16:10
Yakomo Asiko was staring at the panels. All the indicators seemed mad.

"What is going on, Doctor?" he asked.

Dr. Konaki turned to face Asiko. He didn't like the man. Asiko had climbed all the way up to the top position at the WP Corporations and, now that Michael Vaughn was no more, there was no doubt he would sit in the chair. Asiko would soon be President of the United Corporations, no doubt about that. In that regard, it would have been ill-advised not to side with him.

"We already have 90% of the subjects in a coma. I don't know what's going on. Except subject #7 seems to be alive but her readings are incredibly erratic.
- Any magical activity?
- Not that we spot.
- So keep going with the experiment."

Konaki turned back at the technicians. He wondered where those samples were coming from.

From Vaughn's appartments, that's all I know, he thought.

"Inject Gloremol 17. 89 milligrams," he said.
"But... sir...
- Just do it," Konaki cut.

Deep inside the complex, in an ancient bunker Konaki had no clue who had built, subject number 7 received the injection.

"Where are you, my love?" the subject muttered.

Far from any eye, onto her forearm, the number 7 which had been tatooed several hours before began to change, taking the shape of a rose.

In the control center, everything went quiet and Yakomo Asiko smiled.

The experiment had been a success.

(ooc: I know you know ;) )
Rave Shentavo
19-08-2004, 16:20
ooc: Of course i do, but i need fun :-P

She heard it. Where are you my love? She heard it. Ravelyn had heard that as if it were spoken to her directly.

Immediately her mind reached out, searching and pin pointing. Narrowing and finding, until she found the location.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded in the facility. On every single survailance camera, nothing out of the ordinary could be seen. Wait, was there a glimpse of something passing on on of the cameras? The alarm system went off.

Vaughn may be dead, but his bitch isn't.



Lotus and Cougaji sat next to eachother. Lotus was throwing rocks into the pond, and Qui was smoking. Everything was silent. All they could do was wait.
19-08-2004, 16:32
She's in, Asiko thought to himself as there was no other explanation.

"Switch the etheral field on!" he yelled.

A man, dressed in black who had stayed in a dark corner until now, stepped to a console and turned a button. An enormous sound echoed thoughout the base. The etheral magnet came into play, set up that it was onto Azrael's soul frequencies.

"Done," the man said.

Good, good, Asiko thought. Now, let's see if she will resist or if she will get right into the body.

"It must work," he muttered to himself.
Rave Shentavo
19-08-2004, 16:44
There was a problem. Azrael had fallen, and for Zacharian. Her soul did not change, but her signature did. It was something indescribable, and unplaceable. Ravelyn had very much materialized in a defying state. Her body no longer remained with Qui and Lotus. She was there, long auburn hair fell jagged right below her shoulder. Both her eyes were crimson, and her skin was light. Tendrils wrapped themselves starting with her arms, forming metal braces on her forearm. Blades formed of shining metal on both of the braces . They travelled up her outer thigh and wrapped around her waist, forming a black leather skirt around her waist. Tendrils travelled up more to wrap around her bosom, then around her neck, forming a backless halter. They wrapped around her ankles and up her calf, merging into black boots. While she had no wings, there almost seemed to be a light sheet of transparent energy of where they should have been.

She sensed the field, and responded with a deflection. Maybe they should try hells frequencies and get a better result, she thought to herself. Azrael, the angel of death, or the fallen angel. She was destined to fall, and now she had. She saw guards approaching her, and she clawed her way through them, slashing and slicing.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!" she screamed out. Another fell. "WHERE IS HE!" she screamed out again in total exapseration.


....She doesn't know how fragile she is right now...
19-08-2004, 16:53
Asiko giggled nervously as he was watching his best marines fall in pieces on the floor through the surveillance system.

"Would have been far too simple, wouldn't it?" he whispered, more scared than he would have wanted to. He turned at the man in black. "Yakori," he said. "Get her busy while we find the correct settings."

Yakori bent at Asiko and walked out of the control center, drawing his katana out.

Everything is going as what was written, the self-made air elemental thought. Everything is going well.

"And you!" Asiko yelled at an orange-dressed technician. "Find the good frequencies. Now!"
Rave Shentavo
19-08-2004, 16:58
There was quite some trouble finding the right frequencies. She kept changing. Her eye color turned to a brilliant blue, then into a green. Her hair phased into blond. Her signature kept changing, so rapidly.

