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Region Needed!

The Frostfangs
25-06-2004, 18:32
I've become bord of the region I'm in, so I'm looking for a new one. Hopefully one that isn't to big but is busy enough to keep me occupied.
Nazi Germiny
25-06-2004, 19:03
Join the Axis Powers. If you like wars.
imported_Foolish Pesants
25-06-2004, 19:09
Join Urbanites! We always seem to need more Nations!
Nazi Germiny
25-06-2004, 19:16
Dude we need more people than you. You have 61, we have 9
25-06-2004, 21:25
Move to the Forgotten Holy Realm, its not too busy, but definatly small..heh heh 4 nations so far.
(Ha even less than the one with nine! LOL)
Any way, its awesome here, send me a telegram for the password if you want too move to our smal, uh i mean great region! lol
25-06-2004, 21:34
Join The Old Armed Republic...we are a region of 65