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And so the fist opens. (Open RP, peaceful-sort-ball-thing)

23-07-2004, 21:44
The Lich Queen sat on her throne within her eternal throne room. It faces a set of stairs that is seldom used by those with corporeal bodies, those who go there are ethereal.

Or were, until some time ago, as the Lich Queen had ordered those Dusk Elders who stayed within Eldregate and knew the magic path of nature to transform themselves into... Living beings. It was all a part of the Lich Queen's plan. Yes, now they would begin.

They knew that the living used machines to communicate now. Yes, using them had proven itself most useful. They would send the message through those machines, to all who would care to receive it.

From: The Empire of Ermor
To: Anyone who this might concern
Subject: An invitation.

As a reaction to what we have seen and heard concerning the Empire, we have come to the conclusion that this course of action is... Advisable. We do not wish the destruction of all, quite the contrary. So, as a show of our good faith towards those who live within this realm of existence, we shall do what is necessary.

So, without further ado, the Ashen Empire of Ermor invites all those who wish to come to a ball held within the confines of the Citadel of Eldregate, the heart of the Empire. Arrive at the isle north of the Eastern Continent which is shown on this map (, and we shall take you to Eldregate from there. As a group. We cannot be held responsible if you ignore this warning and attempt to enter our lands alone.

(OOC: Yeah, anyone can participate. Didn't really think I'd go and do something like this, but here it is.)
23-07-2004, 22:09
OOC: just a ques . . . Is Marignon(sp?) one of your puppets?

Somewhere amidst the great western desert that stretched over half of Weyr, a small plain of glittering stone might have caught someone's eye. It was a perfect circle forty kilometers in radius, with a spire of purest black stone at its center. Eight lines ran from the center to the edges of the circle, and more lines ran from those points to other points in the circle, painting an eight-pointed star on the desert landscape. Eight gates stood at each of the points of the star, yet these were no ordinary gates.

"So, I go to this . . . ball . . . and try to find out whether or not these undead have any knowledge of what's been coming through the portals," Ash asked, standing at one of the points of the massive star. It was more of an alchemical circle, really, marked as it was with massive runes and equations.

"Yes," Alicia nodded. "You're the only one I can trust with this. The BattleSpire is the only thing that'll keep the kingdom afloat, and we need a solution to our problem. If these undead are sending their creatures through the system, then maybe we can convince them to stop. If not, then maybe we can learn something from them."

"Right," Ash inclined his head. "Everything ready on your end?" he asked one of the alchemists standing nearby.

"Yes, we've made the arrangements."

With that, Ash stepped through the gate. It was not an ordinary gate, made as it was of more metaphysical matter than physical matter. Someone watching from the other side of the circle carved into the desert would have seen Ash walk through the gate, and disappear. Standing inside that circle, Alicia could see Ash standing on the isle in the realm of Ermor. . .

<The isle to the north of the eastern continent of Ermor>

Ash looked at the landscape. It was . . . interesting. He heard rumors of Ermor in his youth, but his memory was hazy when it came to matters that happened nearly three millennia ago.

Behind him, the BattleSpire gate shimmered in the air, showing the Weyrean desert and Alicia. It was a two-dimensional thing, and looking at it from the side or back would show nothing. Ash knew that enough ordnance to wipe out a small planetoid was trained on every gate of the BattleSpire, ordnance that was tried and proven against both the physical and the metaphysical.
24-07-2004, 00:58
The isle was about the only part of Ermor that had not been affected by the dark dominion. It had been cultivated land... Thousands of years ago. Now it was covered by a thick, wild forest, one almost as old as the Empire. It was a delicate, isolated ecosystem. Ermor itself was not quite visible from there, for the forest was too dense.

There was an obviously man-made opening there, in the forest, where the Ermorians had intended for those who would come there to wait.

A man in a magenta robe ran out of the forest into the opening. He was breathing heavily and he was rather surprised. Someone came in already? That was... Quick.

"Oh, we were not expecting anyone quite yet. But I am Ärek Ilum, and I am here to bring you... And any other people who might be coming here, to Eldregate. So, this means we'll have to wait for a while."

