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I plead the Fifth! (APTO members only)

14-07-2004, 23:38
OOC: This conference is only for members of APTO (the region "The Allied Powers"). Anyone who is not an APTO member may not participate in any way! In other words, anyone who tries to barge in will be ignored and/or suffer worse consequences. You have been warned! :p

As per the usual ground rules, no weapons or similar.

Each delegate may bring three aides/advisors/ministers/dog groomers (or notetaker of some description).

You may bring a security contingent (but please no more than like twenty), but only one bodyguard/security agent etc may be with your delegate in the conference (the rest can wait outside or go to a security monitor place thingy). There will be no weapons!

And lastly, no "meet and greet", sorry. The conference takes place in Ticonderoga City, Adejaani's Capital, in Government Building. You can get there via "Hubway Air/Land/Space Terminal".

Apart from that, the regulars know the drill.

IC: "So it begins. Once more into the fire." President Morghan Halvent scratched her chin as she sat cross legged. "Fortunately, we got rid of Imitora. Good riddance. At least we might be able to get some work done at this conference. Send out the invitations. Fifth time lucky."
15-07-2004, 00:11
Delta looked over the request. "Allright. Send out a message to Ghost. She's going on a trip."


Six hours and a a lot of useless RP later:

A single Scarab class shuttle settled to a soft landing. Several seconds later, three figures emerged and tooks slow looks around. The largest was in shinging white and gold armor. A Royal Assault Marine. The next armored figure was in rust toned armor with multiple blades as intergrated parts. An asassian. The third was the only unarmored one. She wore a ceramic white featurless mask and white robes.

The three walk forward and up to whoever happens to be waiting. The masked woman nods. "I am Ghost. Represenative of the Black Staff. This is Major Ormond and my associate, Dagger." The marine nodded and Dagger scrapped two blades together threateningly.

After the quiet ride to the city and entrance into the government building, Dagger went to the security area and leaned against the wall, grinning helmet watching silently. Ghost and the Major entered the room, ghost taking a seat and the Major standing over her left shoulder. They two had hidden faces, the Major's behind a blast helmet and her's behind that blank mask, only revealing her eyes.
15-07-2004, 00:29
A humm in the distance getting closer...ever closer. Then it appears out of thin air , an Elarian Shuttle decloaking as it lands ever so quietly. The shuttle appeared old and used, the Empire was stretching its resources and was using almost everything for its upcoming war for its old Homeworld and this was all they could spare for the delegation.

Out stepped six cloaked and hooded figures almost silently as they seemed to glide to the waiting Adejaani limo. The ride was not long through Ticonderoga City, Capital of Adejaani, and to the Government building where the six figures stepped out. Four guarded the door as one of them led the other into the conference area.

"How dare they make us remove our Elarian Swords....I know its precaution, but.... its our culture." Says a sweet almost meek voice from under the snow white hood.

The Elarian Imperial Guard had been wearing a Royal blue cloak as had all five of the Imperial Guards that were brought to protect the Elarian Delegate. He steps back against the wall , his Elarian Armor clanking a bit as he does so.

The Delegate sits down and sips a cup of Elarian Ale. She then pulls down her hood and lets the cloak fall over the back of her chair. She is like that of legend, noted to be most likely one of the most beautiful women in the Empire. Her soft features , Golden Blonde long flowing hair and blue eyes that could haunt any man. She was of Royal Blood, Serenia Coroness is her name. She is wearing a tightly fitting ivory dress with golden lace trim. Though she feels almost naked without her sword at her side.

"This is for Elara and Coroness....our families first real chance to prove itself dont screw it up." She whispered to herself as she looked at the PADD infront of her.
15-07-2004, 01:59
Ghost looked at the other woman and nodded. She was still in hor white cloak, hood covering her head. Her eyes were golden, the only part of her face visable. "I am Ghost, represenative for the Black Staff's interests in the APTO." It was obvious she was not pleased. Of course, represenatives from Crimmond were rarely pleased unless they were delivering surrender demands.
15-07-2004, 02:01
OOC: Once I conclude this thread I will attend.
New Genoa
15-07-2004, 02:02
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Atlantian Outcasts
15-07-2004, 02:30
Another scarab shuttle arrived next to the Crimmon(ise?) one, and Orion stepped out. His securaty detail remained inside the shuttle.....playing cards....
Sigma Octavus
15-07-2004, 05:44
The SOH-3 landed and Jacen Hidachi, the representative of Sigma Octavus exited followed by his bodyguard. He was in a good mood. This was the first meeting of APTO that Sigma Octavus has attended since it joined. He was glad that he was chosen. His bodyguard, an old friend of his from his Gekidoku days, Jenna Paniri, was serving as his body guard. She was never one for politics.

Following here were four SOET. He could tell their discomfort from being unarmed by the way they glanced about. Three proceeded to the security booth while the fourth stayed with the transport.
15-07-2004, 23:49
Spots Mackensie, Official Ambassador to the APTO region, absolutely hated leaving his country. His usual dress –worn slacks and a grimy blue shirt made him feel inferior to other ambassadors from other countries. Sunken blue eyes didn’t help much either, and the oily brown hair he never had the time to wash gave him evenless to be proud about.
Still, the conference was important to Madesonain interest, and so there Spots stood, with only conviction in his heart and on his mind, on the steps leading up to the conference hall. Both hands sought refuge in his worn pockets as he ascended the stairs. He knew that once he was inside contempt and harsh looks would greet him. He had no time or money to clean up, and for that he was eternally cursed
16-07-2004, 00:59
(OOC: I'm not currently in region, but I'm still APTO, so just hold up)
The Eastern Bloc
16-07-2004, 01:42
Although the Eurydian Republic currently struggled with a civil war in an attempt to find unity, a small ship made its way to the conference hall for the APTO conference. The Republic could spare little, and only a single Bluestar Gunboat (usually assigned to deep space patrols) could be spared. It lacked the enormous firepower and enormous length the Republic usually had when sending diplomatic envoys, but it got the job done.

John Guilder, the middle aged head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tossed a look back at the Gunboat that currently rested on the large platforms of the Hubway Terminal. His blue Highgrace outfit looked rather out of place against the gray backdrop of the ship and the orange-clad crew that scurried around it. John checked his white pants, made sure his tall, black boots that were cut just under the knees had no scuff marks, and adjusted the deep blue Highgrace coat he wore. After a couple cursory glances in either direction, John was satisfied that his Bluestar Gunboat was in good hands.

