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OOC: New Empire's Stupid Opinion Thread

New Empire
24-07-2004, 01:45
Yes, I've succumbed to it. Although I've related to a lot of big name RPers (Being in APTO guarantees that), I don't really get into a lot of big name RPs, so I've never seen consistent IC opinions regarding my nation.

Basically, what do you think about New Empire. If I'm familiar, I'll tell ya what I think about you.
24-07-2004, 01:49
Well as you can likely guess you are defiantly in the Crookfur good books, you and kotterdam provide a nice image of what lies just beyond our level of tech.
Central Facehuggeria
24-07-2004, 01:51
You're a damn good RPer. Signifigantly better than me. :)
New Empire
24-07-2004, 01:52
Crookfur: Thanks. Obviously we keep you in high standing as an ally, and a very influential nation in military trade and design.

Central: Don't really ICly have relations, seeing your RPs and tech kind of makes me want to go back to space...
24-07-2004, 01:53
You are w00t. End of discussion.
New Empire
24-07-2004, 01:54
ROFTLMAO 1 i5 l337!
Super American VX Man
24-07-2004, 01:54
Not completely familiar with your RPing, but that shall soon change, eh?
New Empire
24-07-2004, 01:55
Yeah. I've seen your weapons threads. I believe that got me started using DoGA.
Soviet Bloc
24-07-2004, 01:59
Gah, what's with all the opinion threads? Oh well, this'll be the first one I reply to.

Well, I'd have to say you're a pretty good RP'er, probably better than me... We're in CAP together but other than that we've had little IC interaction.

Oh, and your aircraft kick ass. So do their pictures.
Super American VX Man
24-07-2004, 02:02
Yeah. I've seen your weapons threads. I believe that got me started using DoGA.

Ah. Coolness. Oh, that's right, I've seen you around in RPs with AMF and stuff. Your RPing is good.
New Empire
24-07-2004, 02:02
Well, yeah, that's true. We don't RP much. Allied, though.

But just to let you know: Very few of those pictures are actually made by me. The crappy looking 3d ones, those are mine. You, on the other hand, are some kind of MS Paint god. I have Paint Shop Pro 7, and I still can't come anywhere near the quality of your chopper, even after hours of working.

How long did it take you to make that pic?
Soviet Bloc
24-07-2004, 02:11
Well thank you, but, yeah, it takes me awhile... I've made alot of pictures with MS paint. And the SAH-24 pic took me two, maybe three hours (only because I used the SAH-04 pic as a base and built off that; that picture took me a few more hours, usually spread out over a couple days.)

Yeah, but you always find the real kick-ass looking ones... See, I can't find any pictures worth it so I have to resort to using MS Paint, lol.
Five Civilized Nations
24-07-2004, 03:45
New Empire... You're a damned good RPer. More people should do post-modern/near-future tech.

Now, if only we could collaborate on a submarine...
New Genoa
24-07-2004, 03:53
You know more about military stuff than me. :mp5:

And you can actually roleplay.
24-07-2004, 08:54
OOC: Good RPer, like the style in General, even if I have decided that space techis the military for me.

IC: A bunch of Liberal Pansies who create military tech in order to make the world think they are strong and intimidating, but are really insecure, and fear the day that the right overthrows all forms of the left, which is inevitable. Fails to realise taht so called human rights are BS, and that they need to be less caring, and stop trying to be both "Holier than thou" liberals yet tough and intimidating warriors. You get (IC) the same level of respect that I IC give to Adj and NG, and just about everyone else on NS, save Pant and AMF...
New Empire
24-07-2004, 14:49
Thanks a lot. You're also a good RPer, and that is true. We do need to collaborate on a sub. Too bad we're about to go to war.

NG: Thanks. Even though you don't do War RP, your diplomacy skills and peace RP stuff is great. Too bad I don't have the patience for such things.

Imitora: Thanks. You're the reason why I went spacetech, and I kind of want to go back with you, Central, and a few other nations.

Imitora is a nation that has been a good ally, has excellent skill in combat, but is too paranoid and insecure to give it's citizens any semblance of freedom. However, this does not stop them from getting an excellent record with the UCSNE, and has overwhelming support and admiration from the Right Wing 'Old Empire' party.
Five Civilized Nations
24-07-2004, 17:51
LOL, there is always afterwards... Considering there is no grudge between us, even though one of your submarines nearly sank one of my submarines... :p *shrugs* Its all good...