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Tracking devices for all Citizens/civlians

25-06-2004, 08:15
With the price of microproccessors going down the office of the Emperor has deemed it now possible to have small tracking devices installed in all citizens and civilians in Belem.

The tracking device is a small microchip that will be implanted in the targets hand upon birth or shortly thereafter. It is unseen, unoticable and does not cause any harm to the subject or inhibit there motor skills in anyway. The device will remain inactive until a code is transmitted and then it will become active begin to give off low pulse signals that will give the targets general location. This will be extremely helpful in tracking fugitive criminals.

All prisoners and former convicted felons will be immediately chipped and will be charged the sum of 300 dollars for the cost of the microchip. If they are unable to pay there family will be billed for the chip or they will be required to work off the cost.

All children born from this day forth shall be chipped upon birth by hospital staff and the price of 300 dollars shall be billed to the parents for the cost of the procedure and the chip. It is however possible for the parents to opt there children out of the program by paying a fee of 3,000 dollars. Also children who has a parent that is of significant rank in the government or military can have them opted out for free.
26-06-2004, 03:48