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The Climax of Genocide (Introductory RP)

20-06-2004, 11:05
The ice had not broken. The snow continued to fall. It was the very pinnacle of winter.

In the background, a massive city, different from most. No industrial era or atomic era architecture; merely the metallic and artful domes that had replaced solely the many previous designs that had coexisted once before.

Two tall men stood amongst the ruins of far older buildings. They were dressed in black uniforms that looked smart and gave the appearance to an observer that they were proud to wear such clothing and were proud of what it stood for. One of them was black in skin tone, another was white.
The black man shivered as did the white man.

"All this eugenic perfection and still we fear and rever the cold."

The white man replied, whispering under his breath.

"Yes. You would think those brainboxes back in Eugenicai Alpha would design more effective hair follicles."

"Indeed, well, we must complete our mission. We do not want to anger Eugene by failing to follow orders, I hear the recycling tanks are an excruxiating death."

Before them, a deep cravass, almost appearing bottomless as mist settled within.
Between them and the cravass were two people bound and on their knees. The soldiers motivated them to rise.
The two soldiers pulled out their pistols, aimed at the victims' craniums and pulled the trigger. The bodies fell into the cravass.

Both men looked pleased with themselves. The black man spoke.

"Well, that was the last of them. And we shall be remembered for the enhancement of our people's quest for perfection."


The white man spoke smuggly.

"Up for a celebratory beer?"


The two soldiers turned and set back for the city.
20-06-2004, 11:31
The two men walked into the bar.

Everything was clean looking and artistically perfect. It mostly followed an oak panel appearance. All the people within were exactly 6 foot 3 inches. They differed in appearance and colour but they all looked in perfect health, no obese or overweight people nor were their any who looked malnourished.

They sat down at a table.

A barman approached.

"Frederick, Sebastian, it is good to see you my friends. As always the Purification Squads are always welcome here. Here are your beers."

They recieved their state manufactured beveridges, their was no real alternative.
The Purification Squads were the elite of the elite. They ensured the security of the state and the power of Eugene, the enigmatic leader whom no one but those highest up had seen, the state personified. The so-called pinnacle of genetically enhanced humanity in a genetically enhanced society.

The barman left to resume his work.

Sebastian, the black man sipped his beer, savouring the taste.
Frederick, the white man gulped his down, he seemed a little rough.

"What is the matter, Frederick? Cannot you stomach our work?"

"Well you must admit, killing life is a stressful business."

"Not at all, Sebastian. I would hardly call our genetically impure cousins life? Life is perfect, they are not. They are vermin and we disposed of them as such. Listen, if you are having doubts about this life, you can quite easily leave. We are paid enough, you have been in this business for a year and have already earned enough to retire. Go, enjoy your life, spend time with your perfect wife and perfect children. Submit your resignation if you desire it."

"Thankyou, Sebastian, you were always a good friend to me."

"No problem, friend."

Sebastian finished his beveridge and got up to leave.


Frederick signalled the barman for another. It would be a long night.
20-06-2004, 11:46
Meanwhile, in Eugenicai Alpha, within the central dome; below the ground 2 miles lay the centre of Eugenicai.
A subterranean complex.
The room was cylindrical and a massive machine lay in the centre. The lights were dimmed.
The lights came on...
The machine opened up...
Naked, a man left the machine, dripping in some strange fluid.

"Computer? Time?"

"The time is 0500 hours, Eugene."

Eugene grabbed a towel and wiped the remaining fluid off the surface of his skin.

"Very good, fresh clothing...."

A panel in the wall dispensed a set of clothing which he happily put on. Finishing his daily ritual by putting on his cloak, he examined himself in the mirror.
Genetics of course did not eradicate vanity, he thought.
He looked handsome standing at 6 foot, 3 inches with perfect muscle tonage, not overly built but not frail looking.

He left the room to attend to his duties, government was hard work.
20-06-2004, 11:49
OOC: Before I continue, I would greatly appreciate that readers comment on my writing skills. I enjoy critique.
Also, please join in if your wish, though I do demand that I am not annihilated.
20-06-2004, 12:47
20-06-2004, 13:53
Eugene walked into the command centre, the nerve centre of his genetic masterpiece society.
Various Purification officers manned computer stations in the room. One such man; Alexander was directing and supervising their efforts. Eugene sat down at his chair in the centre of the room and Alexander moved to offer him his report.

