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The Holy Saints
27-06-2004, 04:29
Hello fellow nations! Please join THS in this venture of ours to better our economic world. This possible organization is located within KIST, an organization formed by Knootoss. If you join you are not bound by the KIST treaty in any way, except for some overlapping rules, although you are strongly encouraged to join KIST as well to further promote trade. This is a serious venture and not for people who believe that NS is all '1 /\/001< J00!' and please be respectful of this ideal. Now, here is the all beloved 'linky' for all to see the charter and join in the talks to finalize and participate in accordance with the charter:

This will hopefully be one of the most formal and prosperous establishments in NS and I, for one, hope that nations will see the idea is fundamentally good, and will be amended many times over its future history to better accomodate the times.

I wish to be able to set up independant operations of the WTO by the 17th of July, giving the WTO a stable charter to start its operations.

If you wish to learn more, visit the topic which is given in the link above.

Thank you for your time and please consider this idea.

[ooc: the 17th date is set because i must go on a sailing camp for 2 weeks at that point, and at this point im not sure if anyone could take over operations for me, since Knoot would most likely be too busy to, and i want to be sure that my fledgling idea will not fall off a cliff of inoperability. ;)]
The Holy Saints
27-06-2004, 23:32