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The Morning Star VI

Atlantian Outcasts
20-06-2004, 23:23

"The Morning Star V, the ultamite weapon in the AO fleet for over a decade, is now retiring, and will be gutted and placed on display in the AO National History Museum within a few weeks. The weapon, which could blow a hole in an enemy's Ozone layer within a few hours, is now going to be replaced by a newer, less deadly version. The Senate voted a few weeks ago to tone down it's weapon, and let the fleet take the center stage.

The MSVI will still have the MSV's secondary attack, the ability to fire a concentrated beam of of UV rays at its target.

The MSVI will take the MSV's place on the Zeus, a spechial Titan class Battleship that isn't part of any fleet.

But why the tone down the weapon? The Senate's response was that AO should not be known for its weapons, but by its millitary might. But one cannot help but think it has to do with the MS's high record of terrorist capture and usage"
Atlantian Outcasts
21-06-2004, 22:29