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University of Feline to publish book series

24-06-2004, 00:04
OOC: I actually plan to write small parts of these books and post them here... so...

IC: Today, the University of Feline will be publishing a series of books on the history of the Democratic Arcologies of Feline. Each one in the Illustrated History of Feline series will be authored by a professor at the university.

Volume I: The Mauni Empire ?- 242 B.C.E. (Prof. Dr. Paws Messiae)
Volume II: The Great Underground 242 B.C.E.- June 1, 1997 CE (Prof. Dr. Boots Panea)
Volume III: The Democratic Arcologies of Feline June 2, 1997 CE-Present (Prof. Dr. Sophia Eriksson)

They will be released as written. A free electronic copy of all three volumes will be sent to all universities and other institutions of higher learning around the world. Copies can be ordered in advance. They are available in four forms:

1. Electronic Copy (2.5 Paw Marks/$5 USD a volume)
2. Paperback (30 Paw Marks/$60 USD a volume)
3. Hardcover (50 Paw Marks/$100 USD a volume)
4. Author-Signed Deluxe Hardcover (150 Paw Marks/300 USD a volume)

You may distribute and/or the text, once you purchase it, to whomever you may want, as long as you maintain that agreement with the reciever and that you tell them it came from us, and they can purchase copies from us. The money from the sales we do will go to the University.
24-06-2004, 21:10
The Lands of the Nile
24-06-2004, 21:49
Greetings, As a worshipper of benevolent Bast, who watches over the homes of my people, and takes a feline form, I am intrigued in these books. Is it possible to pay in Debens instead of pawmarks or dollars? If you wish to contact me, I am leader of the Lands of the Nile, in the region of Egypt. Kind regards, Henrietta, high priestess of Isis, and Ruler of the Lands of the Nile.
25-06-2004, 13:24
Yes, it is possible to pay in your currency. You will be particuarly intrigued at Volume I- Egypt plays a strong role in the history of the Mauni Empire.
25-06-2004, 13:29
Official Statement of the Allanean Department of Education

We would like to purchase rights to make Electronic Copies available, free, to students fo Allanean schools. We will pay 100,000 Allaean Dollars (200,000 USD)
25-06-2004, 13:48
We would like to order 50 x Author-Signed Deluxe Hardcover (150 Paw Marks/300 USD a volume) for our elite libraries.

$US15,000 wired.
25-06-2004, 14:38
Amazing. The Media Censure And Distribution Authority of the Republic of Anime-Otakus wishes to order a copy of each book in the series for review. Money will be wired upon confirmation.

On a side note, you may be interested in the Felinus Sapienii, a lifeform more commonly known as catboys/catgirls... ;)

Abdul Kadeer al-Qarizhmi (OOC: Muslims, don't fault me on this here. :) Just a fictitious name...:P)
Media Censure and Distribution Authority
Republic of Anime-Otakus
25-06-2004, 17:19
The University of WesternAustralia and WA National Library would both like to order for one copy each of all books listed.
25-06-2004, 18:23
Allanea: Order confirmed.
Jeruselem: Order confirmed.
Anime-Otakus: Order confirmed. We have some of these in our nation, just like we have some humans, or elves, although our nation is made primarily up of normal cats, except for the fact that they happen to be sapient.
WesternAustralia: Order confirmed.