"Yakori?" Rave looked at him confused. She noticed his change. He...wasn't the same. "Come on!" she beckoned.stepping over the dead's bodies, heads severed. "I will even go against you if you even strike once at me..."

"Let's get this over with. The faster i'm out of this lab the better...." she really hated labs or anything resembling them. It was her inborn fear.
19-08-2004, 17:05
"I... I can't find the right pattern," the technician yelled.

Asiko chuckled.

"Of course you can't," he muttered. "Incompetents. I'm surrounded by them.
- Could you tell me what's going on?" Konaki asked.
- Not now, Doctor.
- But who is..." Konaki began to ask waving at the screens.
"I said: NOT NOW!"

Asiko stepped forward.

"All right, switch the AI on. Pattern search connected to the etheral magnet."

Yakori bent at Rave.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Ravelyn Shentavo Vaughn," he said. "I have changed of master. Things have been strange lately. But I know we need me in that position."

he assumed a defending position.

"There are times when to rule, one must serve," he added with a kind smile. "Even you, Ravelyn Shentavo Vaughn know about that."

Air began to turn around him.

"Some cells are a gateway to a better future."
Rave Shentavo
19-08-2004, 22:25
Ravelyn's eyes narrowed. "I have served my entire life, just not a mortal life." Her blades gleamed in the light. "While some cells lead you to a better future, some just lead you to hell."

She smiled. "I can tell you which kind I am." Ravelyn smiled. No magic, not etheral or other. Ravelyn's fangs soon formed, and she grinned. It wasn't her soft smile, it was as if she were imitating Qui. It was vicious. She glared at him.

"You said you'd serve Vaughn until death...and Vaughn ISN'T DEAD."

An aura gathered around her, as a her wings spread out, or at least the energy of where they would have been, had kaos not changed that. She rushed toward Yakori.
20-08-2004, 16:32
"I have changed of master so that I can better serve the Vaughn family," Yakori whispered, preparing for combat as he knew Ravelyn would never listen. "I have failed once already and Vaughn's daughter was destroyed. I won't let that happen to his fiancée."
Rave Shentavo
21-08-2004, 14:11
"I am his fiancée," Ravelyn said, and then tilted her head, stopping before Yakori with a haunting stop.

"I hear...him calling." she said softly. She turned around, and looked at the dead. She placed her hand forward, and the souls swirled up to return to the source at her guide.

She felt so feint. She felt herself falling. Then, everything went black.

She's was too fragile to use the extent of her powers...

I'm watching over you Ravelyn. As much as you say you don't need me, I am....just like lotus is watching over Cougaji.
Rave Shentavo
30-08-2004, 12:40
Qui sat next to Lotus. "My head hurts..." he whined. Qui whining is a mix between a whine and blind hatred. Kind of scary really.

"I can't do anything. Only Ravelyn can, and right now she's off my radar...probably not Kaos' though."

"How is the old boy, eh?"

"Same as always, twice as bad as you."

"You sure that's possible?"

"Not so sure." he smiled.

"So i take it there will be a reunion of the old gang soon?"

"Uh huh."


"The only reason our four entities are brought together."

"If anything i'd want to destroy rather than save."

"So does Kaos, that's why Azrael and i are here to balance things out...well, Azrael more than anything. Dont' get her mad."

"She always managed to be the mother, the friend, and the little sister of the group, didn't she?"


30-08-2004, 15:11
*tagged because reading it makes me feel like I'm on acid*
30-08-2004, 15:44
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Rave Shentavo
02-09-2004, 21:13
JUUUUUUUUULIAAAAAAAAAAN GET BACK HERE!!!! *runs around looking for Underaloz*
Earth II
23-09-2004, 20:24
Underaloz is now nothing more than a sweet remembrance. Yesterday Julian's nation ceased to exist. :''-(
Rave Shentavo
25-09-2004, 02:24
Earth II
25-09-2004, 13:16
At least Julian himself is alive. He (I think that it's him) posted on the Doomworld forum on 20th September.
Rave Shentavo
04-01-2005, 02:29
what is Julians AIM I miss him.
Earth II
04-01-2005, 16:01
You have a telegram.
Rave Shentavo
07-01-2005, 04:03
Damn it Underaloz I miss you! :-(

he didn't reply. God I miss his rp. IT feels so empty without him.