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Allanean advertisement generates controversy. `

25-06-2004, 13:26

Today, Allanean Arms Inc. is happy to introduce our Desert Seagull combat pistol. A polymer framed top-ejecting variant of the Grizzly Win Mag pistols of Old, the Desert Seagull packs a 10-round .50AE magazine. It is one of the most powerful self-defense weapons made. Unlike many ultra-large-caliber handguns, the Seagull is not just a toy. It's a practical weapon, capable of mounting weapon accessories according to Ali'Staan Accord military specs - and stopping any human or humanoid attacker. And it's not only accurate and user-friendly - with the latest in recoil-suppression tech - it's also beautiful. That's why it's the choice of Samantha Alexander, a supermodel from the Ineffable Empire.

Allanean Arms - where progress meets tradition. (

Allanea Times

The release of this new commercial has met with strick opposition from both the Allanean Conservative party and anti-gun groups. The Conservative leader have been recorded as saying: "How dare they spout out this smut on the streets! Kids might see this!", while anti-gun campaigner Sarah Brainless has commented: "We know sex sells, and violence sells too. Allanean Arms, Inc. has just reached a new low in merging the two.

The Allanean Arms, Inc. Representative was not available for comment.

Have you considered the Accord? (
25-06-2004, 16:12
25-06-2004, 17:12
"the advertisment, it revolts moi" - WA commentor
25-06-2004, 18:25
[quote="WesternAustralia"]"the advertisment, it revolts moi" - WA commentor[/quote

Which language was that? - Allanea commenter
26-06-2004, 04:07
Asked for his opinion on the Allanean advertising scandal, the Lord Commander of Ximea commented, "If this Samantha Alexander was willing to pose for [the ad], then who's getting hurt? Besides, that gun sounds pretty awesome."