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A great place to be - move to Little Deseret today!

Little Deseret
23-06-2004, 21:09
A great place to raise a family. A great place to have a job. A great place to find a life. In short...
A great place to be!
Welcome to Little Deseret, the largest Latter-day Saint community between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. Recently incorporated from the counties of Sedgwick, Greenwood, Butler, Harvey, Sumner, Kingman and Reno in south-central Kansas, Little Deseret covers ten Stakes of Zion and holds three Temples of the Lord.

From the construction of the College Hill building, the first Church construction in the area, to last night's flag-raising, Little Deseret has been a place of tranquility and prosperity. Its capital city of Wichita was once known as "the air capital of the world" and still contains the massive Boeing, Raytheon, and Airbus factories constructed in the last centuries.

The flag of Little Deseret contains three symbols - the Angel Moroni, symbol of the Church, on the left, showing the high LDS population and alliance with the much larger nation of Deseret. The sunflower in the middle symbolizes the state of Kansas from which our nation was carved, and the blue stripe on the right edge both the boundless skies of the Great Plains and the boundless future this nation has. The flag was picked from tens of thousands of entries submitted by schoolchildren and is the proud creation of one Andrew Chung from North Newton.

What is there to do in Little Deseret?
Why, boredom is a word on the verge of removal from the community's dictionaries! Theaters abound over the whole of the area. Flint Hills National Park with its massive wind towers and the three Temples are favorites of sightseers around here, and of course you'll find a new friend on every streetcorner.

What's it like over there?
Beautiful! The Flint Hills on which the nation is built were once jocularly called "the largest mountains between the Rockies and the Ozarks," and while most of them can't be seen except from just the right angle, the prairie terrain, crystal cities, and wide skies provide a wonderful view from just about everywhere.
Tornadoes do occur about once every two years within our national boundaries, and severe thunderstorms happen often, but shelter is usually at hand. Sweltering summers are less horrible with the nation's complete lack of mosquitoes, and free propane offered as a community service removes winter's chill.

I want to move to Little Deseret! What if I'm not Mormon?
Come anyway! Little Deseret's constitution garauntees complete freedom of religion, and while social pressure may encourage you to be baptized, no one will force you to do anything. There is even a Catholic Cathedral directly across the street from the Wichita Temple.

I'm sure it's a great place to be, but is it safe?
Of course! Crime is practically unknown, and justice is swift. There have been no murders in the area for ten years before we were founded, and theft, while extant, is not very widespread.

So come on! Beat the rush and find a home here. Because we really are...

A great place to be!
25-06-2004, 11:11
OOC: Very neat, actually...I read the book too.