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REPENT! Repent while you still can! (IC->JOLT)

Arizona Nova
22-06-2004, 06:45
*On a video screen, an old man, in tattered robes, stands in The Square of Phoenix, yelling to passerby, surrounded by a worried looking crowd*

"Repent! Repent, I say unto you! The end of this world, as we know it, is near! The Great Max has sent us the sign (here (, will you turn from your ways? In the chaos, what do you think shall happen to the spammers, the flamers; do you think you shall survive unscathed? I call you to repentance! Jolt is nigh! Do not be caught in sin when it comes upon us! Repent!"

*The screen switches off. Emperor Anithraldur of Arizona Nova, and all affiliated territories, turns to his advisors.*

"Gentlemen, the end of the world, as we have known it, is indeed at hand. In less than a week, everything we have known will be gone, but a new world, a new universe will take shape. We must be ready for this day. Even if, as has happened to Jehovah's Witnesses countless times past, the prophecy does not come about at the appointed time, rest assured it will come. We need to instruct the people on this most crucial event, and as soon as possible. You must also prepare. You are dismissed."

Now write your nations reaction to this startling revelation...
22-06-2004, 06:48
Muktar declares a state of isolation for the duration of the said apocalypse.
The Water Cooler
22-06-2004, 07:44
Upon hearing the news, the Emperor decides to wear navy blue pants.
22-06-2004, 08:57
You will be able to find n00bs and make fun of them!
Sigma Octavus
22-06-2004, 09:41
First, there was one universe. Then there were many. Soon, those many shall be made anew, brighter and more easily accesible. And no one shall make sense of any of the physics involved. Ever.
imported_Foolish Pesants
22-06-2004, 11:23
"Sir, apparently the Apocalypse is at hand..."

"The Aprocralipse? Do we even have that as part of an intigrated beleif system?"

"Um, no"

"Then this is of no concern to us, Now if you don't mind I'll continue watching He-Man the old version"
22-06-2004, 12:16
No problem. Her Most Serene Majesty will go shopping during the coming apocalypse.
22-06-2004, 13:16
The most reverend maximum leader of the Theocracy of Rajaria takes these words with the utmost seriousness and declares a national day of repentance. 500 heretics and 150 political prisoners shall immediately be executed to show our sincerest and humblest contrition for our sins.

We also must remind all citizens who campaign for so called "human rights" and anyone who opposed government policy that they endanger not only themselves physically but spiritually. And they not only hurt themselves but the whole of Rajaria as well. Perhaps even the whole planet! Repent and obey your leader.
Draconis Nightcrawlis
22-06-2004, 15:00
Lord Azazel shrugs his shoulders and goes out for an evening walk in the palace gardens.
22-06-2004, 15:24
Hilita of the inikresaistic temple in Hetkali, the spiritual center of Rejistania urged population to stay calm: "Jaosir and Hejanti are both principles of Inikiresa. What will be destroyed will be re-created, in a better form than imagined. Children of Velanatasa, hear my words, the great time will come! Walk into the change with open eyes! Have no fear! Believe in the prophecy of the gods! Believe in the Kansu for the Kansu* will increase!!"

*Kansu is not translatable into english, it is something like the inherent spiritual value of everything.
22-06-2004, 16:56
When told of this, Emperor Catsendt uttered two words: "Shoot it."
23-06-2004, 00:47
The Lord Commander's Minister of International Affairs finished his daily report and said, "Incidentally, some crazy people are claiming the world is going to end."
The Lord Commander chuckled. "If nothing else, it gives me an excuse to build up my army." He turned to the Minister of Industry. "Convert some of the automobile factories to weapons plants."
23-06-2004, 00:50
The Lord Commander's Minister of International Affairs finished his daily report and said, "Incidentally, some crazy people are claiming the world is going to end."
The Lord Commander chuckled. "If nothing else, it gives me an excuse to build up my army." He turned to the Minister of Industry. "Convert some of the automobile factories to weapons plants."
23-06-2004, 01:03
Methinks my droogan police will be enacting a state of martial law that
eve...ya crack down on any malanky criminals...
The police look...ya know...oddly enough like the criminals in an
"A Clockwork Orange" sort of way, but hey...that just
helps them FIGHT THE CRIME better...yeah! THAT's it...
23-06-2004, 01:04
23-06-2004, 02:32
Arizona Nova
25-06-2004, 07:47
25-06-2004, 07:59
We will continue to party it hard old school socialist fashion in CACE and the NHU while the world is reconstructed...
25-06-2004, 07:59
25-06-2004, 08:00
Alas you are not free but willing and yet you have nothingless to seek? I am wielder of stone and rock but not of spirit. let thy earth watch apon the who that may step in my way. as a friend has told me only two people know this and now so shall more...Sujky and Senrian are together in a parelel domain!!!"Death is like a butterfly, but the butterfly is mine."Thus a new begining." :_zZzZ is what your thinkin' but read over and think again...'.'
25-06-2004, 08:54
When told of the impending disaster, the Prime Minister shrugged. "Meh, it had a good run, but if the world is going to end, why don't we just nuke all of our enemies right now...?"
25-06-2004, 09:02
The end is upon us! I told several nations in quite violent ways that the Gods of Anime wouldn't stand for your non-acceptance of Anime as a religion!