He made his way down to the ground floor. The large terminal foyer had a ceiling that reached for the skies, and John thought of home and the halls of his Ministry Building. Putting those memories aside for the moment, he pushed his way through the revolving door and out into the world of Ticonderoga City. His eyes scanned the curb. After a few moments, he spotted a man in a black suit and black cap holding a sign that read “John Guilder, Eurydian Republic.”

John smiled. His dress seemed entirely out of place now. On the platform he was among workers, but even the higher ups of Adeejani society wore nothing comparable to John’s blue and white Highgrace outfit. While it was the best grace outfit he owned, surely others on earth dressed just as well? It didn’t matter to John. With the strong gait so typical of a Eurydian, he approached the man. Upon further inspection, the black suit man had dark glasses and a black, close cut goatee. John could see that the hair under the man’s hat had been shaved, and his scalp polished to a perfect reflection.

The black suit man took a step forward and extended a hand. “Greetings. You must be John Guilder.”

John nodded.

“Good then, right this way. I will be taking you to Government Building where the conference is being held.”

“Thank you my good man,” John said as the black suit man opened the door for the Minister. The ride was short, and the trip uneventful.

[ooc: sorry, couldn’t help with the introduction. just a habit of mine. Consider me there.]
16-07-2004, 02:08

Dear Tremalkier

It is APTO policy for me to listen to the members of APTO as I am relatively unclued in to Nationstates "politics" and such matters. I am the UN Delegate. While that may make me a patsy, as per the machinations of the UN, that still makes me the responsible "guardian" for APTO. And this is not just by the UN Nations. I was also endorsed, even if not as such gamewise, by the UN members, to take on responsibility for the safety of APTO. They wanted me and I crippled my nation by rejoining the UN to take on the responsibility.

As such, I have been informed directly by at least three separate APTO nations that, unfortunately, you have been declared unwelcome within APTO, the region "The Allied Powers". Based on other indications, it seems that this is also the consensus of the rest of the major powers within APTO.

My apologies to you. But alas... The region has spoken. I wish you the best of luck in finding a new and good home for your nation.

-The Virtual Democratic Republic of Adejaani
UN Delegate of region The Allied Powers aka "APTO"

This has been a completely OOC post.
Liberty Fighters
16-07-2004, 02:31
==OOC: Now while some people have time to write an full intro, I do not. ;-) ==

The Runabout San Lorenzo Dropped out of warp as it entered the system. Entering the Atmosphere it gained clearance from Adejaani Air Control and began its landing sequence. Manuvering thrusters eased the ship down gently. A Single man stepped out, he wore the Ambassadorial Dress Uniform of the common wealth. The Cresent Pips on his collar indicated his status as Chief Ambassadorial Officer, one of many titles for the Vice-Chancellor of the Commonwealth. His Coat shoulders, all the way across his chest were a dark and megestic Purple. Below the coat was black. His cuffs were stripped 6 times in purple. He wore the ensignia of the Commonwealth on the left side of his chest.

Holding only one PADD he entered the facility, and in moments he took his seat next to the Elarian delegate. Nodding to the gorgeous woman, he acted comfortable, knowing how close the two Nations were, he hoped this woman knew of the bond as well, and would dictate with her actions.

Looking around the room, he smiled. He was a very friendly man, 1st Cousin of the Chancellor Marshall, he looked like him. Shorter, and more stocky, his eyes were green and his skin olive. Light brown hair about 2 inches long. His face was very friendly. He lookedm iddle aged, but was infact soon to be called elderly.

Nodding to the other delegates, he poured himself some water from the tray in the middle of the table, sipping it, he reviewed his PADD as well.

Alexzander Gordan, Vice Chancellor of the Commonwealth of Liberty Fighters, was present, maybe this time he'd stay sober...
16-07-2004, 11:00
Ghost silently watched the other file in, examining them carefully. She wasn't briefed on how many would attend, but there was a lack of attendance so far by two expected nations. Feel lucky. I really don't need to get into an arguement with a Reaver. she thought to herself, picking up an ink pen and toying with it idly.
17-07-2004, 07:02
The Eastern Bloc
19-07-2004, 07:09
John sat at a small table, without a friend near him. He had come alone because no Eurydian captain could be spared. While it was custom to send a captain along with a diplomat, resources as important as a captain were needed elsewhere. What John hadn't expected was the confiscation of his sword at the entrance to the building. Assured he would get it back, he carried on, but something inside felt naked. All that was in the past to him, and therefore, rather pointless to dwell on.

So John sat, sipping a small glass of wine and waiting for the proceedings to begin.
New Empire
21-07-2004, 23:31
Ambassador to the APTO, Nicholas Kayes, was a bit peeved.

It had all started with the actual flight. First there was a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit about how best to arrange her transport with a group of fighters, should the Allaneans try anything.

Then there was the fact that the government agents guarding her couldn't manage to get any caffinated coffee. 'We're all out', was their response to his requests for them to get some. There were thousands of Starbucks, one within walking distances, but neither he nor the agents was allowed to exit the area to get some because of the security risks.

But now he was in flight, a bit tired, but ready for whatever the conferences had to throw at them. They were sort of urban legends among the UCSNE diplomatic community, attending them meant, depending on your views, that you were either good or expendable. Even though the last few had banned weapons, the mexican stand offs of the first were a constant reminder of just how hectic the differences between APTO nations could get.

As he entered, he reluctantly discarded a sinister looking M-17 standard issue sidearm, along with a few extra magazines. A few others were already there, and Nicholas noticed that he was a bit young compared to the others. Only by a few years, but somebody supposed that the newbie who negotiated during the second nationalist and Kurtz uprising would be good enough to deal with the characters in the APTO conference. As he sat down, his Tablet vibrated. He checked the message -a war update he subscribed to- and in it was the casualty report for the 24 bombers that had gone out against AMF. 75% kill rate on aircraft, only two could eject and be recovered, all damaged. Shit. They had inflicted some pretty heavy damage though. It was all a stark reminder to Nicholas of what happened when people like him failed.
22-07-2004, 00:32
"My apologies." President Halvent said smoothly as she entered. "Internal business." She nodded at everyone and smiled at those familiar faces. "I am President Jade Sarah Halvent. With me is Ministers Ryan and Taylor, Intelligence and Foreign Affairs, respectively." She indicated the two behind her.