"Here is the current status report. Our purification of the colony is proceeding as planned. The last 100,000 impurities have been exterminated. We have no reason to believe their are any more."

"No reason to believe. We cannot yet be sure. It will take decades of testing and analysis to determine whether the foul stench of our impure human cousins has been removed from Eugenicai. I plan to build a utopia and the flaws of our genetic ancestors must be eradicated. Order the Purification Squads to continue sweeping all Eugenicai habitats for the vile plague. I want it gone!"

Eugene's blood boiled as he slammed his fist against the arm of his chair.

"Yes, Eugene."

Eugene calmed.

"Have their been any messages from foriegn powers yet? Have they knowledge of our 'purification'? Has our plan born fruit? Has secrecy been maintained?"

Alexander shook his head. Eugene took now a contemptuous emotion to his voice, he spoke now not to Alexander but to himself supposedly, to destiny perhaps.

"They hide behind their arrogant 'morality'. One day, we will wipe the scourge of the inferiors from the face of the planet and usher in a new era of perfection for the superiors! Keep monitoring foriegn communications..."
Central Facehuggeria
20-06-2004, 14:31
OOC: My government is future tech and otherwise occupied by a few major wars, so I can't respond ICly.

But OOCly I have to say, Great writing! I look foward to reading some more of it.
20-06-2004, 14:37
OOC: My government is future tech and otherwise occupied by a few major wars, so I can't respond ICly.

But OOCly I have to say, Great writing! I look foward to reading some more of it.

OOC: We are between modern and future tech. I thankyou for the compliment.
20-06-2004, 14:50
OOC: Very nice writing, I'm still trying to figure out how I could best communicate with you unsure though :( Still look forward to reading more from you!
The Ctan
20-06-2004, 15:27
OOC: Humm. I think that Carlos may be found to be impure... that could be interesting...

And yes, intriguing writing.
20-06-2004, 16:12
OOC: Please keep thinking, I have trouble in knowing how to continue this....
20-06-2004, 18:20
Hello friend

I myself have traggic spelling, poor sense of grammar and often get dyselxic when i type, so i by no means are about blindly to call the kettle black.
I think you have a strong potential to be a more indipendent writter, you manage to tackle landscape and inter-chracter relationshp well and i like your interjection of side comments such as "there was no real alternative" which giver a depth of atmosphere to the otherwise bland setting.
However i do think you are undermining yourself by using cliches that reek of Hollywood B grade Sci-Fi.

Aside from that all i can say is that my nation condemns you for your genocide and the Non-Human Union would decalre war on you... but we don't have a consitution ratified just at the moment.
Super American VX Man
20-06-2004, 18:28
OOC: Very nice. An interesting read. Keep up the good work! :)

Edit: Oh, and *TAG*
21-06-2004, 08:03
Canad a
22-06-2004, 07:19
President's Office, Residential & Office Complex; Presidential Buildings

A new young day begun as the President of the United States of Canada looked over a few confidential dossiers of information, reports from the Canadan National Intelligence Agency (CNIA), Canadan National Security Taskforce (CNSTF) and other forms of Intelligence Reports from the Canadian Military.

The relatively young President looked down over at a few pieces of paper in the formation of a telegram as he looked over it, it was from the Sub-Committe of International Relations on Genocide and other crimes against Humanity.

The President quickly read over the documents as he pin pointed it with supporting documents that sat in the reports of the CNIA and their was civilian and political presence in the USC of this nation, he quickly picked up the black telephone as he quickly pushed in the extension for the Secretary of State, "Assemble the National Security Council in the Situation Room in thirteen minutes, we have a serious global issue to get on top with. Mr. Rendall, I believe we are running out of time."

Situation Room, Military Complex; Presidential Buildings
Calgary, Thirteen Minutes Later

President Wittrock entered the Situation Room as the Chief of Staff quickly followed behind him as the President held all the Intelligence Reports, "I am sure that the rest of the National Security Council has recieved the reports done by the CNIA, the CNSTF and the rest of the works of our Intelligence organizations? A great atrocity in this world has been made, one that goes against the human rights, genocide!"

The President roared outloud as he slammed it to the table as he looked over at Colonel Robert Baker, the Director of the Canadan National Security Taskforce.

