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Deadly Encounters(Open/Co-Rp/Rated R/)

26-06-2004, 05:41
The night was warm as it was the middle of the summer in downtown Baccardi. A club called 'Palace' was jumpin like usual just out side of China Town, It was the biggest place in town for the members of the Triads to hang out and get buzzed up.

Young Hwang sat in the owners office watching through the large mirrored glass window that was a 1 way vision. The multicouloured lights flashed all around as people moved with the music:

"Young what do you think?" asked a man in a buisness suit sitting behind the desk

Young stood up, he wore a black silk shirt,white pants,leather jacket and dark sun glasses. He was 21 years old and had just came over from China 3 months ago:

"very nice Li...but that is not why im here my friend"

The man now known as Li stood up and light a long Cuban cigar:

"The diamonds will come along any day now...we are on the brink of war with Jermaine Williams.."

Young started laughing then paused with a smirk on his face:

"that is just a name to me Li...i don't care about no Jermaine Williams...that has nothing to do with me and returning to China with the Diamonds..."

Li smiled and walked out from behind the desk holding a Chrome dessert Eagle:

" not rush the way we do things here my son,"

Young smiled then removed his sun glasses:

"Li...what do you intened on doing with that?"

Li pulled it back then leveled it with Youngs face:

"we have been operating here for a long time Mr.Hwang...just because we share the same veiws dosn't mean we must agree on every matter...i will take the Diamonds under my special died trying to take them once you received them from us"

Young grinned then swung his foot up like lightening cracking Li in the face, the gun went off blowing the mirrored window out. Li ran at Young swinging with differnt combination moves:

"i may be much younger than you old man but i can kick your ass any time" Said Young blocking every blow

He quickly spun around kicking Li in the stomach sending him flying down to the dance floor. People panic'd running for the doors, Young jumped kicking Li in the face sending him sliding across the dance floor knocking over glass tubes filled with multi-coloured water:

"you are rusty yes?" yelled Young putting his sun glasses back on

He slowly walked over to Li and crounched next to him:

"where are the diamonds Li..."

Li lay on the floor nose and mouth bleeding,eyes blood shot:

"go to hell!" he shouted in Chinease

Young hit him on the neck very quickly Li started gasping for breath:

"you have a matter of have been dis-honoured and will be killed like a gutter rat..."

Li raised his hands mouthing the words "i'll talk"

Young pushed on his throat and he started sputtering words:

"Uptown...aa mann named Cerious ha..has them his girll friiend my daughter..doon''t hurt her"

Young grabbed Li by the throat and picked him up:

"thank you Li, if you lie i will find you"

Young dropped him turning his back strolling towards the door when all of a sudden Li pulled a Baretta out of his suit jacket:

"too bad you'll never make it!!" he shouted then squeezed the trigger..

Young slid across the wet bar on his side to where the Dessert eagle lay on the counter, Li kept on shooting as the bullets wizzed by Young..he reached the Dessert eagle and slid off the bar onto his feet and shot 3 bullets right into the face of Li Chang:

"i have a problem holding up hospitality.." he said in Chinease

He ran out side and slid into his silver Lotus Elise..he spun the tires and sped off into the night.....
26-06-2004, 05:44
OOC: feel free to join in as any charactor...Triad..cop...another gang...detective, innocent bi-standers...i feel this should work out to be quite interesting..
26-06-2004, 05:50
OOC:common action packed OPEN RP HERE* 1 thing i forgot to mention is Young is a Under cover Police officer :) Shhh*

O.0 and BuMP
26-06-2004, 06:40
BuMP! :? ....
26-06-2004, 07:16
26-06-2004, 07:39
As the fight happened in the palace, one man, a young dakaran , in a black leather coat, simply watched, sipping his drink. He almost joined once or twice, but he couldn't decide who to back. Therefore his sense of honor kept him from doing so, and hsi typical dakaran icy demeanor earned him teh stares of other patrons, who were cowering in fear. He simply watched as The victor left the palace, and then ordered his check. he wasn't planning on this, but his quest came first. after paying he walked out in the direction the lotus sped off, hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

OOC: he's a good guy, long as "good" meets with his objectives.
26-06-2004, 19:16
26-06-2004, 19:17
Young drove to the Suberbs called Silver Hills and pulled into the nearest mansion drive way then exited the car. He walked up to the door and knocked 3 times, a man came to it with a smile on his face:

"what can i do yah for?"

