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Recruiting Fascists

Fascist Americas
24-06-2004, 22:35
Attention all fascist. If you are tired of U.N. domination and tyrrany and would like to forge again your one state in a strong alliance, than the region of Fascist United Americas is the one for you. Here you'l make real freinds. People who are not only commited to having fun spreading the message here, but in the real world. If you are a dedicated and serious member of one of Americas several fascist parties, which do not include the national socialist party, or at least support fascism in general, please send me a telagram right away. I will asses your state, to see that it is indeed fascist or at the least becoming fascist, and from then you may get our password.

We do not allow U.N. members. The state will regulate the sitation when needed!