"Colonel Baker are these people among the ranks of the Eugnenicainans who have committed these atrocities or are they the ones that these sickminded people think are in quotes, 'inferior beings'?"

Colonel Baker spoke, "From our knowledge they are here and have steady jobs in our society."

"Grant them refugee status immediately," Looks to the Director of the Canadan National Intelligence Agency, "I want the CNIA to make every background check on these people to make sure they aren't. I want them arrested..." He looks over to the National Security Advisor, "Miss Braun, do we have any forms of alliances, friendships or a non-aggression pact? An extraditation treaty?"

"No relations have been made, Mister President."

"Good." The President still was not amused, "I want you, Mister Rendall to send the leader of these people a message to put a stop to the treatment of his citizens or we'll intervene."
The Water Cooler
22-06-2004, 07:43
The Water Cooler
22-06-2004, 07:43
High above the earth a satellite conducted its routine scan. Its powerful lens took picture after picture after picture of the earth’s surface. Soon after taking a picture the onboard AI used a series of algorithms to determine if the pictures where important, and as such should be forward to central command, or if they should be deleted.

One such picture happened to be off the two soldiers shooting down the unarmed civilian. This picture by itself would have meant little; however coupled with past pictures that had been taken over Eugenicai a flag was raised. The pictures where then forwarded to another satellite, and then another. After a few seconds of bouncing the signal arrived at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs within Sohi City.

A young intelligence data processor office happened to be working late. Truth be told he was fighting with his wife, and somehow the satellite imagery seemed to be more interesting then her icy looks.

Yawning he looked at the list of incoming picture packages. Picking one at random he opened the package containing the series of pictures from Eugenicai. Flipping through the pictures he started feeling sick as scene after scene of the genocide was displayed.

Reaching for a nearby phone he dialled the number of his supervisor

“Boss, it’s Layu, I think you should see this.”

Within the hour the data had been processed. Additional data from other sources was also collated, and complied into a report. Within 22 minutes the report was on screen in front of the head of Foreign Affairs, the Vice Prime Minster, and Emperor.

At once every started talking, bouncing their viewpoints of the each other like a bunch of excited school children.

“Silence” Emperor Sohi said softly, his voice cutting into the conversation like a swift blade.

“This is what we shall do. We shall send a letter to this country strongly recommend they cease their actions. We shall give them 48 hours to do so or at least explain why they are doing what they are. In the meantime I want to collect every bit of intelligence we can about this nation. Order our agents to infiltrate if possible, and launch some BlackBird flights. Report back to me with what you find.”

Nodding his head, the others left the room, leaving the emperor smiling slightly.
22-06-2004, 14:30
Eugene sat patiently in his chair in his command bunker. He was drifting in an out of sleep as the hours passed uneventfully.
Alexander came up to speak with him.

"Eugene, we have recieved messages from foriegn nations, two so far. Both condemn our purification and eugenics programs."

Eugene was snoring.


Eugene woke up.

"Oh, er, yes of course. Send the standard reply."

"Yes sir."

Eugene fell back into the chasm of his dreams while Alexander returned to his duties.

Since you now know of our great works, we shall no longer seek to hide our operations.
You have seen too late. We have completed our extermination of the inferior species. Gone are the days of the Homo sapiens sapiens, the time of the Homo superior is at hand and we shall not risk our blood being thinned by interbreeding.
We have annihilated our local Homo sapiens sapiens population, none of that filthy and impure genome is left.
Our goals toward perfection shall be realised.
Our dreams shall be fulfilled.

~ Eugene
The Perfect Manifestation of the Eugenican State
The Leader
The Masterpiece Society of Eugenicai
22-06-2004, 18:40
22-06-2004, 20:41
Further RP is welcome.
Canad a
22-06-2004, 23:12
The Water Cooler
23-06-2004, 05:00
"We interrupt your regular programming to bring you the following broadcast by our most glorious leader, the divine and all powerful Emperor Sohi."

The camera switches from the news room to a media conference room inside the Imperial palace, Sohi City.

A few bars of nation’s anthem plays, and then the camera focus on a Lectern, with a large Water Coolian flag fluttering in the background. The Emperor places his notes down, and begins to address the media.

“I have asked you to come here to day in order to speak to you about the Eugenicain crisis.

As you know, for sometime the government of Eugenicai has been ruthlessly and without reason slaughtering hundreds, if not thousands of unarmed citizens, in the name of ‘genetic perfection.’

