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The "Opressers" Opressed becasue they Opress

Dark Fututre
20-07-2004, 18:40
does that make any sense at all. I mean people shun anti-homosexuals becasue they are anti-homosexuals when they preach tolerecne of ideas.
Dark Fututre
20-07-2004, 18:49
Becasue by looking at it that way it looks like they don't tolerate an idea which is not their own there by they casue themselves to act in the same way.
20-07-2004, 19:00
Look try posting this in the general forum next time. This is for roleplaying. General forum is for these things.
Dark Fututre
20-07-2004, 19:14
ok here i go I am going to list everything in as blunt a fashion as possible.
1. I dislike homosexuals and am in no way someone who preachs tolerance
2. when faced with a descion regarding a group that dislikes a group you like look around for the reason culture and religon even if they aren't your's may or may not be reasonabile excuses. (Depending on how well the person argues them normaly.)
3.atheism is a religon a religon not a philoshpy it has a groupd behind it has extremeist mildest fundamentalists and any thing else that definds religon as well as the defintion by 2. in "Webster's New World Dictionary of the american language"
"Complete refrecne ediotion"
Page 1200 first colume at the bottom.
4. My Belife is infact opressed by some nations.
Dark Fututre
20-07-2004, 19:15
OOC: whyb doesn't anyone get it, it isn't true in real life. i am not opressed in real life ever seriously man. and in real life i can't opress gays so what the hell in real life is the same other than i can speak up against them what