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Zogabong - where beer is compulsory.

21-06-2004, 11:31
In Zogabong everybody must drink at least 2 litres of beer every day. This helps the beer economy. Brewing is our number 1 industry. We have many local beers including:-

Zog Beer - crisp and frothy, from our capital city
Zig Beer - Zog's main competitor, nourishing and intoxicating
Zog Weiss - Made from Edelweiss and the tips of our unique Zibod plant
Bloodweiser - Rich red berries make this a drink you'll savour
ZimBad - the sailor's favourite, frothy and 11% proof

We have some interesting national foods:-

Karnash Bread - bread with cannabis seeds and caraway seeds - potent!
Klipshen - crab claws in chilli sauce with Zog Beer added
Zinken - eels boiled in ZimBad Beer with added sauerkraut
Slopsen - Blood sausages boiled in beer with added thyme and tabasco
Poskara Binarl - "Poet's Revenge" - lamb marinaded in green chilli sauce and deep fried in batter