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What are the Drug Laws in your country?

The Gongites
23-07-2004, 21:13
Me? I have no laws about anything. Mob rule keeps people under control.
23-07-2004, 22:22
Pot is legal ectasy too and other drugs that have less chances of people killing people for it.

ooc:Mob rules mafia or people?
24-07-2004, 00:23
Any drug that wont affect judgment to a degree where a normally sesnable and sane persone would hurt another person unwillingly is allowed
Oceanic Liberty
24-07-2004, 09:23
Any drug that wont affect judgment to a degree where a normally sesnable and sane persone would hurt another person unwillingly is allowed

so booze is outlawed in your nation......

as to Oceanic Liberty, no drug laws. get high have fun, BUT if you hurt someone you are going to pay threw the nose, and if you kill some one we send you to the gallows (Murder, rape and pedophillia are all capital offenses, every thing else has a fine attached except in cases of when seriouse harm was done then you are looking at a lenghty stay in a work camp)
24-07-2004, 11:06
first of all we don't use such ambiguously ill defined
terminology as the word 'drug'

medications are called medications
neurotropic medications are called neurotropic medications
and the recreational consumption of neurotropic substances
is called the recreational consumption et c.

there are no laws at the national level telling anyone what
they may or may not do to themselves

there are laws limiting what laws local governments may
create that infringe upon the private lives of individuals

generaly speaking they ARE NOT encouraged to do so

(the ONLY laws at the national level are those restricting
what laws may be passed and implimented more localy, and
those regulating such industry and infrastructure as the
national level itself is responsible for, such as keeping
the latter environmentaly sustainable)

24-07-2004, 19:26
Dugs are fine, over here we're lazy to enforce stuff anyway.

However, Furniture Restoration is HIGHLY illegal, and can only be done on the black market, for enough goddesses of war. :D
24-07-2004, 20:51
Prescription medication is legal. Just about everything else (including alcohol) is outlawed, with very harsh penalties for offenders.
25-07-2004, 02:08
Alcohol is not only legal, but an undeniable and unchallenged part of life (and a very popular recreational activity) in the Palladian Technate. Marijuana is legal, and produced by the Technate much like alcohol, though its use is not recommended and its consumption is monitored. Other non-medicinal drugs are not expressly outlawed, but there are no trade agreements with any other nations for their import and the Technate is a very poor target for drug trafficking, considering that Palladians use a non-transferrable pseudocurrency and can't pay for any foreign goods not secured by the Technate.
25-07-2004, 03:50
All non-medicinal drugs are banned; however, they are not punishable by jail time, and there is no criminal record. Ditto on the cigarettes

Alcohol is one area that varies from region to region. In the more liberal area of Douglas, alcohol flows freely. In Saskatchewan, the capital, located centrally, alcohol is frowned upon.

Rumour has it that some of the government officials are addicted to tranquilizers, but no one really knows for sure.
Itinerate Tree Dweller
25-07-2004, 04:41
Article IV Section A of the ITD Constitution
"No individual shall commit the crimes of murder, theft, perjury, treason, destruction of property, libel or slander, rebellion, illegal drug use, illegal drug posession, rape, assault, physical or mental abuse, nor any other crime seen as rude, tasteless and evil."
25-07-2004, 07:06
The drug policy for the United Socialist States of Voroziniya has not been gone into much detail, but all non-medicinal drugs, including marijuana, and steroids, are illegal, because although enjoyable to some and may enhance bodily performance, they ultimately have negative effects on bodily organs. Alcohol and Tobacco has not been illegalized, only because they have been so incorperated in daily life, but we have strong intentions of outlawing them. Because my nation is strictly socialist, the enterprise of drug selling does not only offend drug laws but also goes against the socialist system, using free enterprise. Medicinal drugs are distributed to whoever needs them with no cost, as "Each according to their need", part of the backbone of Marxism.
The Island of Rose
25-07-2004, 08:05
Smoke anything as long as it's in your house.

Drink anything as long as it's inside a building that allows drinking.
25-07-2004, 10:18
All drugs are completely legal, with a minimum age of 16 for purchasing marijuana and synthetic drugs (e.g. ecstacy and acid), 19 for tobacco, as well as heroin and other "hard" drugs. There is no age limit for alcohol, the age limit of marijuana is also waived if it is for a medical purpose; must be backed up with a prescription.

