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Those who sail the Ocean Blue(open,fairly peaceful RP)

25-06-2004, 15:34
The dockland was quiet, like it usually was at around this time of day, 5am on a sunny, warm friday. The Smoke from the Luxury liner "Posieden" Drifted slowly across the Dockland, a small tank locomotive hissed and clanked it's way along the dock propelling a row of wagons full of coal, they squealed as they ran along the sunken rails of the dockland, another peice of machinery belched smoke and moved over the train, it began to raise and lower the wagons into and out of the ship. After it re-supplied the engine shuffled away and the crane returned to it's position and calm and quiet fell upon the dockland again.

A clock tower clicked away the minutes, it chimed 7.30 and had began to strike the last chime when it was drowned out by another whistle.
A large Steam locomotive no rumbled along the dockland, red coaches were in tow as it screamed to a halt, the dockland came alive.
Porters and various other dockland workers emerged from their huts and began hauling around various heavier luggage, people bustled around looking for their embarkation points.
Captain Ervin Rieman watched the scene below from the bridge and smiled. Another good full ship of people
"Where we off to this time?" The captain turned and walked back into the wheel house proper.
"Southern Espanol captain"
"Two weeks from here... not a bad little run of this beauty"
"Indeed sir

OOC: OK this is the point where you can rp yourself on board, you may rp as a first, second or third class, when about 6 people have posted the ship will leave and we'll be off on our trip. The Route is Marked in Yellow on this map (
25-06-2004, 16:28
Captain Rieman sighed and asked for his Lemon Tea.
Why do some people take so much damn time at getting on board?
He mused to himself as he waited patiently for his tea.
26-06-2004, 00:24
Rieman sipped on his tea and watched the scene below him, the various people and dockworkser were running around and arguing.
26-06-2004, 13:10
BUMP! (for goodness sake will no-one join?)