However Chairman Keel, in his benevolent and unending wisdom, has decided to help prevent Third Impac... The ApocalypseI mean, by sacrificing all POW's captured in his wars to the Gods of Anime. If you all do the same, perhaps the Gods of Anime will spare us all.
Northwestern Liang
25-06-2004, 09:06
"Apocalypse?" Admiral Karyu, leaning back in his chair, reads a newspaper article about the recent predictions. "Meh, neither the Demon nor the Ruler has told us anything. Prophets and their prophecies." he mumbles, shaking his head, and turns over to a more important article about escalating violence in Bombay.
25-06-2004, 09:26
in carlemnaria life went on pretty much as it always did.

a few greeted the news with typical scepticsm. many were not
awaire of it at all as mass media
is rare here. though over 80% of
carlemnarian homes have some kind of internet access, fewer then 5% listen to mass media of any kind. even on the net.

so mostly the news goes unnoticed as news of the outside world often does.
gardenrs go on gardning and teachers go on teaching.

a few members of the national council of institutes of impure science
express mild concerns and discomforts.

mostly concerns that they seemed to be the only ones awair of the implications.

as one agronimist put it: "well if we're still here tommarrow we'll still have to eat
and if we're not, well if we're not there's really no point in worrying about it now is there?"

several smaller towns and one of the few large cities are planning music festivals to corrispond with the appoint hour of potential doom.

musician and music enthusiests, well known and not so well known, are planing to be performing before live audiences at the appointed hour.

other's, the majority of the population, or rather the majority of those who even heard about it or care, are planning or expecting to be in their beds asleep when the appointed hour approaches. those not going to one of the music festivals.

some of the nalanuthu temples are planing on all night mantra chanting but most expect few attendees other then the hard core of freequent meditators and sadhu's who though few in number always seem to be about. as they are mostly helpful and most volunteer to assisst the accolite priestessess in keeping the places tidied up everyone pretty much seems to love and appreaciate them.

the untaverns, mathom houses and craftufacturing centers will of course be shut down early in the afternoon, much as they would the day before any other national or international holiday.

the automatic dispatching of most transportion systems will be temporarily shut down and those transportation systems remaining in opperation to bring people to the festivals and hopefully home after the blessed event will all be personed with live onboard crews.

otherwise life is expected to go on as usual.

though few admit to any really nervousness, it has been observed that many people, human, demihuman and furry are spending a bit more time then usual being affectionate with each other.

many creatures that would be otherwise teasing, chasing or even consuming each other have been observed curling up snuggling up to one another.

not everyone has noticed or commented on this phenomina either

those environmental scientests of the institutes have been recording observances of this behavior on a varity of media.

so far none are quite sure what to make of it and most question the too obvious suggestion of any sort of link with impending events, though without entirely dismissing the possibility out of hand.

25-06-2004, 09:29
"We have heard that the end of the world is nigh.

This does not surprise us as the Prophets have foreseen it, and prepared us for the coming of the JOLT.

Therefore have increased our efforts to be holy, in preparation for the coming of the JOLT. This is kind of like the extra work that you do when the auditors are coming...

This mainly consists of finding people who are suspected of being less holy and disposing of them in a variety of interesting and quite painful ways.

Of course, the prophecies assure us that the world will be re-created after the coming of JOLT, and we will be better for it. Yea, and verily.

Well, that's what the priest told the newsman... right before some nice men in white coats came and took him away. Very gently..."

Most Macisikani are apathetic, and just hope that this apocolypse doesn't disrupt the milk deliveries, like the last one...

The official government response is:

(OOC: Yes, I did steal that from Terry Pratchet.)
25-06-2004, 09:32
Commander Soldant stared.
"It begins!"
He then sat down at his desk.
"Yes. It begins."

Sighing deeply, he reaches for the biscuit tin, and eats a biscuit.