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LEV :: Baptism Of Fire Cup :: Hosting Bid

22-06-2004, 08:57

Stadium Information (Vilita):

Stadium Information (Liverpool England):
Grovers Park, Orean. Cap: 95 000 Teams: Orean United, National Team
Old National Stadium. Cap: 104 000 expandable to 106 000 Teams: National Team, now CCL 'D'
Kilamantari Stadium, Folenisa Cap: 64 000 Teams: Folenisa, Al-Johari
Waterway Stadium, Schimpol Cap: 34 500 Team: Schimpol
Colonial Stadium, CCL Cap: 55 000 Teams: CCL 'C', Stadt Nicht Ruhrend
Background: Formerly Oddslavo's national stadium when they were part of the former Empire.
Oddslavo National, CCL Cap: 55 000 Background: The present Oddslavo stadium. even though Oddslavo is now an independent country, they opted to play their matches in LE. If the bid is chosen, Oddslavo will use their own domestic 4500-seater stadium.
National Stadium, CCL Cap: 106 000 expandable to 130 000 Team: National Team

Entrance & Tournament Structure:

All Teams Not Competing in a World Cup prior and Registered for World Cup 16 Will be entered. Tournament Structure to be determind once Number of Teams is finalized.

There will be two Regions in the competition, The Liverpool England Region and the Vilita Region. Each will run similar structures depending on the number of nations involved. The Champions of the Liverpool England Region and the Vilita Region will meet in Vilita at the Tivali Ring Stadium for the Baptism of Fire Cup Final. The Regional Runners-Up will meet in Liverpool England for the Third-Placed Playoff Match.


RP Bonus will count EXTREMELY highly in this competition. As all teams have the same rank, RP Bonus will be the only seperator in the pack. We hope that the non-participating nations can be weeded out or at least noted prior to the start of World Cup 16.
Liverpool England
22-06-2004, 09:03
The third place match will take place at the New National Stadium, and the stadium will be expanded to 123000 for the occassion.
22-06-2004, 21:34
Teams Currently Entered:

28/32 (98 WC Entries)
Minas Trith
Big Eared Monkeys
Ebon Hawk
Armed Masses
Soccer Hooliganism
West Pacific
Fawcett City
The Water Cooler
Johhny Big Pants
Liverpool England
23-06-2004, 04:38
Should LEV win the BoF16 Bid, here's the torunament structure (pending no. of participants)
Vilitan Zone:
Zone Round of 16:
R1 Artoonia - Nominaem
R2 Minas Trith - Taokoualu
R3 HypercapitaliZm - Spurland
R4 Largemanistan - Slanitopia
R5 Terenia - Jonestan
R6 Kylaai - Hazlia
R7 Zangara - Big Eared Monkeys
R8 Bluesonia - Northbank

Zone QuarterFinals:
V1. R1 - R5
V2. R2 - R6
V3. R3 - R7
V4. R4 - R8

Zone Semi Finals:
S1. V1 - V2
S2. V3 - V4

Zone Final:
W1. S1 - S2

Liverpool England Zone:
Zone Round of 12 or 16:
Z1 Ebon Hawk - Sarzonia
Z2 Adrasuvare - Armed Masses
Z3 Soccer Hooliganism - West Pacific
Z4 Fawcett City - The Water Cooler
Z5 Loonyvania - Johhny Big Pants
Z6 Finrods - Collaboration
Z7 Entry 29 - Entry 30
Z8 Entry 31 - Entry 32

Zone Round of 6 or Quarter Finals:
QFs: Z1 - Z5
Z2 - Z6
Z3 - Z7
Z4 - Z8
Ro6: Z1 - Z6
Z2 - Z5
Z3 - Z4

Zone Semi Finals/Round of 3:
QF1 - QF3
QF2 - QF4 OR
RoS1 - RoS2
RoS1 - RoS3
RoS2 - RoS3

Zone Final:
F1. SF1 - SF2
OR The top two teams in the Ro3 group.

W1 - F1