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21-06-2004, 04:29
The dark green painted A300 from Brockfield Air landed at Ticonderoga City International. One of the hundred or so passengers that disembarked was a young female, 28, that was listed on the manifest as LtCol. Christin Marie Chaffin. She was dressed in a black tshirt that hugged her frame, and a pair of jeans. She carried only a backpack, and bypassed the baggage claim area, and went right into customs.

She had no criminal record, no search warrants, and nothing on her person that would make anyone arrest her. After a brief Q&A session with a customs agent, she was out of the airport, and into a taxi cab. She looked around nervously, and handed the driver a wad of cash. "Take me somewhere safe," she said, sitting back in her seat.

Five hours earlier

As the flight for Adeejani took off, another one, that would arive less than half an hour later, was starting to board. On this flight, another young female, a 28 year old brunette, sat, sipping a bloddy marry, and looking over the small file folder that was her mission. The Imitoran Air 777 was all but empty, and she had a good amount of privacy in the first class section.

Her orders were simple. Track down, detain, and return Chaffin to Imitora. She was listed in the Imitoran computer system as an officer with the Imitora Office of Federal Crime Prevention and Investigation, and many world police computer systems also had her listed as such. It always helped to have damn good hackers.

The flight was short enough to not be boring, but long enough for her to take a good nap, and upon landing, she exited teh aircraft, and approched customs. When asked if she was carrying a firearm, she responded positively, and removed a weapon that looked identical to a Berretta M96, as well as a badge.
Five Civilized Nations
21-06-2004, 04:33
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21-06-2004, 04:38
OOC: Well, I have a pretty specific plan for where this is going, and a pretty specific outcome of events, but ok, go ahead.
21-06-2004, 04:43
The Customs Officer's eyes opened wide and two Security Guards instantly appeared. The more senior one said "Ma'am, please replace the weapon and keep your hands out to your sides at all times." Senior winced slightly and got on the radio whilst Junior opened the top flap of his holster and placed his hand gently on top.

"Okay, okay... Got it. Ma'am, this way, please. Do not make any sudden moves and do not move your hands back to your body." Senior said sternly. Relations between Adejaani and Imitora were still a bit rocky and letting her keep the weapon was a technical violation. Senior then led the woman into a small room with security cameras. "Have a seat, please and keep your hands on the table at all times." Junior nodded and took a spot on the wall to lean against.

Senior left and Junior waited, resisting the urge to scratch the itch or wipe the sweat from his brow. Just a soft tick, tick of the analog clock. Eventually, the door opened and a woman in her mid thirties stepped in.

"I'm Doctor Anne Ryan, Minister of Intelligence of Adejaani. Welcome to our humble nation." Ryan remarked wryly. "You're a carded Imitoran intelligence officer carrying a weapon. Perhaps you'd like to tell me why and your intentions?"
Five Civilized Nations
21-06-2004, 04:44
OOC: Well, I have a pretty specific plan for where this is going, and a pretty specific outcome of events, but ok, go ahead.

(OOC: Sure, if you want, just TG me your idea for the RP and I'll just think of something that fits…)
21-06-2004, 04:49
The woman remaind calm, she expected this. She stepped back, as told, and folowed the agents to the room. She sat waiting, and smiled courdually at the other guard in the room. She sat back in the chair, and drummed her fingers on the table, and rose when Anne entered the room.

"Elizabeth McArthy. Intell agent is a bit much of an overstatement though. Im with the field operations devision of the Imitoran Office of Federal Crime Prevention and Investigation. We have reason to believe that an Imitoran citizen whom has brooken several laws under the Federal Crime Listing has fled here and is hiding. I was assigend to the case."
21-06-2004, 05:15
"Fair enough." Ryan replied. "Though you should have told us you were coming. And as piss poor our security seems to be, it's still nothing to be sneezed at. If you give us information, we can help you. And we'll be keeping tabs on you." Ryan opened a folder and pushed it across. "Security forms for the usual drudge of weapons usage, rules of engagement etc.

Ryan leaned back. "And you'd need to report to us about once a day and tell us any information you generate so we can help you and make sure you don't do anything... Untoward." Ryan kept her face neutral, but her tone suggested This is not negotiable.
21-06-2004, 05:27
Elizabeth looked over the folder, nodded in an obligatory mannor, and then at Ryans comment. "No problem," she said, standingand following Ryan out back to security. She retrived her firearm, holstered it, and grabbed her carry on bag. She exited the airport, and instead of hailing a taxi, jumped on a rental car bus.

