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The Navigators Arrive (seeking region)

The Navigators
22-06-2004, 16:48
A pinpoint of light became a flash, and then a spinning display of light. This light eventually coalesced into a form. A humanoid form.

The form, a tall man, covered in a yellow surcoat with arm and leg coverings displayed uncomfortable and often erroneous bulges along the back of it's limbs. The face is simply a white mask. Regions that are not covered by the mask are coated in a black rubbery covering, down the neck, back over the top of the head. On the mask are screws that appear to indicate that may be removed. At the top of his shoulders is a hump, from which many of the bulges seem to originate, a device of some sort perhaps.

On the man's arm is device moulded to his forearm, constanly blinking, his mask is fixed on the device as if to read it's seemingly incoherent flashes. He sweeps the area with his arm, sometines lights like lasers dance from the device over physical objects.

Wanted region for a dimension/space-faring race!