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Factbook: Democratic States of Zvarinograd

27-06-2004, 02:53

Capital: Valkonezh (in Novaya Zemlya)
Area (Original / Including artificial islands): 115,800 square miles (300,000 square kilometers) / 741,101 square miles (1,919.443 square kilometers)
Population: 1.602 billion(as of current census)
Official Language: Russian, English
Monetary unit: 1 Zvarinograd dollar: 100 Zvarinograd cents
Main Cities: Valkonezh, Arkenskaya, Snaeperskaya
Homeland Location: North of the Russian Federation, Arctic Circle

Form: Federal Republic of Democratic States
Independent: September 25, 2003
Head of State: Prime Minister/First Councilor
Head of Government: Prime Minister/First Councilor
Legislature: Supreme Council of the Democratic States of Zvarinograd, Council of the Union, Council of the Nationalities
Executive: Premier and Council of Ministers
Judiciary: Supreme Court
Political Division: 7 Democratic States

National Economy

Long before the country began establishing relations with Knootoss and consequently signing the Knootian International Stability Treaty (for economic and diplomatic reasons), the government, backed by an overwhelming political drive, began moving the economy from a sluggish, centrally planned economy to a more market-oriented system. Whereas the system once operates within a political framework of strict communist control, the economic influence of non-state organizations and individual citizens has been steadily increasing. The authorities switched to a system of household and village responsibility in agriculture in place of the old collectivization, increased the authority of local officials and plant managers in industry, permitted a wide variety of small-scale enterprises in services and light manufacturing, and opened the economy to increased foreign trade and investment. Output quadrupled as the country establishes a laissez faire economy in a record time of a single decade. The country is now taking the region by storm, as it's economic competitors are being outgrown by this sudden recovery.

GDP per Capita: $34,290.02
GDP: $54,932,606,456,384.93
National Budget: $15,549,748,200,000
Military Budget: $0*
Exports Value: $6,496,576,973,543.92
Imports Value: $6,475,405,011,075.00
Trade Surplus: $21,171,962,468.92
Agriculture: N/A (no agriculture is possible)
Main Exports: Automobiles, Industrial Machinery, Aircraft, Telecommunications Equipment, Chemicals, Plastics, Fertilizers, Crude Petroleum, Electronics, Silicon, Pharmaceuticals, Narcotics, Steel, Apparel
Main Imports: Foodstuffs, Fuels, Timber, Textiles, Cotton, Electronics, Ores, Rubber, Plastics, Crude Petroleum
Transportation: 16,016 miles (25,776 kilometers) of railroads, 603,500 miles (971,200 kilometers) of roads, and all cities, towns and villages of the country has international airports
Trading Partners: Iuthia, Knootoss, Vrak, Kotterdam, Cabinia

Urban: 88%
Ethnic Composition: Russian 56%, Ukrainian 12%, Iuthian 5%, Bylorussian 3.5%, Elven 2.5%
Birth Rate: 20.8 per 1,000 population
Death Rate: 3 per 1,000 population
Infant Mortality: 2 per 1,000 live births
Life Expectancy: Male: 92 years, Female: 98 years

*The country is currently under rebellion by militarists who refused the pacifist policy and demands a standing military to protect the country. A temporary government militia has been conscripted to fend off the attacks of the rebels. -