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Ejection Of All Foreigners

19-07-2004, 20:18
Earlier today, King Jaffa, leader of The Constitutional Monarchy of Jaffadom, spoke to business leaders in an attempt to reassure them that the Government was serious about improving the weak economy, and revealed that Jaffadom was planning a series of tax breaks for businesses in an attempt to induce economic growth.

After speaking, the King briefly spoke to supporters who were amassed outside the convention hall. One member of the crowd jumped over the security barrier and tried to attack the King, but was prevented from doing so by the King's bodyguards. During questioning, it was discovered that the attacker was part of a militant far-right group, unhappy that Jaffadom placed left-wing values so highly on its social agenda, at the expense of what it called the "superior capitalist ethic". The attacker did not reveal any operational information about his group, but did reveal that he was a citizen of an unnamed capitalist country, not a citizen of Jaffadom.

Jaffadom's citizens responded with outrage, and called for the immediate ejection of all non-Jaffaites from Jaffadom, in order to "prevent such outrages" from happening again, and to protect it from what it viewed as "outside interference". Other citizens favour a less radical approach, calling the attempted attack an "isolated incident" and warning of the dangers of a reactionary response.


I would like to discuss this matter with my fellow nations, in an attempt to find a mutually agreeable solution. Any and all suggestions with regards to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Ybot Relgeiz,
Senior Counsel to King Jaffa.