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InterLas: Marshal of the State Morosov Addresses the Nation (declaration of intent!)

21-07-2004, 16:13
Breaking news.

Following two months of turmoil that saw our glorious nation paralysed by internal wrangling that led to the overthrow of the Politburo by the People's Revolutionary Army, Marshal of the State General Morosov is to address the nation from the balcony of the Hall of Martyrs in Korova. We go now, live, to the Kapital, where our correspondent, Komrade Ilyana Helchick reports.

Thank you Komrade Testov. I am standing here at the edge of the People's Square, in Korova, waiting for the address of the nation to begin. Our great leader, Marshal of the State Morosov, is to give an historic speech today at what is a momentus time for our nation. We have in the past two months seen radical changes to the Party system, as well as to our society in general. Seeking to protect the People from the abuses of political gain sought by some in the Party, the brave soldiers of the People's Revolutionary Army stood by the Principals of Revolutionary Socialism and took power from those seeking to abuse it. The Party has now been cleansed of all those seeking to use Revolutionary Socialism for personal gain and it is once again focused on the advancement of Revolutionary Socialism and for the benefit of our great nation.

What do you expect from this speech?

Well. I personally think that this speech will be used to confirm the recent changes in our military doctrine. That we will no longer remain protected by the fence of isolation but will now take on a more pro-active role in international affairs, looking to assist and encourage our Komrades throughout the world, whether they be in need of military or economic aid. The strength of our industry and the scale of our armed forces will allow us to project Revolutionary Socialism throughout the world. Sorry, we must stop for our Glorious Leader has appeared..

<Cut to General Morosov, stood on the balcony>

People of Lasatania, followers of Revolutionary Socialism throughout the world. I stand before you now to declare that the time has come for us to stand tall and take our place on the world stage. We are no longer able to look on as our Komrades throughout the world suffer at the hand of those seeking to throttle the will of the workers. We can no longer stand back and allow those whose dream it is to impose religous dogma on the untainted soul of the proletariat, whose only belief is in making their world a better place for future generations, not those whose bones slowly decay in their expensive mausoleums.

So to this end I urge all workers in our Great nation to redouble their efforts. To produce more goods and more arms for our courages armed forces. I call on every member of society to keep watch for the first sign of doubt among their Komrades in the ideals of Revolutionary Socialism so that we may excise the cancer of subversion before it can take hold.

I also announce the formation of a new fleet, the Revolutionary Fleet, that will be used to augment the current Expeditionary Fleet in spreading our cause throughout the world. The heart of this fleet shall be a new aircraft carrier, the Komrade Molotov, named in honour of our current Foreign Minister and the role he played in the recent reformation of our Party and Political System.

So, in closing, I call on every Komrade throughout the world to stand tall and defend the cause of Revolutionary Socialism. I also call on all nations willing to stand and fight for the cause of Socialism to make contact with us and join us in our mission to rid the world of its evils.

We shall destroy those that seek to enslave the worker! We shall be victorius! Hail Lasatania! Hail Revolutionary Socialism!

<Cut to scenes of rapturous civilians in the square below, banners flowing in the evening breeze.. cue national anthem..>