Although up to this stage the HEWC Government has had a strong policy of protecting nations right to sovereignty, we feel that the despicable motions of the Eugenicains must be stopped!

To the effect of this, I am hereby proclaiming the following, effectively immediately in the entire HEWC.

1. It shall be the opinion of the HEWC government that the nation of Eugenicai, and especially their leader, Eugene, are social monsters, and are the lowest form of scum. Their actions are deplorable and shall not be tolerated!

2. Secondly, we charge Eugene with ‘Crimes against humanity’, ‘Crimes against the Water Cooler’, ‘genocide’ and ‘intention to commit further acts of murder’ as such he shall be official designated an enemy of the state.

3. No citizen of this country shall be permitted within the HEWC. Anyone caught in violation this decree will be executed on sight, and furthermore their presence shall be taken as a declaration of war by the Eugenicain government.

4. We shall official and completely eschew all forms of trade, diplomacy, and other contact with that nation, expecting transmissions that are made in the effect of working towards repatriation of the crimes.

5. Starting as of early this morning several Water Coolian ships left port, with the intention of forming a blockade around the nation of Eugenicai in order to encourage the cessation of all activities.

However, we are offering once last promise to the people of Eugenicai, if they are willing to be spared form the wrath of the free world, then we call upon them to remove there leader, and also key government officials who where instrumental in the genocide and make a formally apology and repatriation to the world. Only then shall the nation of Eugenicai be spared.

Thank you, that is all.”

The Emperor left the stage to be replaced by the foreign Minster who proceeded to answer questions.
23-06-2004, 05:41
In the SitRoom of the Imitoran Diplomatic Complex in Northampton, a small group of people discussed the situation. The Supreme Lord and Ruler Robert Fortier, his first assistant and wife, The Lady of the Domain Elizabeth McArthy Fortier, The Supreme Commander in Combat FleetComAdm. Dean Winslow, and the National Security Advisor Andrew Lutz, spoke of the current news.

"The way I see it," Fortier started, "is that we have two options. One, we support those against these nations going against genetic genocide. The other is we support those for it. Now then, honestly, I could care less either way. We could easily crush anyone involved, and not drop a dime in the wrong side of the budget. However, there are two things I hate in this world. One is violation of national soverignty, the other is Canadians. It seems both are at hand."

Andrew chuckled. "Even if I dont agree with this genetic purification, I say we kick the Canucks' asses falt out right now."

"Same," Elizabeth said, looking over a PDA displaying budgetary info. "Plus, with a cool situation in Vrak, it would cost us a minimal amount to scare the hell outa the condemers."

Winslow said nothing, just nodded.

"Well then, it looks like we all agree. So I'm thinking we do it this way. We have about 30 Northamptons in orbit as is, watching other situations. It would take us all of five minutes to crush teh Water Coolian fleet moving towards Eugenicai. I want to have a nice fight, not a massacre, although it wouldn't be to bad. So I'm thinking that we pull a coupla Virginia VIIs just outa port and all. Put them in route to Eugenicai, and have them intercept the Coolian force. Then put a coupla Angels in the air, have them run interdiction along with Twisters. Also, put some of the KMAV-0083s up. Sound good."

Everyone nodded.

Later that day, an official communique was released to Water Cooler about the situation

TO: The Divine and All Powerfull Emperor Sohi
FROM: The Supreme Lord of the Land, Commander of the Armies, Leader of the People, and First Speaker of the Nation Robert Fortier

It has come to our attention that you are currently sending a small fleet in order to blockade the nation of Eugenicai becuase of recent genocidal actions. We in turn are issuing a warning to you and your people to back down and desist from these actions. Your interference in the soverignty and security of Eugenicai is unwarented and unacceptable. This is your one and only warning, heed it well.

In Northampton, not only the largest, but nicest city, five Virginia VII class attack subs left port, Sonar Absorbent Material on full, supercav drives powered to full, and weapons armed. They were using a gps guidance system to put them right in front of the Water Cooler fleet.

In orbit, five of the current 25 'airborne' KMAV-0083 attack and assault satalites moved into a geosynchronus orbit over Water Cooler. Their Microwave weapons were armed and ready to go, and they were using high powered IR cammeras and Doppler Imaging Systems to observe everything going on in Water Cooler.