Young spoke in english:

"i was hoping you could tell me where my Uncle Cerious lives in this neibourhood" Young smiled back awaiting a reply

The man looked down the street and pointed to a house with a Cadillac esclalade parked in the drive way:

"yup, thats it right there Cerious whebley" the man looked through his thick glasses with huge looking eyes

"you look like you are not from around here" he continued to smile trying to start conversation

Young simply said:

"my english no very good, good night"

He walked down the stairs getting into his car, he went in reverse and drove off down the street stopping outside of the massive house. The man with the coke bottle glasses still stood on his deck but Young waved and smiled, the man did it too then went in the house.

Young withdrew the dessert eagle he had taken earlier and snuck around the house looking for a way in, he found a open window on the 4th floor and ran back to the Lotus popping the trunk. Inside was a large array of equipment, he took a Rappel gun,harnass and a face mask. He Rappeled to the window and sliped in quietly his eyes searching for any kind of danger, some one had forgot to set the alarm.

He searched the rooms 1 by 1 then came to the last to hear some one typing on the computer and 2 voices, suddenly he kicked in the door throwing his hands, he hit a man in the face throwing him on the computer causing it to crash to the floor, the secound person was a beautiful Asian girl who threw combo's back at him:

"i don't want to hit you lady! stop hitting me!" he yelled in Chinease

She smiled then jumped up while kicking out, he blocked that as he did every other impressive move she did:

"Lady!! if you hit me i will be forced to throw back!!" Young exclaimed

The girl kept on throwing her punches and kicks then 1 caught Young in the face:

" sorry" he said then blocked 3 of her swings and dropped her in 1 punch

Young ran to the office where a safe sat, he placed a door breach on it then hid behind a desk:

*BoOM* the explosion went off and so did the safe door

Young ran over pulling the contents of the safe out to reveal wads of money,papers,more money..2 gold bars..and a card..:

"Jack Stevensons Gold And Diamond extange...Hong Kong..son of a bitch he sold them!"

Young ran for the window but met the girl again holding a Samari Katana:

"who are you, you are not a robber!"

Young acted like he was about to remove his mask then jumped on the bannister to the stairs sliding down all 4 floors and dove through the front door like super man, he got up and jumped in the Lotus then dissappeared into the night.....
26-06-2004, 22:50
He had lost track of The lotus elite, but that was the least of his troubles now. The thugs surrounded him,weapons drawn, they obviously knew who he was.

The dakaran man smirked to himself. he wasn't planning on having this much fun this early in the game, but you had to roll with the punches. The point man, obviously the leader of this circus, stepped forward to challenege the man.

"Why are you here?"
"Nok é Seriona"
"Nok é Seriona!"

He was greatly amusing himself, speaking dakaran to this group, and buying time to size up his enemy. He counted at least 15 of them, armed with pistols of varying calibre.

"English now!" the lead said, drawing his weapon level to the dakaran's head, but now he made his mistake, he got too close.

teh dakaran spun out of the way, as the thug was pulling the trigger. the shot rang out, killing one of the other thugs. The ones that had seen his manuever opened fire, only to hit his new shield, the leader that had threatened him. With a Western-style quickdraw, the dakaran man whipped out his twin barretas and killed a couple more thugs, as he dove to the ground, escaping the aim of a few pistols. He rose and charged a man, taking him out with a shot to the head. with his new exit from killing the man, the dakaran leaped over a car, rolling over the hood to the other side. excahinging fire from his new bunker with thier positions of security, he quickly ran out of bullets.

dropping his pistols, he reached from within his coat and produced a roman gladius. as the bullets impacted all around him, he thought to himself

better to go down swinging

they knew he was out of ammo, and they surrrounded his current postion. he kept his sword unsheathed but hidden in this coat. he had a hand reaching into his coat, appearing to hold his chest as if wounded. one of them came to him, kicked him in teh side

"get up!"
"get up!" he reached for the dakarans shoulder, and held his gun in his other hand, close to his arm.