When she arrived at the agency, she paid in cash, Allied Credits, and rented a car for a three days. She was happy to find it was a black SUV, one of the smaller kinds that wouldn't waste to much gas, and could move fast.

She pulled out a PDA, checked the info, and pulled onto a highway, towards the city.

Back in Imitora, Elizabeth's presence in the case, however, was less than wanted. This was an INSA case, and having someone who wasnt even a member of one of the Imitoran law agencies was less than appropriate in their eyes. So, in turn, and INSA field operations agent, a fancy description for a very very bad person, was dispatched outside of Speakers orders.

However, the entry would be quite different, which would not include an airport. The INSA agents in charge of operations were already at working looking for an entry plan.
21-06-2004, 05:34
The cab driver adjusted his rearview mirror to get a look. "I don't know where 'safe' is, Miss. Anywhere's safe in Adejaani." The man looked Italian, with a rather round belly, rumpled hair, thick mustache and dark skinned. "Of course, Miss, it might help to know what you want to be safe from. But as I said, Miss, this is one of the safest countries I've heard about. Hardly any crime, the people are healthy and the people have a good life."

The cabbie swerved suddenly, as he was too busy focusing on Christin's breasts instead of the road. "Sorry, Miss, got carried away there."
21-06-2004, 05:56
"I dunno, take me to a state department building or something. Somewhere that I can talk to someone in the government." She looked behind her, searchign for a possible tail or the black AH-6Is from the INSA.
21-06-2004, 06:02
Cabbie almost swerved off the road. "Say what, lady?! You in trouble with the cops or something?!"
21-06-2004, 06:09
"In my own little way," Christin said, sitting back in her seat in hte car. In a move of randomness, she removed her black shirt, revleaing a pair of nice breasts covered with a lacy bra, and pulled on another tshirt, a white one. She pulled her hair back, and tied it up, and pulled out a makeup compact.
21-06-2004, 06:12
Cabbie's eyes bulged out as he forced himself not to look. "Say look, Miss, I don't know what's going on, but I'm a honest guy. I got a wife and kids. I don't want no trouble!"
21-06-2004, 06:15
"Dont worry, you wont have any if you get me to the city. Once you drop me off, you wont have anythgin to worry about again," she lied. The INSA were dirty bastards, and would stop at nothing to catch a mark.
21-06-2004, 06:22
"Lady, you're in the city! Or at least Ticonderoga City. Here's the seat of power. If there weren't tall buildings around, you could probably see the Government Tower that way." Cabbie pointed left. "Now look, lady. Cabbie pointed up ahead to the right with a shaking finger. "There's one of the Foreign Affairs buildings. If you don't want them, just tell me where else."
21-06-2004, 06:26
Christin nodded. "Yeah, that sounds great, just drop me off there," she said, grabbing her bag.
21-06-2004, 06:32
Cabbie pulled over up in front of the building, put his head on the steering wheel. He was sweating heavily and shaking. A plain clothes Police Officer eventually noticed and walked over. "Something wrong?"

Cabbie leaned back in his seat and moaned. "Heart attack."

Officer immediately called his assistant over, then looked in the back seat to Christin. "Ma'am, come with us, please." Two people rushed out to get Cabbie inside (all Adejaani government buildings including police and fire stations) had miniature hospitals to deal with cases like heart attacks, strokes and the like. Time was especially critical until proper medical staff arrived.

Officer continued looking at Christin whilst Cabbie went inside for treatment and an ambulance was called.
22-06-2004, 02:43
22-06-2004, 02:44
Christin, noting the police officer was armed, and followed him in to the building.

Just as the police arived, the black SUV, driven by McArthy, rode by. She looked out, and saw Chaffin, and then took off, slowly. She pulled ahead, around a corner, and exited the vehicle. She checked her weapon, and replaced it in the holster, turning the corner. She pulled out the badge, and held it at her side, and her right arm resting on teh weapon at the small of her back.

She aproached slowly, and held the badge out. "Excuse me, I need to see that girl."
22-06-2004, 03:47
"Sorry, ma'am." Officer said to McArthy. "You're going to have to wait a few minutes. Witness statements." Nevertheless, Officer took her inside and explained who the McArthy was to the receptionist. Receptionist then pointed to a nearby seat.