(OOC: Oh yes, -Marignon- is one of my puppets. I'll have to continue those RPs. Thanks for reminding me.)
24-07-2004, 01:03
Hope you don't mind if i join in. Its just that i am modern tech. Just wondering if this is a prob.
24-07-2004, 01:20
Hope you don't mind if i join in. Its just that i am modern tech. Just wondering if this is a prob.

(OOC: Well... It kind of is, I think... I meant this for those who can actually interact with Ermor, and I kind of jumped over the modern times by saying that Ermor didn't do anything for over 2 000 years. You, being from the wrong "time", makes it pretty pointless for you to be here. But I guess if you want to take part in this, I won't stop you. :-) )
24-07-2004, 04:37
OOC: I can get away with interacting with nearly any tech because the BattleSpire sends you to the 'present' time for a particular spacio-planar coordinate. Of course, it's all experimental . . . and has a habit of shooting out demons and other nasties . . .

"Oh, we were not expecting anyone quite yet. But I am Ärek Ilum, and I am here to bring you... And any other people who might be coming here, to Eldregate. So, this means we'll have to wait for a while.

"My apologies if I have startled you," Ash said, bowing. "I am Lord Ash of the Kingdom of Weyr. You look like you need a breather." With that, he settled cross-legged onto the earth of the clearing. Disorganized; strange, for people who are not exactly alive...
The WIck
24-07-2004, 18:33
At a point of space just outside the Ashen Empire of Ermor's hyper-limit a small elegant ship appeared instantly as the ship emerged from hyperspace. The two pair circular discs of bright energy known a Warshawski sails that were perpindicular to the hull enameled a ship to ride the Grav Waves of hyper immediately began to transform back into a wedge to enable sub-light travel.

C.N.S Quail
Commonwealth Navy

The Sloop-of-War was a relatively light ship in the Wickian Navy used primarly as a fast attack ship, or to transport delegates to and from mission worlds because of the small ships speed and well expendability.

“We have arrived at the coordinates Ambassador.” The captain of the sloop told the attractive female ambassador.

“Thank you captain please notify the Ermor that we are in system and in transit to the planet at which point I will take my cutter to the surface.”

“Aye Ma’am” the captain stated.
26-07-2004, 13:45
The man was still breathing quite heavily.

"No need to apologize. It is just that you will now have to wait for... A while. If more people are to arrive here. Who knows."


Several Dusk Elders were within the ship which the undead used to send transmissions from, a ship that was within the Citadel of Eldregate. They were rather startled by the fact that someone actually sent a message in this fashion... What would they do?

They chose to send a text only message. Yes. That would be the easiest way. The safest way.



The living Dusk Elder upon the isle suffered as he received a massive mental strike, almost losing his consciousness in the process. He fell onto his knees, whimpering slightly in pain.

After a moment, he rose up again.

"Ah... Oh... That was nothing... Apparently someone else is coming."
The WIck
28-07-2004, 03:44
The cutter's reaction thrusters flared brilliantly as the ship settle on the ground at the gathering point. Ambassador Fran Tomas descended from the ship dressed in a sleek black dress which matched the color of her eyes and long braided hair. Behind her two marines dressed in Marine Corps grey followed her.

Seeing the two figures in front of her she greets them.
30-07-2004, 19:40
The Ermorian man greeted the newcomer.

"You are from the nation of 'The WIck', am I right? I am Ärek Ilum, and I am here to take all those who come here to Eldregate. I do not think your people told us of your name, though. Who are you, if I may ask?"
01-08-2004, 14:21
(OOC: Dammit. Due to lack of interest, I say we retcon this. This thread is pointless this way. What do you two say?-P

If no response from current participants is gotten in a few days, I'll just go for a full retcon of this thing anyway.)
01-08-2004, 16:18
[[I have nothing to say]]

Ash got up upon seeing Fran Tomas leave the ship, and bowed. Perhaps choosing to come arrayed as an alchemist was not particularly fitting, but he decided he could always change later.
17-08-2004, 19:33
(OOC: Considering the... Lack of attendance, I think it's safe to just say that this thread has now been retconned. If some mod looks at this, go ahead and lock the damn thing. :-P )
17-08-2004, 20:05
Yeah, I'm already employing Ash in another RP, which is just me making long-winded posts and trying to do a solo RP...You'd think nations'd be interested when a few million people get turned into zombies via a virus...@_@