He whipped his sword out of his coat, and cut off the man's hand, but not before he had managed to shoot him in the left arm. the dakaran man used his good arm to swing his sword again, cutting the man's face vertically in half. his partner charged forward, kinfe drawn, only to get a slash across the neck, spraying more blood onto the dakaran than he had gotten from the other. covered in blood, both his own and his enemies, he sheathed his sword, running off holding his arm, stumbling from the wound. the police would be there soon, and he didn't want to be around then.
27-06-2004, 06:00
Young arrived at the airport to book a first class flight to Hong Kong. He had taken all the money from the safe for somthing to do, He walked in wearing his dark glasses although it was night time and approached the conuter:

"single ticket to Hong Kong please, First class..whole deal"

The woman started typing on the computer and Young got bored then started looking around. No one had followed him here, therefore he was one knew who he was or what he was up to...he didn't think no more about the girl at the house he went to for the Diamonds.

Once he had payed for his ticket he sat in the airport watching for when his flight came in, 1 hour..:

"god damn...i havn't been sitting here for 10 minutes and im already bored..."
27-06-2004, 06:15
A man with his arm in a sling walked into the airport

i've got to get out of here, there's too much heat he looked at the displays and found the next flight: hong kong. He got the cheapest tickets, that's all the money he had. He looked for a place to sit down waiting for the plane, his blood seeping through his bandages. He hadn't the time to dress his wound properly, only to remove the bullet and wrap the hole in guaze. he left his weapons at the scene, his pistols and his sword. he needed to leave quick, before DNA and fingerprinting could be done. He cursed under his breath in dakaran as bumped his arm into somebody. He looked dazed, he'd lost a lot of blood. but he would work through it, he was after all, a dakaran

when i'm on board, i'll clean myself in teh bathroom

He picked a place to sit down, away from most of the crowd.
27-06-2004, 06:28
Young was startled when a man with a sling bumped into him..he thought..:

"i seen him before..."

Young followed him to the bathroom not making it obvious:

"hello, do you need a doctor?" Young said lowly

He looked into the mans eyes, they showed nothing:

"do you need a have wound on your arm.."

Young set his Lotus keys on the sink counter and washed his hands....
27-06-2004, 06:35
"neh, i'll be ok." he said as he removed the bandage, showing the wet bullethole. he pulled a sewing needle and thread from his sleeve, and began to stitch his wound closed. He knew who the man was, he knew as soon as he saw him and his lotus keys.

well by the fact i'm not dead, he's obviously not with them

he waited until a man had exited the bathroom, leaving them alone.

"i think we're after the same thing" he said, rather bluntly, as he closed the last stitch and washed the blood off his hands, not looking up from his work. "if you were with them, you would have killed me by now"
27-06-2004, 06:44
Young was startled by his comment:

"I am a Triad but do not share alot of the same veiws some do here..i seen you at 'Palace'...when i kicked Li's ass...and by after the same thing you mean the Diamonds yes?"

He took off his sun glasses and narrowed his eyes at the man:

"if that is what you mean then...yes we are...if it was not what u ment i must dispose of you immeaditly"

He smiled showing his perfect white teeth:

"but im positive that is the same thing we seek..."

He took the dessert eagle out of his coat then threw it in a bathroom stall. He removed his gloves stuffing them into his leather jacket....
27-06-2004, 06:53
"I'm not so much after the diamonds as the people that have them." he said pushing his arm into the sling. "i don't care about rocks,and niether does my employer, but there are jsut some people i have to kill, so really, our objectives don't interfere" he turned off the water and looked at him. "Where can i pick up a weapon in Hong Kong?"
27-06-2004, 07:07
Young looked at him grinning:

"i can direct you in the right way..that is if you travel with me...i have information on the people you seek as well as my 'rocks'"

Young handed him a large bill fold:

"you assist me, i shall retun the favor..on my honor"

A message over the PA announced:

"flight 332 to Hong Kong inbound,passengers are to line up"

It repeated twice then other flights were announced....
27-06-2004, 07:12
"i will travel with you" he bowed his head slightly as he took the billfold.. "looks like our flight"

"i guess i'll see you when we get off the plane." he walked off towards the gate, carrying no luggage.
27-06-2004, 07:20
Young returned the bow and left the washroom also. While sitting on the plane he started sipping on a martini, shaken not stired. He thought about the man he had met in the washroom:

"he puzzles me yet he does not seem a threat, if he was i would have known by now...i will work beside him as he is the kind type... but very dangerous as myself...Sai chow will have many wepons as he owes me a favor anyways..."

Young Hwang knew Ju-jetsui, trained in swordmanship,automatic wepons of all types and origins. A ture professional and a perfectionist of his work. He was as fast at lighting and struck silently then dissappeared without a trace.