A typical government employee went over to Christin as Cabbie was wheeled into the small hospital type facility. "Ma'am, I'm Chris Sumners, one of the junior people here at Foreign Relations. I'd like to ask you a few questions about what happened."
22-06-2004, 04:01
"Witnees statements for what? An old man had a heart attack, get over it. That girl is a wanted suspect for crimes against the state and nation. I dont care about questioning her, I want her in my custody and sent back to Imitora." She didnt sit, nor move from her spot. Elizabeth removed a folded piece of paper from her pocket and held it out. An arrest warrent for Chaffin, as well as a typed up sheet of legal codes that represented the crimes.

"Treason, espionage, federal theft, posesion of illegal narcotics, resisting questioning and arrest by an Imitoran Federal Agent, and plotting terrorist actions against the government." That was only the small part of the list. "She has violated more penal codes than anyone in the history of the nation, and she is to be returned to Imitora where she will be tried, sentanced, and punished."

Meanwhile, Christin looked around the room franticly. "I need help," was all she said, grabbing a cup of coffee of a table.
22-06-2004, 04:14
A rather distinguished looking gentleman with grey hair happened to walk in and overheard. "I'm Douglas Taylor, Minister of Foreign Relations. You will have my government's full cooperation in this. Nevertheless, I would need some form of identification tool to verify her identity, independently, before I can do anything."
Five Civilized Nations
22-06-2004, 04:24
(OOC: You guys wouldn’t mind if I RPed as the employee right? If you do, I’ll delete the following post…)

“What!?!” Sergerio Bazavishta stammered as he noted the frantic look in the woman’s eyes. What happening?, he thought. Quickly making up his mind, Sergerio replied, “What’s wrong?”
23-06-2004, 03:12
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Elizabeth held up the warrant, it had Christin's picture on it. She shoved it into Taylor's hands, and pushed past him. "Thats her, now where the hell is she?"
23-06-2004, 11:46
OOC: I guess I don't mind. However, since Taylor has weighed in and is a Minister who reports to the President, any attempts to remove Christin would be treason. :wink:

IC: "My apologies, Agent McArthy, but I have to make an independent verification. Not to mention having people from Legal over to see this through. Excuse me." Taylor looked pointedly at Receptionist and Officer, the latter who basically barracaded the agent from going further.

Taylor read through the warrant and raised his eyebrows. "My, what a catch..." After a few cursory calls, he got in touch with Chris Sumners and heartbeats later, was in the room.

"Good afternoon, Miss." Taylor smiled politely at Christin and tried to play cool. "I understand you require help. Just what kind of help and I'd need to know your name and some other details."
25-06-2004, 02:35
As the commotion at the station continued, yet another man entered Adejaani, again through the airport. The use of a private aircraft kept the lanes clear. The single passenger moved through customs easily, and he flagged down a cab to a small exotic car rental facility just off the airport property. He checked out his rented car, a black 2002 BMW 330xi, and drove onto the road to a hotel that he had reserved a room at.

Upon reaching the hotel, he went to his room, tipped the bell boy well, and began digging through his bags. Well hidden in enough cammeras, PDAs, toiletry kits, and the like were the parts to a pistol. When put together, they formed a UMAC version of the H&K USP, except this one fired a 10mm UD(NR) round designed to rip through body armor and stop on impact with musscle. He tucked it into the back of his shirt, and pulled out a real PDA that would display the location of Chaffin to him.

Meanwhile, Chaffin looked around teh room. "Is this place safe, I mean, bug wise? I dont wanna say anything that could be recorded. You dont know what they can do."
25-06-2004, 02:36
As the commotion at the station continued, yet another man entered Adejaani, again through the airport. The use of a private aircraft kept the lanes clear. The single passenger moved through customs easily, and he flagged down a cab to a small exotic car rental facility just off the airport property. He checked out his rented car, a black 2002 BMW 330xi, and drove onto the road to a hotel that he had reserved a room at.

Upon reaching the hotel, he went to his room, tipped the bell boy well, and began digging through his bags. Well hidden in enough cammeras, PDAs, toiletry kits, and the like were the parts to a pistol. When put together, they formed a UMAC version of the H&K USP, except this one fired a 10mm UD(NR) round designed to rip through body armor and stop on impact with musscle. He tucked it into the back of his shirt, and pulled out a real PDA that would display the location of Chaffin to him.

