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Sign Up For Global Technology and Culture Expo

20-06-2004, 22:55
Wyrmsvaar invites all nations to join us in Svaaratlheim, Wyrmsvaar for the Global Exposition. This will be a celebration of culture and technology. Right now, we are conducting a survey to determine the level of interest in order to rent the appropriate amount of space, so if you plan on attending, please inform us of what exhibit(s) you wish to display. Also, feel free to bring an appetizer or dessert. There will be a modest entry fee of $20,000 per exhibit. One RL week to sign up, then the Expo begins.

Current Exhibits

Robots - Watch them fix every ailment you possess, perform surgery, change your look, even change your identity by changing your voice and finger prints and even use DNA washing!
Cerebral Interfaces - Watch was we simply plug humans into the web and they experience it first hand! Even see them get viruses!
“Genesis effect” - Turn a dead inanimate object into a living breathing thing. Demonstrations will only occur at scheduled times every four hours.

"Loving Your Land"
New farming and conservation techniques
UFO Program

Ceranissian martial arts
Neural interfaces
Dark Arts

Internetworked Radio Coordination [ IRC ]
Medical advances
Chocolate bobka

"Ianna Through the Ages" - Video presentation on Iannan culture and history
Demonstrations of fibre-optics and bio-chip technology, neural networking.
Displays on optics, computing, architecture, and biology.

Lunatic Retard Robots
Tern-Class SAR Boat
Exhibit on Deep Space Probes and Orbital Telescopes

Modern Music
Converting Vehicle Military Technology

Super American VX Man
Syntec Corporation and Krimson Corporation – “Titan Project”
SAVX’s “Playing God” Biological Project

MechDynam’s “Symbiote” – Demonstration of latest advancements in robotics
“Swords of Wyrmsvaar” – Exhibit on military technology, from ancient arrowheads to Ragnarok MBT’s
World’s Biggest Tupperware Container Lid
Quiche Lorraine

The Water Cooler
Sky Inc - Liquid Based Satellite Lens.
Noison Mobile Communications - new mobile phones.
INMD Presents “Omni-Waif” – Sheet of Paper Thick notebook and Latest computer systems
Gourmet nano-pizzas
Pico-garlic breads
20-06-2004, 23:47
::Deep underground in a spooky underground lair that serves as the headquarters for Wyrmsvaar's government::

Loud Voice
"Dammit, I said a dash of nutmeg. That's like three dashes there! Practically a pinch! The quiche is ruined... Come on people, we've only got a few weeks to get this right... Pull yourselves together! Think of the quiche!"

22-06-2004, 03:20
Dozens of trucks loaded with fresh bacon arrive in preparation for the expo.

Brooding, Scheme-Plotting Type Voice:
Yes... all is in readiness... all we need now is the Nutmeg...

Henchperson Type Voice:
Sir... about that Nutmeg...

The Brooding Voice Again:
What? What is it?

The Armored Truck got lost... they used Mapquest sir and... well...

Brooding Overlord Voice:
Dash it all, I told them to use Expedia! Curses... we'll have no choice to postpone the Expo until the Nutmeg arrives...


Oh, and I'm postponing the signup deadline another week, because I'll be in North Carolina, far far from my computer next week.

Please sign up, Central Authority will be very upset if all this Quiche they've been trying to make is wasted.

Also, I really don't favor Expedia or Mapquest for finding directions... they both suck equally.
The Water Cooler
22-06-2004, 06:13
Sky Inc., would like to reserve a place in order to show off its new Liquid based satellites lens.

Also Noison Mobile Communications would like to reserve a space in order to demonstrate their new mobile phones.

Finally INMD would like to reserve another space to parade its latest computer systems, including the sheet of paper thick notebook, Omni-waif.

The 60,000 shall be paid by the Water Coolian Ministry of Finance.

We look forward to trying the promised quiche. We shall me making our own gourmet nano-pizzas, and pico-garlic breads
22-06-2004, 06:32
The Ageaolian Department of Technology would like to make reservations for 3 exhibits.

The latest in medical capabilities in robots.
Watch them fix every ailment you possess, perform surgery, change your look, even change your identity by changing your voice and finger prints and even use DNA washing!

The ability to treat a human brain as a intensely complex processor.
Watch was we simply plug humans into the web and they experience it first hand! Even see them get viruses! Note: you must bring your own people to get it performed on. the Department of Technology is not responsible for any damage done to you. Only in the cases that we accidentally forget to unplug, forget to delete a virus, or simply overload you, will we accept full responsibility.

The famed Genesis effect.
The famed Genesis effect to turn a dead inanimate object into a living breathing thing. This will only be available for 10 minutes every 4 hours as it is much too important to show too often for fear of thievery. Please note that if you attempt to steal it that the effect also makes the objects totally loyal to Ageaol.

The $60,000 shall be sent to you in 4 hours, courtesy of the Department of Finances.
22-06-2004, 06:35
Two exhibits for Muktar:
Modern Music
Converting Vehicle Military Technology
Super American VX Man
22-06-2004, 06:53
The Syntec Corporation and Krimson Corporation would like to reserve an exhibit to present the current developments in the Titan Project.

The SAVX Government would like to reserve an exhibit to present the results of the Playing-God Biological Project.
22-06-2004, 17:55
Thank you all, your exhibits have been logged.

Meanwhile, special forces are dispatched to locate the lost Nutmeg van...
22-06-2004, 18:01
Double your pleasure, double your fun, that's the statement of the great mint in doublemint gum!

24-06-2004, 00:49
First things first: Bump!

Secondly: For some reason, this thread vanished yesterday after I attempted to rectify a double post... it's back now... very strange...

Post-Secondly: If anyone has a neato-keen idea for an RP to occur, like, within the RP... send me a telegram.
24-06-2004, 00:52
GLACORP and the DGNT govornment would like to reserve an exhibit for the many applications of Nanotechnology.
Such as...
and of course, warfare.
24-06-2004, 01:18
The College State would be more than happy to appear at the Expo! We have already set about making films displaying both Iannian culture through ancient times to the present, and several displays showing our progress in optics, computing, archetecture, and biology. Expect to see demonstrations of fibre-optic and bio-chip computers and breakthroughs in neural networking as centrepieces!

Unfortunately, we regret that we cannot bring any delicacies. When our delegates asked for suggestions of what to make, they only recieved thirty-four people suggesting 'Christian Baby Soup.'

Tristram Kellsey
Media Department
24-06-2004, 03:30
Lunatic Retard Robots
24-06-2004, 04:02
We would like to be represented at this expo. We will send replica parts from some of our deep space probes and orbital telescopes, as well as a Tern class SAR boat.
25-06-2004, 00:02
Exhibits logged.

Nutmeg van still missing.

25-06-2004, 05:00
The Holy Republic would like to reserve two spaces.

Internetworked Radio Coordination [ IRC ]
One area to exhibit the pattented IRC process and network developed by the private contractor, Ilexia Corp., along side the Ministry of Security. Video presentation and charts readily available.

K. Medical
One area to exhibit the research being conducted with the Kasykosmekyov plant, to make public the medicinal properties, including that of an aphrodisiac, and advances made with this product. Accompanied by a alide show and interactive Lab Experiment every hour. Funded by Private Contractors Tayanakayo Indt., Chetals Co., along side with the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Trade.

We can bring the Bobka. Chocolate Bobka.
26-06-2004, 04:16
This is the final bump I'll be able to do for a week.

I'll log all the remaining exhibits when I return.
15-07-2004, 05:03
So I'm back... well, I've been back, but now I'm back and I figured out how these new forums work.

Anywho, I'm going to give you all three more days to sign up, unless I hear alot of complaints to do otherwise, then I'm going to proceed with the proceedings.
15-07-2004, 11:08
We would like to contribute an exhibit on Ceranissian martial arts,Neural interfaces,Bionanites,warfare and a study of "Dark arts"
15-07-2004, 13:16
We would like to do an environmental exhibit about Baltiamo's lush forestry, named "Loving Your Land". We will be showing our new farming and conserving technology to the visitors.

We also plan to bring our UFO Program to the conference.
18-07-2004, 05:26
OK... i think i've given enough time for this thing to start.

I'll put up the actual RP-Thread now.