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Supreme Republican Commander Announces Retirement

19-07-2004, 23:06
LNS, Tollan

Supreme Republican Commander Set Retirement for next February

In a shocking development to day the Supreme Republican Commander announced that he would not be seeking another term. His current term expires in February of 2014. The Supreme Republican Commander made a brief statement to the press.

"After two decades of service to the Republic I am announcing my retirement. This is in no way due to the political climate and should not reflect on anyone other than myself. I have been a member of the armed forces since I was 18 and I am rapidly closing in on 50, it is time I took some time off.

I thank the people of the Republic for tolerating me, and trusting me to protect them."

The Supreme Republican Commander appeared shorn of his usual dreadlocks and it was noted that his hair is substantially greying at the sides and temples.

The Supreme Republican Commander, affectionately known as Uncle Istvan, is best known for ending the Communist Insurgency of the mid 90's. The suppression of the communists was brutal, it was rumoured that Uncle Istvan was forced to kill his own family members, who made up a large part of the communist leadership.

Uncle Istvan orginally gained his post as a Leftenant, his appointment was seen as ploitical cronyism by the Communist Republican Party, but it soon became clear that his main objectives were safe guarding the Republic. His brutal unbending style and his lightning quick tactics earned him respect as he defeated the feared Milosylvanians and the Taggart Regime of the Lumpen Republic. He has also drawn the ire of the International Red Cross and other International watchdog groups for his complete disregard of civilain populations in warzones.

Under his command the Red Jaguar became once again, the brutal killers that they were under the Tolteca God-Emperors. During the reconstruction of the Republic after the Communist Insurgency it was Uncle Istvan that passed the Clemency Act that absolved all Retaliatory Guard of any war crimes that may be committed in carrying out their duties. Uncle Istvan's guidance has led the Red Jaguar to become absolutely feared on the field of combat. Their state of the art weapons, durable armour and absolute ferocity and fearlessness are all marks made by Uncle Istvan. The training of all the Retaliatory Guard has excelled under his leadership and organization has never been at a higher state.

Uncle Istvan also earned the distinction of becoming a One Hundredman of the Retaliatory Guard for personally killing 138 armed enemy combatants at the battle of Narvik, a feat he would nearly match at the battle of Taggartsville when he tallied a number of 122.

There is now rampant speculation as to who will succeed Uncle Istvan. The most likely candidate is the very popular and politically well connected Command General Adan Ring. Command General Ibn Baibars has also been named as a likely sucessor as well as Colonel Mustapha Erdogan, Uncle Istvan's third in command. There is also a distinct possibility that Staff Seargent Mirai Assad could be named as Supreme Republican Commanders, although Staff Seargents rarely accept promotion.

Whomever it is , Uncle Istvan will be sorely missed by the People.
29-09-2004, 15:36
LNS, Tollan, Ilek-Vaad

Command General Ring Resigns Post

It was announced today that Command General Adan Ring of the 4th Red Jaguar Command had resigned his post. It was also reported The General Ring resumed his post as Purifier General. General Ring was promoted to Command General last year and made an honorary Red Jaguar, a role he often seemed uncomfortable in.

General Ring is the victor of Haven, Cyberjaya and Milosylvania and is one of the most experienced and decorated Generals in the history of the Retaliatory Guard. He has been named as the most likely candidate to replace the current Supreme Republican Commander when he retires in February.

General Ring has been a life-time Purifier and it is expected that he wished to promoted under the Purifiers banner if and when he is confirmed as Supreme Republican Commander. If General Ring is promoted as a Purifier he will be the first non-Red Jaguar Supreme Republican Commander in a century.