Meanwhile, Chaffin looked around teh room. "Is this place safe, I mean, bug wise? I dont wanna say anything that could be recorded. You dont know what they can do."
25-06-2004, 02:44
Douglas Taylor leaned forward angrily and unfortunately played his hand too early. "Miss Chaffin, you are in an Adejaani government building. There are cameras, listening devices and sensors everywhere, inside and out!"

Taylor's photo, Minister of Foreign Relations (
25-06-2004, 02:49
Christin instantly shut up and sat back. She didn't speak at all, and looked around. She then spoke softly. "I want a lawyer, and i want to know my rights."

Outside, Elizabeth looked around. The cop was carrying a .45. With her vest, it would hurt, possibly alot, but then again, she doubted that he was wearing something that would stop a 10mm depleted uranium round. But, she didnt want to have to kill any one. Insted, she say, and looked at him. "I better see her in the next thirty minutes."
Five Civilized Nations
25-06-2004, 02:53
"You want a lawyer? You want to know your rights!?!" Sergerio replied incredulously. "I'm a lawyer, but what do you want to know?"
25-06-2004, 02:57
Taylor held his hand angrily up to Sergio. "I'm your boss, remember that! Miss Chaffin, by all rights I should just hand you back. As Minister of Foreign Relations, that'd increase my nation's standing with yours. But, there's still due process, meaning it's a political mess. If you want to make your case legally, you could. But chances are, given the stack of warrants, you'd go home anyway. I'm sorry." Taylor leaned back to signal an aide. "Get Justice on the line and alert the President."
25-06-2004, 03:00
Christin thought for a moment. She could pull a trump card, and maybe that would work. "If you know me, then you'd know I was in the military. I can spill anythgin you want to know about the APTO operation the Imitoran government is pulling, if you let me stay, and talk to a real lawyer."

Outside the building, the black BMW rolled to a stop, and the INSA agent exited the vehicle. He looked around, then walked up to teh building, and approached a security agent. "Excuse me, is the Imitoran Embassy up yet, or are teh still working on it?"
25-06-2004, 03:06
Taylor's eyes clicked into place, then stood up. "Ah, Judge." An elderly looking man, very frail shuffled in. "Miss Chaffin, this is Judge Bell, the Attorney General."

Bell nodded and sat down. "Unfortunately, the law's a bit messy. Nevertheless, you can make an appeal, in writing as to why you should be given leniency as well as any other comments or similar you might have. What you cannot do is try and make a deal."

File photo of Judge Bell (
25-06-2004, 03:08
Christin looked at Bell. "Im being hunted. Thats all Im gonna say till I can get into a safe, non recorded room. Writting is no good, they can mess with that, destroy it."
25-06-2004, 10:58
"And a recording can more easily be tampered with and corrupted. Further, without a documented conversation, or indeed, any form of documented evidence, we would have to hand you back straight away since you would be considered to waive your rights to appeal." Bell replied smoothly and calmly.

"If there are no records or recordings, you may as well talk to the brick wall before we hand you over to the Agent waiting outside." Taylor piped up, then continued. "We're not trying to be difficult, but let's face it. My President might believe me, but would she trust me? When all I have is 'She said this and this and this as evidence'? No, Miss Chaffin, if you're going to say anything, there will be a record of some sort. If you're not going to talk, we'll hand you straight to Agent McArthy and you two can be on your merry way."
26-06-2004, 08:16
Christin thought for a moment. "Get me somewhere safe to write, then I'll write. But Im not gonna do it here, 'specially if an agent is outside waiting for me."
26-06-2004, 10:26
"This is safe, Miss Chaffin." Taylor interjected. "Moving you is probably more dangerous since this building isn't defensible and you're in the middle of a bustling city of several million people and we don't have enough resources to lock down this area. Not to mention taking you elsewhere means a face to face confrontation with an agent outside.

"At least in here, we can bar Agent McArthy out and internal security in a top government building is about as good as it gets. If she gets through regular security, we have a detachment of Marines. She gets past those, then a Marine Platoon will storm in by that time. That's if she managed to get past the bomb proof security doors and various other security measures."
27-06-2004, 18:56
"You know, Bell, for being President of Adejaani, you never really learned much about Imitorans, did you? You think a Platoon of Marines is enough to stop one determined Imitoran? You think your police are enough to handle her. I'm suprised she hasn't killed everyone in here already."

However, it wasn't Elizabeth that anyone needed to be worried about, it was the in country INSA agent. He had visited the newly built Imitoran embassy, and, per orders, armed himself to a level of satisfication. He pulled back up in front of the building that Elizabeth and Christin were in, and parked his car. He opened teh trunk, and began digging through it. As an officer appraoched, he looked up, and nodded. "Any expierence with changing flats?"

The officer looked at the car, hand resting on his sidearm, and nodded. "A few, but your car looks fine?"

The INSA agent nodded, and looked at the tires. "Yeah, it is," he said, and pulled a UMAC made CAR-358 Squad Automatic Weapon. The belt fed 6.8mm LMG fired a Uranium Depleted (non radioactive) round. He fired a blast into the officer at close range, then turned, and nailed one at the end of the street, and another at the other end. He ducked behind the 330xi, and thenspun out, emptying the rest of teh 200 round belt into the cars at the end of the street.

He pulled another box out of the trunk, and clicked it into place, and then pulled an assault rifle out, a CAR-34, and slung it over his back. He sprayed into the doors of the building, and started walking across the street, looking for any targets.
28-06-2004, 00:34
Receptionist ducked behind the counter, opened the small cabinet, smashed the glass and smacked the button. Armored blast doors designed to stop even a main tank round or a truckfull of C4 or other explosives sealed the front door and all the corridor junctions. The building itself had a thick granite outer shell and a similarly armored inner shell to protect against such damage.

"That's Lockdown." Taylor mumbled. "Stay here." He grumbled as he punched an unlock code and went into the security station. His security detail had their weapons drawn and formed a tight ring around him. "This is Minister Taylor, Foreign Relations. We have an armed man with what looks like a heavy machinegun running amok outside Foreign Relations. Civilians are clear of the area. Launch a helicopter gunship with heavy rockets, you are clear to destroy the area." Taylor said as he typed into the computer screen, a redundant act since security cameras already flashed the event to all pertinent agencies.

Thirty seconds later, four AH-60 gunships with rocket pods and gattling cannons darted off into the area. Their goal to level and completely destroy the offender, even if it meant also destroying an entire city block.
28-06-2004, 00:51
Elizabeth saw the doors go down, no locked in the lobby. She could pull off something, if she moved right. She ducked out of her chair, hit the ground, and rolled up, gun ready. Three rounds into the cop in front of her, two into the one at the left, then over the counter, and ontop of the receptionist. One for her. She checked the glass casing, and heard footsteps. She stood up, and saw two more people walking around the hallway, trying to figure out what was going on. In the standard ruthless Imitoran fasion, she shot both of them twice.

She went back the the glass cassing, and looked at the metal base for the button. She used a knife to pry it open, and went to work on the wires behind it, workign to reverse the wire conduit, and pop teh doors open.

In teh silence of the street, the INSA agent heard something. At distance it sounded like his own heart beat. Helicopters. He sprinted back to the car, and removed a small tube. He went back over to the building and ducked into a small enclave. He opened the tube, and clicked off the safety. The two shot man portable SAM used an IR warhead to track target and attack low flying aircraft, mostly helicopters. He could tell there was more than one, probably six or eight. As the first helicopter rounded around, and started its attack run, he fired off the first round, turned and sprinted out, firing a second, then dove through the glass window off a store across the street. He moved towards the back of the store, and hit a button on a small silver cylindrical object.
28-06-2004, 01:03
The AH-60 pilots were caught by surprise. The first one neatly severed the rotorhead from the fuselage. The second one got it straight in the cockpit, the pilot was dead long before the airframe hit the ground. The pilots of the remaining two hovered back slightly and called for more backup.
28-06-2004, 01:06
The AH-60 pilots were caught by surprise. The first one neatly severed the rotorhead from the fuselage. The second one got it straight in the cockpit, the pilot was dead long before the airframe hit the ground. The pilots of the remaining two hovered back slightly and called for more backup.
28-06-2004, 01:26
Two blocks away, from behind tha gate of the Imitoran embassy, two HMMWVs sped out onto the street, turnign hard, and towards the free fire zone. The sped along right down teh street, the plasmatic based drive engines pushing the Hummers at a speed of 50mph, ramming through traffic and fleeing pedestrians alike. Those not smart, or quick, enough to move out of the way were run down mercielessly.

The two hummers pulled onto the street that the helicopters were attacking, and saturated the air with the deadly spray of .50cal DU rounds. The Rail Accelerated rounds tore through the air, leaving trails of carbon dust.

Two Marines from the 22nd SOTF jumped out of one of the Hummers, ran into the shop, and grabbed teh INSA agent, helping him out into one of the vehicles, taking off back for the Embassy, still spraying teh air with ammo.
28-06-2004, 01:32
The (remaining) lead AH-60 pilot couldn't believe his eyes as he keyed the mic "Ah, sir. It appears our suspect has been taken back to a gun wielding firing security detachment of Imitora." He eyed his copilot and hovered, looking anxious and pulling back slightly.

Taylor stared at the monitor screen as the text reports scrolled by. What caught his eye was the text transcript of the helicopter pilots. "Bloody Imitorans. I keep wondering why the hell we're still friends with them." He picked up the phone to call the Ambassador to Imitora to have her send the strongest rebuke possible and then called his President for orders.
28-06-2004, 04:34
The Marines escorted the INSA agent into the building, and then into a secure room. The Agent was quickly debriefed on the situation and then given teh keys to a private room where he could sleep and rest before the next move. It was now on the Adejaanians to make a move.
28-06-2004, 04:45
Taylor gritted his teeth. For all of his country's technological advancements (he'd seen everything live, as in the case of the shooter outside or recorded, as in the case of Agent McArthy gunning everyone down in the lobby), there was not a thing he could do. He commandeered a nearby office filled with video-conferencing equipment and a bank of phones. Those faces on the viewscreens were shouting or demanding answers, something Taylor put his hand up to silence.

"Yes. Put me through to the Imitoran embassy." Taylor said into the phone. "Whoever's in charge, dammit! Put me through!"
28-06-2004, 05:06
The phone rang for a breif period, and soon, a computerized femal voice answered. "Thank you for calling the Adejaani branch of the Imitoran Diplomatic Embassy System. Your call is very important to us, and it may be monitered for training usage and courtesy representation. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Again, thank you for calling."

After a few more moments, another voice came over teh reciever. "If you are an Imitoran Citizen, press one. If you are a member of the government of the country which this embassy is located, press two. If you are not human, please hang up." After pressing two, Taylor was then directed to the next menu.

"If you would like to speak to a representative in your native language, press one. If you would like to speak to a represnentative in ancient Imitoran, press two. If you would like to speak to a representative in English, press three. If you would like to speak to a representative in a language not listed, press four." After making his selection, the next menu came up. "If you are calling about an action made by the nation of Imitora, press one. If you are calling about an action made by members of the Imitoran military, press two. If you are calling to declare war, please press four and stay on the line so we know where to make the first attack. If you are calling for other means, press three."

After this, and many more menus of redundancy, Taylor was finally put onto a call list where he would be able to speak with a representative. The line was placed through a trace system, and a metalic voice told Taylor to please hold, that a representatvie would be through to him soon. After four minutes of enough musak to make any sane man want to kill himself, a vocie came back to Taylor.

"Hello, this is Donald Sincalir, you have reached the Imitoran Embassy, how may I be of assistance?"
28-06-2004, 08:32
"This is Douglas Taylor, Minister of Foreign Relations. I happen to know for a fact that someone started opening fire randomly outside my building in the middle of Downtown and shot down two of the helicopters sent to subdue him. Concurrently, one of your Intelligence Officers, one Elizabeth McCarthy, who was locked down in the Foreign Relations building opened fire and murdered five people in cold blood. A Marine security detail from your embassy drove recklessly downtown, in military issue vehicles, firing weapons as they went, taking the first shooter inside and then recklessly sped out again firing weapons." Taylor said heatedly into the phone, whilst holding a lead pencil in his hand.

"Either I get answers now or I shall flatten your embassy with an airstrike!" He snapped the pencil in his hand and put the phone back down on its cradle.
26-07-2004, 03:39
Sinclair simply placed the phone down on the reciever, and pressed a switch. In the rear of the embassy, five doors opened, and an AA battery consisting of ten Black Sky Interceptor Missles were revealed. Three more seemed to materialise on the roof. The doors of the building were quickly baricaded, and ICMC Marines moved out to the cover points, armed with heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, and rifles.

Meanwhile, a white light in the Imitoran MOD started blinking. Defensive perameters were quickly put into motion, and in Imitora, where the best defence is a good offense, that was not a good thing. IMBATNET was set to level three, and satalites quickly went into motion. For the most part, the intruding space vehicles were just KMAV9983s, the newest line of recon sats, and using high powered cammeras in several veiwing formats, fixed their 'eyes' on Adejaani Military bases.

However, several KMAV0089 were also moving into place. These used one of two weapons in order to attack the infastructure of a hostile nation, a high powered microwave laser, or a small scale mass driver. They began targeting power plants, water plants, and government buildings.

Back in Imitora, aircraft were being prepared for a quick strike launch, and drop Marines were being prepared for a move. Further, the Imitoran Department of Money Manegment, using the same plates that they had used when in the APTO, began producing more of credits. Within five hours, a few hundred trillion dollars worth of the Regions currency had been created, and in a moments, notice, the amount could quickly be spread through the world, bringing the value of the credit down.
26-07-2004, 03:58
"They're not serious!" Taylor roared into the phone as he stared at the monitors. The Ministers of Intelligence, Military, Finance and the rest of the hierarchy all continued yelling at each other or to get attention.

"They're going to turn us and APTO into a null power at this rate!" A sheet of paper momentarily blocked the screen of Minister of Intelligence Ryan. "They're gearing up to something. They've got a lot of aircraft coming out of their mints. They're going to crash the market by devaluing and flooding it with Allied Credits!"

"That's absurd!" Finance retorted.

"We were always wrong to try and make peace with them! We've never gotten along with them!" Food Production shouted angrily, sparking off another round of heated debate.

"Enough!" President Halvent yelled and the voices fell silent. Nodding at her aide, she was passed a phone. "Get me the leader of Imitora."
26-07-2004, 04:15
The red phone in the office chirped once, and Robert reached over to pick it up. He hit the 'talk' button, and began to speak. "Fortier here, what can I do ya for?" he asked, very casually.
26-07-2004, 04:19
"Two of your agents have blasted apart a downtown city block in my capital city." Halvent kept her voice even. "And now there are indications you are preparing to strike down my country.

"We will hand over this Miss Chaffin and a sum of four trillion dollars. US. We then would like to ask you to never deal with us ever again."
26-07-2004, 04:26
Fortier looked at the phone in an odd manner. "Um, I have no idea what you are talking about. If the MOD is acting on a threat, then its their department, not mine. I just handle the diplomatic stuff, not the wars and things. And I have no idea who this Chaffin character is," he lied. All of it. He then pressed another button on the phone, and within minutes, several asistants were in the room.
26-07-2004, 04:30
"Mister Fortier, I am not in the mood. I'll probably lose this election once they know what I did. You can probably destroy my country in a fair fight. And while we may be considerably weaker than you, we're no pushover. I just want this to end. Quietly."
26-07-2004, 04:34
"Ma'am, I have no idea what you are talking about. Hell, I'm looking at my list of operative agents right now, and I can say none are in Adejaani. Far from it, actually, most are operative in other parts of the world. So again, if you threatend us, I'm afraid that the appropriate actions are going to be carried out."
26-07-2004, 04:38
"Armed Marines, bearing the seal and flag of your nation went straight into downtown firing." Halvent replied coolly. "That's a declaration of war, you know. I repeat. We want this to end quietly."
26-07-2004, 04:43
"Ma'am, if thats the case, then I'm sure that there was a good reason for it. I personally apointed Ambasador Sinclair to his position, and I trust his judgement. If citizens of your nation put citizens of mine in charage, steps were taken in order to ensure their safety."
26-07-2004, 04:46
"Then I will now ask that we protect our citizens once more. I want this to end. I will pay you. I will hand you back your agents, let you take your people home and I want this to be the last act."
26-07-2004, 04:54
"Again, I am saying that we have no agents in Imitora." Robert looked around, and got thumbs up from his advisors. "Now Miss, I am going to say it one last time. If the nation of Adejaani has somehow posed a threat to Imitora, than actions are going to take place to subdue that threat." Hellicopters could be heard in teh background on Fortier's end.
26-07-2004, 04:59
"Mister Fortier, just because you think my nation is a UN patsy without the guts to defend itself, you're wrong. We have a smaller and far less powerful military, but we do have ships in orbit. I repeat. I want this to end." Halvent glanced over to a monitor: Project Omaha: 94%. Project Basilisk: 99.9%
26-07-2004, 05:11
"Ma'am, if you feel the need to threaten me over some trivial mater as this, than so be it. However, I can tell you now that we do not respond well to threats, and that, in my opinion, this entire charade as been a cheap attempt at a threat." His voice had gone from laid back to deadly serious. "So, for now, I would sugest that you simply sit back, and let things happen as they happen, because right now, you are putting your self in a very dangerous position. Good luck." With that, he slammed down the phone, and nodded at his aides. "Lets roll."

Within seconds, three wings of F-82D Angel IIs were in the air, looking for incomming bogeys on full defense track. Air defense systems were armed and started searching as well, and the Megolith systems were on full war mode, waiting for the incomming attack.

Over Adejaani, the KMAV-0089s with Microwave weapons began to open the 'eye lids' that held back the lasers. In seconds, the Microwave radiation began broadcasting down into Adejaani, with the goal of taking out all forms of comunications in the nation.

At the INSA, a man looked through a file, typed in a code on a computer, and Agent McCarthy droped dead, a small chip at the base of her neck exploding, severing the connection of the spinal cord.
26-07-2004, 05:26
Black grinned and crowed. "Ha! We were the Technocratic Republic before we were the Virtual Democratic Republic! Adejaani military spending at its finest!" The Minister of Defense was seen to be shaking hands with some uniformed officers. "We lost a fair bit of communications, but our underground fiber optics are very well done. We also got some satellites fried and general short-wave radio is out. We can still use keyboards and voice and video feed via digital optics is still good."

Halvent couldn't help grinning herself. "Just, just. He's forgetting we're completely decentralised. He'd have to burn the whole country to the ground to put us out of business."

"Basilisk is now at full 100." Black supplied.

"Yes. Screw this." Halvent tapped at her keyboard and an extremely powerful transmission briefly halted all radio communications in Imitora.

"We have only responded to your threats. We have not yet attacked your country. We repeat we have no desire to harm you and we shall return your citizens and embassy staff completely unharmed." With another crackle, radio communications were restored.
26-07-2004, 05:37
Robert noted the breif outage fo the radio. "Ok, go to subline coms. Lets hit these bastards now. Go with Barstow."

Over Adejaani, the satalites cut out their feed, and communications were restored. Of course, this was only long enough for the following response to be sent to the Government.

"Your actions have been deemed threatening in nature, and as a result a response must be sent. The attack on Imitora's mainland will not be taken lightly, and we feel that this is warning enough."

Moments later, teh KMAV-0089s armed with the light Mass Drivers armed, and several sent forth pinball sized pellets towards earth, more specifically, Adejaani military bases. Each projectile exploded on impact with the force of a large FAE.
26-07-2004, 05:42
"Wouldn't mind buying this technology from them after this." Black said demurely. "Permission for my boys and girls to return fire?"

Halvent shook her head. "I still want this problem to go away quietly."

"But we've got men and women dying by the thousands!" Taylor shouted, losing his cool and jabbing at the readouts. "We're at war! We should prosecute with all our might! We're already down to about eighty percent effectiveness in conventional forces because their bases have been knocked out!"

"I said no, Taylor. Not yet. Not yet..." Halvent worried slightly but kept her voice even.
27-07-2004, 12:17
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Atlantian Outcasts
27-07-2004, 19:11
3 damaged Transport ships carrying 50,000 troops each approch the planet Earth. They are protected by 10 wings of damaged fighters and 5 damaged Barracuda destroyers. Although they risk being fired upon by both Immy and LF, they continue on they're course to defend their trading partner, Adj. Most on the ships know that this may very well be their death march. Spirits where crushed when Atlantis entered the Drovan war, and they had not yet risien.

Troops being sent:
90,000 Hopelite warriors
60,000 Centaur troops

20 Zeus Mechs
20 Hyperon Mechs
50 Centurion Tanks
Liberty Fighters
27-07-2004, 20:44
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28-07-2004, 06:16
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