"So let's get started. This conference is going to be different. We have had a lot of outstanding, but already debated issues. Now, what's going to happen is, I, as chairperson, summarise an issue and what we agreed on last time, and anyone who objects, has to then justify why something shouldn't be so... Questions? Objections?"
22-07-2004, 05:24
Major Ormond shifted in his armor, seeming uncmfortable. The full body armor he was wearing did look heavy.

Ghost looked up and eyed Halavent from behind her mask. "I have a question. Are there any other nations expected to attend or is this a closed conference once we start?"


Outside, Dagger was standing almost motionless by the surveilence TVs of the conference, just staring at them.
22-07-2004, 08:03
"Any APTO nation is allowed to attend. This Conference is being digitally recorded and transcripted, so any latecomers can catch up and dive in. However, I feel we should move on to business. Oh, thanks, Ryan." The slim Minister of Intelligence had gone to the side and got her a glass of mineral water. "If anyone wants sandwiches or drinks, feel free, right over there. This is going to be bit of an informal thing."

Halvent then stood up, put on some glasses and started.

"The first issue on the agenda should be, the entry requirements and rules for APTO. There has been considerable debate on the issue, as, judging by the nations presented here before me, much difference in race, morals, ethics, laws, ideology and just about every other topic under the sun.

"Since my nation was endorsed to become the United Nations Delegate, we have carefully skirted over these issues in our admission. However, in all our communications to new hopefuls to our region, we have always insisted, that all of them obey the following:

"1. Non Aggression Pacts between all members.

2. That friendly relations between APTO members be 'encouraged', but not enforced. This can mean trade, military treaties, embassy exchange and so on and so forth. On the flip side of the coin, we can still allow ignores, but not attacks against a fellow member. See Point 1.

3. That APTO frowns upon members making cowardly attacks on members and then hiding behind our regional defense umbrella. If you attack someone for whatever reason and suffer a backlash, take it on the chin. However, if you are "genuinely" attacked by someone with a grudge, we will defend you.

"These, I feel, should be the only three conditions for APTO membership. We are simply too different from each other in almost every way, to try and enforce anything otherwise.

"However, subject to these three rules, I also propose 'frowning upon', but not opposing to, a member nation's rights to own WMDs or whatever fancy military toys they may desire to possess. Keep in mind Point 1, though, regarding this.

"With that... I now throw this topic open to discussion on the floor. I am only going to ask that you politely object and if you do, state why. If you do not object, just indicate you are 'for' it." Halvent finished nervously and sat down.
The Eastern Bloc
22-07-2004, 08:24
John Guilder listened attentively to the speaker, even though he attempted preparing a turkey sandwich on sourdough while doing so. Halvent finished as John spread the mayo. He hadn’t the time to test his sandwich, for he returned to his table and immediately called attention to himself.

“I believe that all of these proposed requirements are good ones. Not attacking another member is just common sense. Rule 2 is perfect. 3 as well.” He paused. “I do, however, object to the ‘frowning upon’ proposal. This would make certain nations (ourselves included) feel like the redheaded stepchild of the APTO. We take pride in our expansive and aggressive military, and, when it is used, we kick some serious ass.”

John paused again. Not out of timorous feelings, but out of a necessity to think up reasons for his argument. After taking the time to do so, he continued in his ususally confident tone. “To frown upon what a nation uses in its military would be delving to far into its business. If the nation, however, actively uses its WMD to obliterate its own population or the population of others, then the nation’s acceptance and membership into the APTO should be revoked on principle. It’s not so much what the nations has, it’s how they use it. Frown upon the act, not the weapon.”

John sighed, and retook his seat, picking up his sandwich and biting into it.
Sigma Octavus
22-07-2004, 08:32
Jacen spoke up on this matter. "Fear is one of the best keepers of peace. If one nation has WMDs, then another would be warry to attack lest the weapons were deployed. WMDs should never be used, but still kept around to ensure peace."
22-07-2004, 08:43
"My apologies. My 'frowning upon' was meant to be aimed at Point 3." Halvent took a sip of water. "And note that I have emphasised 'frowning upon', not 'we will embargo you and set up sanctions unless you disarm'. Perhaps, we should again review what I said, in relation to Point 3 and not Point 1 as I originally said out loud."
The Eastern Bloc
22-07-2004, 08:53
John stood again, after finishing the first half of his sandwich. "My apolagies, Geltman (gentleman) Halvent. I shouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly. It's just that, back home, people must strike quickly, or else their opinion is never heard at all."

"Now that I know what's going on, I agree with all things proposed."
22-07-2004, 09:44
A slight sound came from the masked woman, bringing attention back to her. She did not stand to speak. "The Combine assumed that the first three were allready in place and has no problem with them. This 'frowining on' weapons of mass destruction is an area which we diverge on opinion. The alliance should have no stand on a nation's WMD policy beyond not using them when another option is availible." Ghost pasues and seems to think. "It is up to the individual nations to decide their opinions on such weapons. Crimmond frowns on nuclear weapons and has destroyed all but one, which is in a museum. We have, however, large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and have no problem with them."

She leans back. "You also mention 'fancy military toys'. What do you mean by that?"
22-07-2004, 18:12
The beautiful Elarian delegate Serenia Coriness spoke up, her sweet voice still showing the strength and honor that is an Elarian Trait.

"Elara agrees with all three proposals, we also agree that its alright for nations to frown on other nations with WMDs but we do not think sanctions or blockades should be put in place." "What a nation does is its own business, what they feel is best for their people, their own business." "Elara knows these are troubled times, and a nation must do what it feels right to protect its people, its culture, its heritage....its spirit."

Serenia leans back and takes a sip of Elarian Ale from her gem encrusted silvery Elarian goblet and then wipes the sides of her mouth with a silk hankerchief.
22-07-2004, 20:15
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New Empire
22-07-2004, 23:37
Kayes looked away from the Elarian towards the Adejaani delegate, almost reluctantly.

"We are in agreement with these rules as well. Weapons of mass destruction as they are called come in many forms today. New strains of genetically engineered viruses, chemicals, nuclear weapons and plasma devices, railguns in space that can deliver multimegaton blows. But we must also understand that the only reason that the Cold War stayed cold was because of weapons of mass destruction. In New Empire, a switch to precision weapons and reduction of nuclear forces is slowly making it's way, but what a nation arms itself with is not and should not be a problem unless the use of it violates the first three rules."

Yet another vibration in his Tablet. A few emails forwarded about the Markovians stirring things up once again. He almost reached to shut off the little computer, but decided that should something really happen, he would need it.
Atlantian Outcasts
22-07-2004, 23:56
"Atlantis has no problems with the 3 pointers either" Orion said
23-07-2004, 00:27
"What the esteemed delegate from New Empire said. 'Fancy new toys' is whatever you can dream and make happen. Atmospheric corruption, 'big bang' bombs, wormhole and black hole makers, the whole gamut. Whatever nice things you desire to possess." Halvent said cooly.

"As for 'frowning upon', I emphasise that's all it'd be. As in, we'd like for you to play nice and without them, but it's ultimately your choice. I make no illusions that there'd always be people who dislikes something. That's normal.

"Adejaani still firmly believes in self-determination and self choice. Do whatever it is you like. This is why this debate of an 'APTO Charter' where it was originally going to impose say, minimum levels of healthcare and education spending and moratoriums on human rights protection, we threw that out pretty quickly.

"We don't want to interfere in the running of your nations. That's not what we're here to discuss. We'd like to have no particularly dangerous and horrifying weapons of whatever sort you may come up with, but we won't deny you having or using them, except the nations should keep in mind our three cardinal regional laws.

"As I said, the delegate from New Empire sums it up well: 'what a nation arms itself with is not and should not be a problem unless the use of it violates the first three rules'. That's all I'm saying."
The Eastern Bloc
23-07-2004, 00:56
“Then it seems all of us in attendance, are also in agreement over the charter. It's disheartening to see no AMF or Panteran representitives,” John said mildly. A message came in for him on his data pad, and he looked it over quickly. “What I wonder, is how we all feel about our dear friend AMF? He’s got some kind of light that attracts pathetic nations like those irritating bugs that flit around at night and just… bug the hell out of you. I think a pressing issue is the Automagfreek situation.”

He stopped. “Of course, we must continue on in the agendas proper order, so that issue may come up later. I just don’t understand why people won’t leave him alone.”
Liberty Fighters
23-07-2004, 02:21
Alex spoke simply and calmly.

"As most likely predicted, the UFLF agrees to abide by the three rules, and might I add; has no rpoble min enforcing them."
23-07-2004, 03:23
"Excuse me, sir, but this is not a conference to bicker about a fellow member. As much as I am... dismayed at their fierceness, I'd rather keep AMF on our side. If you have any 'issues' with a member nation, take it up with me at a later time, but only if you believe that any member constitutes a significant threat to APTO. Nevertheless, I state once again, I do not consider AMF a threat to our stability.

"With that... I would like to now call a vote. While we are not 'all' of APTO, we have essentially run through all the arguments and we are enough of a representation of the members. Please, let me re-summarise, our charter:

"1. Standing Non Aggression Pacts (NAPs) between all members. That is, no attacks and no wars on a fellow member.

2. That friendly relations between APTO members be 'encouraged', but not enforced. This can mean trade, military treaties, embassy exchange and so on and so forth. On the flip side of the coin, we can still allow ignores, but not attacks against a fellow member.

3. That APTO frowns upon members making cowardly attacks on members and then hiding behind our regional defense umbrella. If you attack someone for whatever reason and suffer a backlash, take it on the chin. However, if you are "genuinely" attacked by someone with a grudge, we will defend you.

4. Recognises each member nation's right of self governance and self determination, as well as acknowledging each member's individual right to govern their nation as the government sees fit.

5. Acknowledges that each member nation may take whatever steps necessary, to arm and protect itself against whatever dangers and threats it deems in existence. However, it is hoped that restraint will be shown during a conflict, the unleashing of the weapons in its arsenal and the manner in which the conflict is conducted."

Halvent cleared her throat. "This charter, in summary, ensures that we are free to do as we like, whatever style of government, our morals, ethics, just about everything, as outlined in Point 4. Point 5 outlines and affirms each member's rights to own WMDs and whatever weapons it desires and fight wars in any way each member chooses.

"However, I must stress that everyone must interpret the charter on a whole. Paying extremely close attention to Point 3.

"Without further ado, please now vote Aye/Yes or Nay/No, to enact this charter, effective immediately."
Atlantian Outcasts
23-07-2004, 03:46
"I vote Yes"
The Eastern Bloc
23-07-2004, 11:20
"Ah, another misinterpretation, Geltman Halvent. The Eurydian Republic is a very strong ally of AMF, and hold him in the highest regard. My cruel words were pointed to the bitch Allanea and the other nations in the past that have threatened AMF for no apparent reason." John shook his head. I need to choose my words more carefully.

"The 'AMF situation' I referred to was the one concerning Allanea, and its aggression toward our dear friend. We'd never want AMF to leave the APTO, for they may be able to take care of themselves, but fighting everyone on your own is a lonely task indeed. I was pressing the issue concerning what kind of support we should give AMF. But, then again, that is neither here or there, I just hope you understand now that I'm not here to make any trouble. Allanea is taking very good care of that already." He smiled and laughed.

"The Republic is not in the habit of making war, so we vote 'yes' on the charter, given that one word in it be changed. In #3, I propose changing it from 'we will defend you', to 'we will support you.'"
23-07-2004, 11:45
"Yes, yes, alright. Article 3 now reads:

3. That APTO frowns upon members making cowardly attacks on members and then hiding behind our regional defense umbrella. If you attack someone for whatever reason and suffer a backlash, take it on the chin. However, if you are "genuinely" attacked by someone with a grudge, we will support you in defense.
23-07-2004, 12:03
Ghost nods. "That is acceptable."

OOC: I'm tired. Best I could do. :p
23-07-2004, 13:14
OOC: Just wanted to clarify this, I was the understanding that the APTO is the "Allied Power Treaty Organization", thus making it an alliance. *shrug* The website just kinda confused me, so I don't know - just wanted some clarification :)
23-07-2004, 14:08
OOC: Doujin, this is actually a point of contention that people have. Nobody seems to know what it is...

I've generally said APTO is the organisation to which we belong and membership requires being in the region, The Allied Powers. It's pretty muddled, we've never established anything.

This is actually the first time we've properly ratified a charter!
23-07-2004, 17:23
Serenia brushes back her golden blonde hair away from her eyes as she speaks up.

"Aye, the Empire agrees with the charter."
Sigma Octavus
23-07-2004, 19:58
"We agree on all terms. Our vote is yes."
New Genoa
23-07-2004, 20:02
"You know, an APTO Conference has been going on for awhile in Ticonderoga City, Mr. President..."

"Yes, I'm getting to it. My term is almost over, so, I urge you to go Derek. The Conservatives are never going to take the election; you can spare a few days debating issues in Adejaani. Besides, it'll be good practice for your future as the new president of New Genoa," Carter said with a soft smile on his face.

The Vice President gave the President a pat on the back, "Thanks old pal. I'll make preparations for my leave as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, we might as well inform the Adejaani that New Genoa will be attending within the next few days. And we apologise for our tardiness."

"It's already been done, mate."



We apologise for our lack of response concerning the APTO Conference currently in session in Ticonderoga City in Adejaani and will be sending a delegate to attend as soon as possible.

New Genoa has been quiet lately and thus we see this conference as an opportunity to reenter the regional community's decision-making process.

President Alexander Carter
24-07-2004, 11:38
OOC: I now have conclusive proof people know diddly about my country. Halvent is a female! :eek:

IC: Halvent smiled wearily. "And how does the rest of the delegation vote?"
24-07-2004, 12:54
OOC: I now have conclusive proof people know diddly about my country. Halvent is a female! :eek:
With those disguises... who knows? ;)
24-07-2004, 13:21
OOC: The below I put in a 'spoiler' because it is a bit graphic.. so..

A subtle knock was heard on the door, and a meek male voice called for the Empress. The door was large, made of black Iron and darkened wood. It fit the dungeon area perfectly, adding to the overall sensory effect that people have when they are forced to enter.

"Enter" boomed Empress Guro ( She was wearing a black, tight leather outfit and held in her hand a 7 foot long Cobra whip. Her male subject stood, castrated, chained and shackled to the wall facing it. Welts all over his back from her torture of him, her pointless torture of him.

Looking down, the Prime Minister walked into the room slowly, being sure to stay out of the range of her whip. Clearing his voice and making sure not to look up, he spoke softly. "Empress, there is a meeting that you should attend in Adeejani. It's about the APTO, I believe it might be important."

Snapping her whip at her subject again, she whipped the whip back and curled it up into her hand. Smiling, she looked at the Prime Minister and walked over to him, circling around him with her hand running along his shoulders and face.

Seductively, she asks.. "Now when did this meeting begin, Mister Priess?"

He opened his mouth and shut it several times before managing to squeek out, "Hours ago, ma'am."

This time, more annoyed than seductive, she started at Priess. "That would make me late for a meeting I should be attending, now wouldn't it? And who's fault is this? Yours I believe.. and as such you should be punished accordingly."

Looking over to her female guards around the room, she nodded in the Ministers direction and they rushed over and grabbed Priess and began ripping his clothes off. Taking him over to the stocks and locking him up nude, they went back to their places and waited for orders from the Empress.

"You can play with him, but make sure I have something to play with when I get back."

The women grinned and advanced towards Priess, who started screaming in horror at the pain that was about to come to him.

Walking towards her shuttle, she saw Jessica, her best friend and servant, waiting for her holding a stack of datapads. Jessica, wearing silky red dress, walked up to Gale smiling and handed her the datapads.

"Gale, these are notes from the conference. They've been digitally recording everything, and we have a live feed set up so we can see everything. Unfortunatly, we can't send anything video/sound wise because that system broke down last week."

"I see. How long until we arrive?"

"30 minutes"

"Very well, leave me be."

"Alright, Gale" Jessica walked up to the Empress and kissed her on the lips before walking out of the 'room'.

30 minutes later

Walking in a rush, Empress Guro - without any bodyguards - walked into the Conference and stated, rather loudly, "I have looked over the proposed membership charter and Doujin agrees to it's ratification."

OOC: Sorry, had to finish it off quick - I'm not feeling extremely well right now.
25-07-2004, 10:17
Halvent nodded. "Well... Since those who raised... Opinions regarding the negatives of the charter have already made their peace and voted yes... I am proud to say that, in this fifth conference, we have finally done something! The charter is now in full force amongst all members and I'll transmit a copy to each member at a later date." Halvent smiled, then wiped her face clean.

"The second issue of this conference... Information. This has been a very controversial topic in the previous conferences... However, I am going to propose this:

"An information transfer network, but only if your government approves the data and only for 'enemy' units. Like, for example, aircraft and sonar information... With, of course, our own units filtered out of the information, if you really wanted...

"A region wide information and sensor net, for the purposes of hostile and criminal tracking may be vital in a coordinated defense as it gives us all the same information right to our fingertips.

"We can also upload into this information net, status of our forces, unit locations etc, in the need for a coordinated region-wide defense initiative...

"This is, as I said, a bit of a controversial topic... I'd like to ask that you all..." Halvent paused to look at delegations representing the more militaristic nations, "to politely share your thoughts on this topic."
The Eastern Bloc
25-07-2004, 19:14
John finished his sandwich, and spoke up. “I think this is a good idea. While most regions and alliances have to spend needless –and valuable-- hours getting information about attacks and coordinating defensive measures, we the APTO, could successfully organize such measures in a fraction of the time. Not only that, but (as you so clearly stated Halvent), we’d be better able to see our forces as a whole, and that would reduce the amount of friendly-fire casualties.”

“With a data network already established between our nations, reaction time would increase dramatically during conflicts, and the efficiency and effectiveness of our forces would be increased considerably. This is a good idea.”
New Genoa
25-07-2004, 22:02
The private jet landed lightly on the runway, gradually slowing down until it came to a full stop. The doors opened, a stairway descended, and several men dressed in black and white suits walked out -- they were carrying FN-57 pistols. The Vice President, Derek Jackson, exited last.

"Put your guns away, gentleman. We're in Adejaani now. Nothing to fear. Besides, weapons aren't allowed at this meeting. We can't be too far away from Government Building, now can we? Has the SUV been unloaded?"

"In a few minutes, Mr. Vice President, sir," replied the lead bodyguard.

"Good. Good. I'm sure we've missed much. Anyway, Johnson, get my folders!" said the Vice President.

"Already, have 'um," said Johnson who was coming out of the plane carrying several thick orange folders.

He handed them over to the Vice President.

"Everything's there," he said. "I double-checked."

"SUV's ready, sir."

"Good work, Johnson," said Derek, giving the young aid a nod and a pat on the shoulder. "Let's go. We've got a meeting!"

The SUV was a black one, capable of carrying six or seven. The Vice President, two aides, and three guards hopped into the black vehicle.

"We're ready to roll," said the driver. "Government Building?"

"Yep, that's where it's being held."

The driver nodded, turned the key -- the engine fired up. They pulled out of the lot and drove until they hit a street.