He was 130Lbs,5'6 but was as strong as an ox physicly and metally.
27-06-2004, 07:29
He sat at his cramped space on the plane and thought to himself.

My instincts were right about him. it'll be nice having an ally, considering the odds and numbers involved. with that, he murmurred to himself, slipping into a pain meditation, focusing himself mentally on his wounds.

he appeared to be asleep , but was really deep in thought.

The mediataion did not heal his wounds, he knew that, but it helped him block the pain. He sat comtemplatively until the flight ended.
27-06-2004, 07:55
Young sat on the plane closing his eyes here and there..he rested for the first time in a long time because no one knew he was threat.

He slept lightly,sturred at every sudden movment ready to respond with everything he afew hours he would be with his new allie in the streets of Hong Kong, the underworld...
27-06-2004, 21:34
After hours on the plane it touched down in Hong Kong. Young made his way off and waited by the gate for his new allie, he spoke in Chinease on a pay phone:

"It's Young, i want a car out front of the airport no escorts..immeaditly.."

He hung up then continued waiting....
27-06-2004, 21:47
he walked up at looked at his new allie, jsut hanging up the phone

"what are we waiting for?"

he hefted his one suitcase up onto his shoulder, an immediately began to visually scan the place, wondering how safe they were.

i wish i spoke chinese he thought to himself.

he put down his suitcase

"i trust you now, and since we are to be working together, you can call me Nikolai, or Nick, if you perfer."
27-06-2004, 22:35
Young slightly bowed and said:

"my name is Young, come to the front..there is a car awaiting us..just us..that will take us to see an old friend of mine, remember show him respoect and Honor as he is a member of the Japenise Mafia..that is where we shall get our wepons"

Young walked towards the doors signaling Nick to follow....
28-06-2004, 02:02

he got in the car, caluculating his new situation.
weapons good. i'm still not able to use anything heavy in my left arm.

"I'll jsut let you do the talking"
28-06-2004, 04:22
Young grinned as he slid in the Land Rover SUV:

"ok, we can get Katana'a..Barretta's,Glocks,Spec.45,Uzi's,M4 carbine,Ak-47,AK-74,MP5,last but not least M29SAW"

He looked at Nick for a reaction as he started the Land Rover:

"nice toys here in Hong Kong"

He put on his sun glasses and slowly drove away...
28-06-2004, 05:12
"i like...." Nick nodded approvingly. "welcome to hong kong indeed" " guns and swords, perfect. my sword is back in baccardi city"
28-06-2004, 05:31
They made their stop at a corner store downtown where Young said 2 words in Japenease and they were taken out back to the wepons:

"i'll take that Katana,2 Dessert eagles with max ammo i can know nick it takes 13 years to make these Katana's...un-breakable..."

He watched his face light up at the sight of toys galore...
28-06-2004, 06:34
he picked out for himself a desert eagle, an uzi, and a katana and a barretta(for his wounded arm).

"i know , i took japanese swordsmanship for many years. In Dakara, boys and girls don't do ballet or boy scouts, they take martial arts and fencing and marksmanship and other forms of self defence. "
"we'll probably be able to find some use for this." he said as he pulled a M29SAW off the shelf.

he looked ar Young. "so when do we start?"

OOC: to everyone reading: if you want to hop in with a new character(bad guys especially), now would be a pretty good time to do it.
28-06-2004, 06:43
OOC: why don't we put a freeze on this until the shift to Jolt. we don't want to get in too deep, only to be stuck in place for 72 hours.
28-06-2004, 07:11
Young bowed to the little japanease lady and said:

"thank you"

She bowed back said replyed:

"thank you come again!" she smiled very warmly

Young and Nick went outside and got into the car carrying boxes of wepons and ammuniton:

"i know a place where we can stay..not much but it will do"

They arrived at a massive Hotel which looked like a sky scraper. Inside everyone was dressed in tux's and dresses. Once Young had set up a room they went to the 28th floor and through massive wooden double doors. The place was done up like a Oriental mansion:

"like i said..not much but will do..." Young set a box on the floor and slumped onto the sofa taking off his shoes..

OOC: yes we NEED more people!! Bad guys! cops! som1!! plz! lol
28-06-2004, 07:46
OOC: i'm going to bed. Baccardi, nice Rping with you again, we'll continue this after the shift to Jolt, which is in a couple hours.

everyone else: the 72 hr down time should give all of you plenty of time to think up a name and backstory for the new characters you are goign to add, RIGHT??