The same moved over Canadian Airspace, and five more KMAV-3871 light assault satalites moved into place as well, setting their targeting computers to major cities and military basses.
Magnus Valerius
23-06-2004, 05:57
The Imperial Estate's gardeners on this particular day were busy trimming the hedges and willows that lie near the private lake of the Valerian Tsar. Workers imported from places such as Mexico and Cuba (whom, oddly, Valerians treat well and have no qualms with, unlike with many other nationalities) are paid generous wages to keep the bushy and green likeness of Alexander II nice and pruned, with all the details fine-tuned such as his moustache.

However, an agent from the Valerian Espionage and Covert Operations Department (VECOD) quietly walked up towards the palace's gigantic cherrywood double doors. Enrobed in a black trenchcoat, the agent carried with him a briefing for the emperor's eyes only. A disturbing report has surfaced from a little known nation named Eugenicai (little known to Valerians, anyway).

The Tsar was busy smoking a domestically-made cigar, pondering the statement, "excessive faux hairdos" that he had heard some Water Cooler de Novo delegates say at a much earlier Third World Solidarity Banquet. That statement caught on in the Shieldian Empire, and now, that same saying was making its way towards Valerian shores with Iansislian tourists and all. It was all the rage in the colonies and dominions. "What an interesting culture those Water Coolians de Novo or whatnot have... it's a shame they were absorbed by the Holy Empire of The Water Cooler... hmm... oddly, they've got similar names!"

The VECOD agent bursted in through the opulently carved mahoghany doors of the Imperial Bedroom. The agent bowed politely before offering his portfolio from the VECOD HQ.

"Hail, my Tsar... congratulations to you and your wife; I've heard she's with child again! But, I've got an espionage report on a nation named Eugenicai. It's frightfully juicy!"

The tsar in his 19th-century regalia opened the briefing and sat at his table. The VECOD agent fumbled around but she gladly poured some iced tea from a pitcher for the Emperor.

"Smells like Ceylon," the agent said cordially.

"Indeed it is," replied the emperor. "It's my favorite, flavored with honey and orange zest... tastes best when hot, but iced tea holds me over until tea time."

The Tsar began looking at the photographs and the information that the VECOD had assembled from months of observation. It seems that the nation had taken upon itself to attain "genetic purity". In other words, genocide. Genocide was particularly common in Valeria with certain emperors. All Valerians pride themselves as the true master race; after all, an ancient legend fancied them as a people originated from a planet other than Earth. That may explain the odd violet eye colors that are often seen in Valerian populations or the range of blue hair that many can receive in the natural genetic fashion.

"So... they pride themselves as the ultimate life forms? They'll be the ultimate slaves for the Valerian People when I run them through! Their slavery will be the punishment for their crimes against humanity! They must be shown that all people are people, even if you are superior to them. Why, we didn't kill all of the minorities we conquered; we assimilated them and allowed them to retain their culture but force all their loyalty and hard work for the Valerian Crown." The emperor pounded his leather-gloved fist on the breakfast table, rattling the tea ware and an orchid-filled flower vase.

The Tsar promptly left to his office to write an official response. A servant made the telescreen ready; Alexander wanted to give the channel in which the Eugenicans had to turn to to have a face-to-face chat with the Emperor (as the telescreen is two-way communication).

To Eugene, of Eugenicai,

What my agents have gathered in intelligence about your nation have appalled me. Your programs will inevitably lead to the destruction of your government. We pride ourselves as the superior race, but only passively... however, your actions are inhumane and despicable! Therefore, I shall be giving you an ultimatum. Either cease your vile genocidal program or I shall show you why, in ages past, Valerian Emperors were hailed as gods. Your "perfect race" will be turned into great slaves for the empire, if they are so perfect, if you decide to continue your gruesome crusade, as punishment for your crimes against humanity; you personally will be dealt with by me. If you wish to avoid me invading your scrap of land and turning all of your women into free game for my soldiers, then let us talk face to face on a telescreen and then you may discuss with me your program for society.

Mine is hooked up on International Channel 419.

