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New Tech In The Hack

The Most Glorious Hack
19-06-2004, 07:27
Secure Research Lab J-18-1F-2, Corporate Spire, Chiba City, The Hack

They'd started work on the new project, and things were humming along nicely. It was something of a complicate collaboration, working both with the Federation, and the NDA as well. The funding had only been approved when the NDA membership had, as there was certain required tech that the NDA had that the Hack needed, specifically, the EM hover-tech that the Empire of Treznor had created. That, combined with the cold fusion that had been bought ages ago, and the impressive automobile manufactoring of GMC, the sci-fi geeks in finance had finally approved the budget, and work was underway adapting the EM tech and micronizing the reactors so that they could fit in a mid-sized car. Of course, so far all they had was a concept sketch...