"Turn here."

Several minutes pass by

"There she is," said the Vice President. "Let's go everyone. I'm sure they're expecting us."

The group walked up the stairs quickly. Opening the door, the Vice President entered the main lobby.

"Erm, Vice President Jackson from New Genoa. I'm here for the Conference."
26-07-2004, 00:49
A rather harried aide in a business suit waved Jackson forward. "This way, sir." The aide handed slightly scuffed and heavily fingerprint stained electronic data slate. "Transcript so far of what's happened. You'll be glad to hear, sir, we finally did something and the majority has ratified the charter."

The aide pointed to the security checkpoint. "No weapons inside, unless they're ceremonial, like swords and daggers. In which case, they'd go on the walls. Only one security agent with you, the rest must stay out here." The aide pointed up and down the corridor where various security personnel from many countries were milling about.

Without waiting for a reply, the aide knocked politely and opened the doors to the conference room. "Vice President Jackson of New Genoa!"
26-07-2004, 03:14
"Since Crimmond is on the European continent and operates it's own defensive sphere and does not openly share any knowledge unless requested, we abstain. It would not effect us."
26-07-2004, 04:10
Halvent nodded. "Again, I stress that participation is voluntary. We won't even force the 'terminals' on you if you don't want to receive the information.

"However, the whole point of this would be to share information for regional defense and planning, which is something I'd urge the rest of you to consider seriously."
Sigma Octavus
26-07-2004, 06:02
"We would be able to help greatly with the proposed system. We have often prided ourselves on our sensor network within Sigma Octavus, and we could help to design the regional network."

(OOC: It's true.)
New Empire
26-07-2004, 13:11
"The UCSNE fields two such systems, DEFENSENET on a strategic level and BATTLENET on a tactical level. Combined with integration systems, we called it WARNET. However, in order to make such systems work, there must be multi tiered levels of communication. Such a system would need to function in the event of a nuclear attack, orbital conflict, or invasion. There would also need to be many 'terminal' computers in each nation, each connected by several means of communication. Satellites, laser communication, fiberoptics, whatever floats your boat. But it has to be multi tiered, and there must be backups for everything. The UCSNE has over 100 computers that could be converted to interface with this system, and more could be built."
27-07-2004, 00:29
Halvent nodded. "Anyone else have anything more to add?"
27-07-2004, 05:51
Due to the fierce battle with Allanea, we are not able to send a representative from Automagfreek at this time.

-Official Statement on behalf of the AMF Government-

OOC: Sorry guys, Allanea's delays are pissing me off and keeping all my characters tied up.
28-07-2004, 20:13
Serenia sighed and shook her head as she leaned forward.

"The Empire will not agree to give away any information, on...well, anything." "As many of you know we keep our information , our tech , everything as secretive as possible." "We do however agree that this could benefit the region, we just will not be apart of it."

She said trying to be as polite as possible.
29-07-2004, 04:58
Halvent nodded again. "Fine, fine... Since there were no firm objections, only abstentions, an information network will be built, the details to be finalised later. Those of you who do not wish to receive the data or participate, you don't have to." She cleared her throat and looked around.

"The third issue at hand... is economic. During New Genoa's term as UN Delegate, it was custom to have a single unified currency, the Allied Credit...

"In short, do we really need a single currency? Is it better to facilitate regional trade? Or are we better off having individual national currencies and then having a region wide currency, for trading in, say, a national stock market which we could set up?"
The Eastern Bloc
29-07-2004, 20:43
"I think its central to a nation's heritage that it has its own, unique currency. I don't agree with a wholly unified currency, like the Allied Credit system. The stock market thing could work, but it would need quite a bit of planning and preparation. I'm all for that though. If we can operate a region wide stock market, it would increase our wealth greatly."
Five Civilized Nations
29-07-2004, 22:07
A bit belatedly, the newest member of the APTO, the Star Realm of the Five Civilized Nations sent their delegates. As the GER-900X passenger jet screamed through the air, the two ranking dignitaries discussed the upcoming APTO negotiations. The two men although close friends were in sharp contrast to each other. One was the Prince of Atreus, Hamilton Crusade, second in line to the throne, a 25 year old brilliant man, known for his recklessness, while in command of a portion of the Five Civilized Nations Navy and for his financial genius. The other man, an aging 79 year old, but still brilliant man, was the Foreign Minister, Zhong Da. A fifty year diplomatic veteran, Zhong Da was known for his wisdom and his cool temper. Truly, the two provided an interesting foil for the negotiations.

Slowly the GER-900X jet landed upon the runway and taxied to its position. As the pressurized doors opened, a trio of vehicles pulled up, a pair of BMW vehicles and a very long limousine. The pair of diplomats descended the steps and entered the limousine.

Quickly, the trio of vehicles pulled out of the airport and headed towards the conference.

Half an hour later, the vehicles pulled up to the conference building. Escorted by four unarmed bodyguards, the two diplomats entered the building and walked towards the conference. The two entered the room, illiciting annoyed glances from the other diplomats arrayed in the room.

Shaking his head in disgust, Prince Hamilton Crusade, led the aging Foreign Minister to their seats. Sitting down, the two quickly familiarized themselves with what had happened insofar and what remained on the agenda...
30-07-2004, 01:19
Halvent nodded at the 5CN representatives. "Welcome, welcome.

"For the third issue, I'm seriously considering scrapping the unified currency thing. Why? Simply because counterfeit money would wreck all our economies, probably the main reason. And there would be no need for it anyway, really."
30-07-2004, 02:34
OOC: So, in all honesty, how likely would this situation have come up if I didn't bring it up in our little war talk?
30-07-2004, 02:40
OOC: I did bring this up because of our talk. However, someone did this flooding the market with currency, to Credonia. You just had legitimacy due to the fact you had the old Mint Plates so you could do it "properly". :p
New Genoa
31-07-2004, 21:16
"I believe it's agreeable the old custom of the Allied Credit be abolished. Times have changed and New Genoa believes it's better to respect national currencies rather than a regional one. However, for those nations interested in keeping the Allied Credit, perhaps we can form some sort of council to monitor its value?"

"I'd also like to remind you that the Allied Credit was not introduced by New Genoa, but by New Arab Countries. After its introduction, New Genoa was one of the last nations to change its currency (from New Genoese Credit to Allied Credit)."
03-08-2004, 19:14
Ghost leaned forward, voice slightly muffled by the mask. "Crimmond has been aware of the Allied Credit issue for some time and flatly refused to switch our currency from the Crimmar to the AC when we joined the APTO. This is because of the fact that the Allied Credit's broad base and higher inflation rate causes it to be worth much less than the Crimmar, which is strictly regulated in value by the government. Such a switch would have caused a downturn in the economy."