Usual laws against operating cars, machinery, aircraft, etc. while under the influence.
Holy panooly
25-07-2004, 11:02
Drugs both soft and hard means death penalty. You're guilty untill proven innocent. This does not apply on alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.
25-07-2004, 13:38
We have legalized drugs, but the supply is controlled by the state. We have a system where we ensure that only those with proven addictions get them. So, in a few years, the drug problem will be eliminated.
Southern Addiscombe
25-07-2004, 13:55
C class Drugs, are perfectly leagal in Southern Addiscombe. However, should any subject break the law, whilst under the influence. They will be dealt with severly. Claiming that you were off your head on whatever, is not a viable defence. As you are always responcibe for your own actions, despite you having taken mind altering drugs. Also since Southern Addiscombe is not a welfare state, it is in the subjects best interest to keep their jobs. As the state doesn't support crack whores and their ilk. So, drug taking is usually only restricted to a bit of puff, or alcohol whilst not at work.

B and A class drugs, are stricly unlawful. And subjects of the Southern Addiscombe king are forbiden, to import, use, deal or have any contact with them. Anyone found to be in possesion of any class a or b drugs. Faces the death sentence. So as to not corrupt the will of the King, or society in general.

However, His Majesty is compasionate. And offers medical help to users of class A,B, and C drugs. Providing that they hand themselves in to the appropriate autorities before detection of substance abuse. Once detected by the Kings keepers of the peace, drug users are imprisioned and dealt with accordingly. The king wishes to make examples of all dealers, and as a matter of routine sentences them to death. Dealing is giving someone else drugs, it does not matter if money changed hands. So basically, if you give your mate some A or B drugs, despite money not changing hands. You are concidered a drug dealer, and you are sentenced to death as a result.

As a result of the Kings tough stance on class A and B drugs, Crack, herion, amphetamines, Es, and the like. Are extremly tough to find, and most subjects will report dealers to the police imediateally. As a reward of £2000 is payable to subjects who uphold the kings law, for being upright subjects of the Crown of Southern Addiscombe.

Class C drugs, are Ganja and all hemp type products, Alcohol, and Tobacco. However it is illegal for subjects under the age of 18 to buy class C drugs. For Subjects over the age of 18 to buy class C drugs for Sujects under the age of 18. And for shop keepers to sell them to any subject whom they suspect to be under 18. The sentence for class C offences is 5 years hard labour.

All thought admittedly the King dosnt mind minors enjoying the odd drink. And the Royal Police have been instructed to leave underage drinkers be.
The killer-rabbits
25-07-2004, 19:47
drugs are legal here however stupidity is not. if ones drug use becomes a problem for him/herself or the community they wil be sent to a rehab center and isolated from civilization until they come to their senses.
25-07-2004, 20:58
"Drug laws?" asks one of the members of the Diplomatic Service from a thick cloud of acrid green smoke. "What drug laws?"
25-07-2004, 21:12
:sniper: as for drug laws over here, pot is leagle. so are all hallucinagins. but any thing you can "shoot" is illeagle as the only thing worth shooting is the president. how ever the goverment does not officialy support shooting the president. of course.
25-07-2004, 21:18
All drugs which can cause dependence or can disable any normal function of person are strict prohibited. Cultivate or resale are also prohibited. The punishment are from 2 years to 10 years of prison.

My regards,
minister for health D. Iychan
The federation of Harnen
25-07-2004, 21:53
Hmmmm, the severity of SKetchian drug laws?

Essentially, if you were to state that you were "high on life", you would be arrested, your assests seized and you would be formally charged in a closed door hearing; the result of which would most likely be summary execution.

Conversely, the entire population of Sketch is kept, in one way or another, permantly "happy"; happy subjects make good subjects.
25-07-2004, 22:24
VVeed is legal in Canaitus, but only in your home.

P.S where is the reply/post button? I had to press 'quote' to get the reply box thing.
26-07-2004, 01:14
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26-07-2004, 12:52
Roycelandia's Drug Laws are simple: It's all Legal, but the second you step out of line or hurt someone, you're off to one of the Penal Colonies overseas.

The Government controls the distribution of all drugs, to ensure they aren't sold to children under 16. Quality is guaranteed, and illegal drug trafficking also gets you sent to a Penal Colony.

There are no taxes on Alcohol or Tobacco products. Everything else has a 100% tax on it, and is a big revenue earner for the Imperial Government. The profits all go into healthcare and Social Services, and as such, Crime in Roycelandia and her Overseas Territories is effectively Nil.

In other words, if you want to smoke crack and drop Es all day, that's fine. Try selling drugs to children, or start robbing people to pay for your habit, or commit crimes on drugs, and you'll find yourself in a lot of trouble indeed.
The Jesus Revolution
26-07-2004, 13:04
In order to let the people see reality they have to leave the shadow wearld in order to see the real shape of things therefore drugs are the only real path that can be taken.

We only consider those substances drugs that are made of plants or chemical substances. Kicks like killing and rape are not considered to be drugs but perversity which are punished by a slow and painfull death by :headbang: