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Larwana announces survival challenge!

20-06-2004, 19:09
For centuries, a race has been held every year through the Laran desert by the tribes. Each tribe would send its best, and on a long footrace through the desert, the person would have to survive.

We are opening the contest to foreigners for the first time. The Laran desert- imagine the place most inhospitable to human life. Then imagine a place worse. But from this desert, it's people have wrested a proserous existence.

Sand dunes more than a kilometer high, temperatures averaging over 300 Kelvin, sandstorms with winds more than a hundred kilometers an hour, and many hazardous forms of wildlife.

The race is across the Laran desert, 2,209 kilometers. Each contestant is given food, water, desert clothes, a pistol, a sun compass, a map, and a knife. However, the food and water is not enough to last the journey- contestants must find their own food.

The winning tribe (or nation) would recieve 75% of the entrance fees. The interest fee is equivilent to $234,256. There are seven tribes, so you are guranteed to recieve at least 1,229,844. If more nations enter, then you will receive more. All this is if you win, of course.

So... are you up to the challenge, or will the superiority of the desert and its people condemn your contestant to his doom?