She looks around. "I suppose, after that, I don't really need to say Crimmond votes to abolish the Allied Credit as regional currency."
Atlantian Outcasts
03-08-2004, 19:34
"We're all up for the scrapping of currency. Although it does besicly get rid of inflation/delfation issues within the region, you speak the truth as far as the counterfite topic goes. Atlantis votes, yes, get rid of it"
04-08-2004, 01:10
"Alright." Halvent rubbed her hands. "The Allied Credit is officially disbanded. A regulatory commission will oversee the conversion to each nation's new sovereign currency. I will convey instructions to those nations currently on the Allied Credit, to change to... Whatever they like."

She riffled through some pages. "Ah, the fourth issue... Our militaries are all drawn up along different lines, with different equipment. Let's tackle the first part first... The first part is essentially the old APTO Defense Perimeter. Four islands for early warning and defense, to prevent against surprise attack. In essence, they'll allow our forces on the mainland time to generate and repel any attacks. The islands would be located at the main points of the compass, North, East, South and West. Adejaani currently runs and maintains 'North Island'... I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this, though, like in the Information Network, we won't force anyone to do this.

"The second part follows along a similar vein. In order to more properly match up our forces and unify them... Should we stockpile some spare parts, ordnance and various fuels, such that if... We wanted to, we could base/support some forces in each others' countries or inside a 'universal base' which could house and support everyone's forces?

"I throw this topic onto the floor. Please, be candid, this is a big issue."
Sigma Octavus
04-08-2004, 01:19
"Regarding the first part, I believe this is an excellent idea. But it should be taken a step further. Turn each island into a fortress essentially. Halt the enemy there, then we can take the fight to them while they are held up. It would save our contries from casualties and damage on the nations themselves. The island fortress' may be slightly costly to maintain, but they could make themselves very useful shields."
Five Civilized Nations
04-08-2004, 01:46
In an even, warm tone, the Foreign Minister Zhong Da said, "As the newest member of the APTO, the Five Civilized Nations does not feel that we have a say in this debate. However, we have had past experiences with rampant counterfeiting, especially in regards to our colonies, who have time and time again made our control difficult by making our currency worthless. Therefore, we will enter a nay vote..."
Atlantian Outcasts
04-08-2004, 02:25
"This does not consern Atlantis, as we are not on Earth. Therefor, we shall not vote on this matter" Orion began playing with a small red, hard, rubber ball he had carried in with his hands.
04-08-2004, 09:30
At this point, Ghost turned her seat around and spoke a quiet few words with the armored Major before coming back to the table. "Crimmond, while distant fromthe actual region, votes yea on both parts. It is in our interests that nothing unfortunant happen to any of our allies." She says, as if they were commodities.
New Genoa
04-08-2004, 20:34
"We agree with the first part of the fourth issue wholeheartedly. However, the second part needs to be clearer. New Genoa does not want to allow other nations to stockpile their WMD's in our sovereign lands OR use New Genoa as shield -- that is, storing their supplies here so that enemy nations will not be able to attack their supply assets unless they wish to provoke a war with New Genoa."
Five Civilized Nations
04-08-2004, 20:52
"With regards to the first part of the fourth issue, the Five Civilized Nations will be willing to maintain the eastern island as part of the alliance's 'defensive perimeter.' We've had extensive experience with defensive installations primarily through our nation's civil war," said Hamilton Crusade, "However, with regards to the second part, we agree with the nation of New Genoa with regards to clarifying the issue...
05-08-2004, 01:00
"There will be no obligation to store supplies, ordnance, whatever in your nations. There will be a full inventory before shipping and you have the right to refuse anything, from specific items, or in thise case, 'special' ordnance, to countries within APTO you don't wish to deal with for whatever reason. Nor will anyone tell you how much or where to store it. That is your choice." Halvent said evenly.
Five Civilized Nations
05-08-2004, 01:45
"If that is the case, the Five Civilized Nations has no reason to object to the terms of the second part of the fourth item," replied the aging Foreign Minister.
New Genoa
05-08-2004, 01:50
Jackson nods. "As long as it remains voluntary, then New Genoa has no quarrels with this."
05-08-2004, 02:45
As a very new member of the APTO, we, like Five Civilized Nations, feel that our opinions are of less importance than certain others voiced her. However, we also feel obligated to make our views known.

With regards to issue four we are strongly in favor of part one; strong defenses are never a bad thing to have, even in times of peace. We are largely indifferent to part two. From one point of view, it would help in coordination of our seperate militaries, however, agree with New Genoa, that there are certain risks involved. Since this practice is to be completely voluntary, we are supporting it.
05-08-2004, 04:23
With regards to the first part of the fourth issue, Celack will be willing to maintain the southern island as part of the alliance's 'defensive perimeter.' We have a large amount of experience in building defenses from our numerous war with the nation of CapAp. Concerning the second part, we agree to the terms and we are willing to store any non-WMD supplies in our land. Anything dealing with WMD we will not accept however.

Now I also am a new member so I do not hold much sway but I would like to have my opinions heard.
Sigma Octavus
05-08-2004, 04:26
"About the second part. The people of Sigma Octavus are a highly xenophobic people. It has been that way ever since Operation: Righteous Smackdown. Since then, no nation has been allowed to have troops or any other military element inside the nation. The people also don't like having anything made outside of the nation inside it's borders. The people would highly object to it. I'm not saying nay on the matter, since it would be voluntary, I'm just saying that nothing could be stored inside our nation."

"And more on the First Part, we would be more than happy to take the west island. Defense is sort of a specialty of our nation."
The Eastern Bloc
05-08-2004, 18:09
John nodded, rubbing his short hair as though deep in thought. "We support the second part fully. Our nation's only stipulation would be this: if you were to either use our bases or establish a sort of "united" base, then it would be our MP's that would run it and keep things in line. A nation's forces would have all the freedoms granted to them under Eurydian law, but it would be us that would enforce them. If you wish to coordinate an attack and use our bases and land, then you must play by our rules.

