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Ambassador Nikita von Gerburg dies (Edolia goes inactive)

26-06-2004, 03:04
Press Release: June 25, 20??
Edolian Ministry of Information
--"Nikita von Gerburg, who served for over twenty years as the Secretary General of the United Alliance of Progressive, died today at the age of 96 after collapsing during a meeting of the UnAPS General Assembly. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He had apparently suffered from a serious stroke. The Imperator, Erik von Blatterschplitt, has pronouned the next week as a period of mourning for a man who had done so much for the Imperium and her allies. After the death of the UnAPS' General Secretary, the Edolian government has declared that no candidate from the Edolian government would be offered to run in Mr. von Gerburg's place and instead, all support has been put behind whoever is nominated by the government of the Island States."--

<<OOC: This is also to say that I will be inactive for the next seven weeks while I am in Spain studying and then visitng family in Switzerland. If anyone needs to contact me, they should telegram, as I will most likely maintain a certain level of contact on NationStates and will finish up the RPs that I am engaing in currently. I'll miss you guys. Cheers.>>
26-06-2004, 03:40
OOC: Ok, I'll keep that in mine Edolia, seeya around and I'll probably reply IC to this thread before you get back... I hope, it's been touch and go recently.

Have a good time dude, and watch out for capitalists...
26-06-2004, 03:45
Have a good time...


The Prime Minister and Comrade Sergei Goderenko (Hattia's UnAPS representative) send their condolences to Mr. Von Gerburg's remaning family...
Steel Butterfly
26-06-2004, 06:20
watch out for capitalists...

Yeah...they might try to *gasp* sell you something!
26-06-2004, 06:33
President Enya Thalessa sends her deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Von Gerburg, as well as to his many friends. We know this death must be felt greatly by the Edolians, as it is here. I wish that we could offer further words of encouragement in these difficult times.
OOC: *wants to go to Spain* You're already lucky, so I can't wish you good luck. But have an awesome time... I am rephrasing what others have said. Just do what you like.
26-06-2004, 12:04
Yeah...they might try to *gasp* sell you something!

OOC: :P thats the last thing he may want, he's a evil commie after all. Or perhaps I was just jumping to the sterotype to wish Edolia fairwell...
26-06-2004, 12:55
Nah, that's ok... I like buying things. <<-- Last post before I go.
26-06-2004, 13:53
Allanean Governemnt official Announcement

We express our condolences to Gerburg's family.

Have you considered the Accord? (
26-06-2004, 14:40
OOC: If you are wondering why we can't run, we're not in the UN. And if you were wondering why we're not in the UN, we proposed something that was against the rules- but I didn't realize it, because the sticky said that everything under a section had been summarized before, so I didn't read that section. Everything except the one rule I broke was summarized before, so, oh well.

The Democratic Arcologies of Feline expresses it's deep condolences to the Edolians and to those who held are were held dear by Secretary General Gerburg. We hope the next Secretary General will be as steadfast in his leadership of the alliance.


Secret IC:

"Gerburg's dead, and the Edolians aren't running a new guy? This is excellent.... we should try to get a democracy in there for once..."
26-06-2004, 16:17
Make sure to put your nation in Vacation Mode so it doesn't auto-DEAT.

This has been an OOC post.
26-06-2004, 16:55
Well... have fun and see you later!
26-06-2004, 18:12
On behalf of the people of Tiborita, I wish to express our condolences for the loss of Nikita von Gerburg.

President Tibor

(OOC) Have a great time in Spain!

I am Tiborita, and I approve of this post.