"As for the 1st issue, if no one else steps up to secure an island, then we will do so. We will defend the East Island should no one else volunteer."
Sigma Octavus
05-08-2004, 20:26
(OOC: 5CN already went for the east.)
05-08-2004, 20:37
o.o.c is north sitll availible. i know east, west and south are taken but north?
Five Civilized Nations
05-08-2004, 20:56
(OOC: Adejaani is taking north...)
05-08-2004, 21:02
o.o.c okay then all four are taken.
06-08-2004, 02:22
Halvent nodded. "The... administration, so to speak of each island is to be handled by one country. However, we don't disallow participation. It is up to the... 'members' participating in each island, so to speak, to elect someone to take overall 'command' of the forces on each island.

"Or, to use an example, Country 'A' is in overall command, while Country 'B' handles logistics and supply, Country 'C' is in charge of dispersal, layout, support, whatever.

"However, the only... advice I'd give is that whichever country is geographically in that area (for example, Adejaani is in the north) to be given more consideration as we're more familiar with those surroundings, but as I said, that's a decision between the participant nations.

"Any other thoughts and comments?"
The Eastern Bloc
06-08-2004, 11:38
John nodded in approval. These proceedings were much more productive than anything he'd ever attended on Eurydice.

[ooc: I'm going on vacation for the next 3 weeks. I may be on a few times, or I may not be. If I am, I'll check in and see any more developments in the conference. Cheers, and take care all.]
New Genoa
07-08-2004, 21:44
"It seems we've covered some major issues with this meeting. However, we need to carry them out. I think it is neccessary that we establish committees to carry out everything that we've proposed -- and soon. Just a suggestion, I'd hate to see so many great notions gone to waste."
08-08-2004, 07:06
"Of course, of course." Halvent agreed off-handedly. "The purpose of this meeting is mainly to see where the objections are as well as to fine tune it. If we agree in principle and most everyone agrees to participate, then we won't have any problems."
10-08-2004, 05:11
Halvent cleared her throat. "Anyone else have anything to say before we continue?"
New Genoa
10-08-2004, 05:27
"No, not really. Go on."
11-08-2004, 01:50
"Alright. Let's move on... issue six... The creation of what I've termed: APTO Extended Division, APTO Extended Wing and APTO Extended Battlegroup.

"In short, we all know of the concept of Exchange Programs? We send people over to live and learn and be in a different country, the customs and so forth?

"This is sort of what it's like. Take for example, countries 'A', 'B' and 'C' all each say 'I'll go and contribute 40 tanks' and those form three Tank Platoons into a Tank Battalion. Country 'D' says 'Yes and I'll chip in an Engineering Platoon' and 'E' says 'I'll go an send in a Medical Platoon'. Country 'F' says, 'Well, my Army/Marines aren't that good, I'll just send in a squadron of fighter bombers.'

"And so on and so forth and everyone goes and contributes their bit and we'll come out with a large Army Division, Air Force Wing and Naval Battlegroup.

"Note that to assuage fears, we are not making a regional military. Just this one unit of each. We'll also make it rapid-deploy such that if there's say, a need for peacekeepers, we'll deploy this unit, thus making it an APTO wide effort.

"In peacetime, there are other benefits. Our units will learn to work with each other thus allowing the rest of our militaries to gain benefits and experiences for when we need to apply that knowledge to larger groups. In addition, they could be used for Aggressor Training such that our own forces, training against these units get not one set of tactics, but a rainbow, or some really unique ones because of our different capabilities.

"I would, however, like to... restrict contributions to make sure this unit doesn't get too powerful. No more than a Tank or Support Platoon or an Infantry Battalion, no more than an air Squadron (twelve aircraft), and two or three vessels, nothing larger than a Cruiser or a Small Carrier.

"Those of you not wishing to participate materially, I invite you to participate financially, in the buying and budgetary maintenance and things like that of the units.

"With that, I open this up for discussion."
11-08-2004, 02:30
I agree to this proposal
11-08-2004, 02:45
The government of Squornshelous is in support of issue six.
New Genoa
14-08-2004, 04:20
New Genoa would be willing to offer logistical support of this rapid-deploy force.
Liberty Fighters
14-08-2004, 13:46
The Federation is in complete support of this proposal and will donate the maximum allowed to further its contruction. We will also offer logistical, mantienence, budgetary, and support otherwise.
The Eastern Bloc
17-08-2004, 05:49
"We support this proposal. The Republic can provide any support necessary," John Guilder said.
17-08-2004, 05:55
"Very well." Halvent chewed her lip. "We've been through six issues already. How about that? Unfortunately... That's all I really had planned to get through. Does anyone have anything to bring up while we're all here?"
Five Civilized Nations
17-08-2004, 10:34
With a hardened voice of command, Hamilton Crusade spoke up, offering his own advice. "Before we go onto any other issue, may I suggest a solution to such a rapid deployment force?" Realizing that he had captured the attention of the members of the conference room, Hamilton continued, "I suggest that each nation contributes what its best at. For instance, nations such as New Empire and Unum Veritas contribute naval vessels, while others contribute army units and aircraft. Is this suggestion suitable for the situation?"
New Genoa
18-08-2004, 00:59
"I suggest we allow the nation to choose what it wishes to supplement. However, we have no quarrels with member nations urging or suggesting what to provide and/or donate."
The Eastern Bloc
21-08-2004, 00:59
John Guilder nodded in satisfaction. He was impressed by the proceedings, and by those in attendance. Much had been accomplished, and in doing so the Eurydian Republic and the APTO were made stronger. He glanced around the room as the few delegates still interested in the conference continued to mull over the last issue. Others began to sift through the bags they brought with them or discuss particulars with peers and subordinates.

The Foreign Affairs Minister grabbed his glass of scotch and finished it. He organized his things and stood. As he did, the communicator attached to his midgrace belt flashed and vibrated. He sat his coat down and plucked the communicator. He opened it, speaking quietly, "John Guilder here. What is it?"

The voice on the other line came out in a low, subdued drawl. A man's drawl. "Greetings, Minister. We need you back on Eurydice."

"What's the problem?" John asked.

"There's a situation. I shouldn't discuss it on this channel. Not secure."

"Come on. It will take me a day to get back. I need to know what the problem is."

There was silence for a moment. The man sighed. "Admiral Ajax is dead. Emperor Traiden has resigned. Eurydice is in chaos, Minister. All senior officials are needed back home."

"Understood," John said. He slid the communicator back into place and picked his stuff up once more. He threw a cursory glance to Halvent. "I'm sorry. I can't stay any longer. Business calls." He gave a goodbye nod to the others, and walked out.