Tsar Alexander II Vassilakos
Tsar of The Crown Empire of Valeria and All of Its Colonies and Dominions
23-06-2004, 06:19
The ruler of the Empire of Magelaw sat smirking upon his chair.
"So what do you think my lord," asked the advisor clad in expensive dark robes. His hood hung down over his face forbidding any description.
" Rather than I think, I shall say; I know." Laughed the emperor. "What we shall do for the moment, is nothing. This situation is an intriguing one. Our mages of the Sight have seen that many nations converge upon this Eugenicai. Their foolishly obvious ploy has brought down the wrath of many nations both for and against them.
The Emperor laughs heartily.
" But what side shall we take my lord?" cries the faceless mage that stands below the dais.
" Why our side of course my faithful servant." Replies the Archmage, emperor of Magelaw. " We shall ready the ships powered by the new metascience drives. Our technology that combines both magick and science will prove the edge, but all the more so while they all go to war with each other. Notify me when the battle between all of them is concluded, when they move in to occupy and secure the land to create a new govenrment we will pick them all off slowly and inevitably, we shall suffer no casualties as they will be weakened, and they will be defeated, and then it will be over."
The Archmage continues to laugh as he turns to step off the dais and stride confidentally past the hanging curtains into his mistress's quarters.
The Water Cooler
23-06-2004, 07:53
Emperor Sohi sat crossed legged under a giant bonsai drinking some hot green tea, while reading the message from Imitora. He considered things while watching a small frog jump from rock to rock. Reaching forward he picked up the frog, and rubbed the frog on the letter, making sure not to hurt it.

Smiling he put the frog down, and gave the letter to an aide send back to Imitora.

The mister for defence against nations with far larger populations entered the room.

"Should I be worried?"

"Not at all."

"Very good. Instruct our forces to go into increased mobilisation. Inform the council of allies. Oh, and send a message to Magnus Valerius, I think I know someone who would like to talk to them."

He said gesturing with his head towards a young man sweeping the rocks. He looked very similar to Jono. Of course, the robe of Vice Minister to the Emperor wasn't something that everyone got.
23-06-2004, 08:14
Eugene was intrigued. More nations had pledged a crusade against the eugenic policies of his state. Even more intriguing was that a well-known power called Imitora had decided to assist him in ridding Eugenicai of the foriegn 'inferiors'.

"So the Imitorans have decided to put out to see in order to protect the soveriegn of my state. This is good news. Alexander, what can we do to assist their counter-fleet."

"Our factories have been in massive production for a good year now. Reports suggest that we have just completed production of 20 'Sword' class attack ships. They are small but highly maneuverable. They could cut right through the Water Coolan fleet, avoid enemy fire whilst dropping their deadly cargo of torpedoes and mines."

"Very good, however, we should wait for Imitoran assistance. We have no idea how well our boats perform. We need their support if we are to break the blockade. By the way, send a message of thanks to the Imitoran government and a message of extreme hate and bile to the offending nations."

Alexander snapped to attention.

"Very good sir!"

He moved to complete his tasks.
The Water Cooler
23-06-2004, 08:22
Observing the increased traffic at military sites in Eugenicai, additional naval forces have been dispatched to provide backup.

A telex message is dispatched to Eugenicai ordering them to stand down. All Imperial Naval forces are extremely capable of defending themselves, and backup is always on hand.
Canad a
23-06-2004, 09:01
Situation Room, Military Complex,
Calgary, United States of Canada - 0556 HR

"Mister President we have recieved a threat from Imitora to not launch an humantarian aide project to the Eugenicai, we must back down. We have targeted military armoured sattelites overheading our nation. WE MUST BACKDOWN!"

The President of the United States of Canada nodded his head as he puts his hands up, "They got us. However, send a message back to the Leader of Imitora to disarm their weapons."

-Okay Imitora, hands off your weapons.-
The Water Cooler
23-06-2004, 09:47
We urge the fine nation of Canad a not to be bullied, united we stand, devided we fall!
23-06-2004, 15:13
Spot reserved for a post when i get off work
23-06-2004, 15:34
We will not stand down. Your act of aggression through the use of a blockade has forced us to mobilise a counter. We will defend ourselves. Any ships that approach our merchant vessels will be fired upon.
Do not underestimate us.

The Perfect Manifestation of the Eugenican State
The Leader
The Masterpiece Society of Eugenicai
The Water Cooler
24-06-2004, 07:59
The captain of the IWCS Plastic leaned forward over the rail, his eyes seemingly cutting through the darkness. The busy sounds of the ship could be even heard at night; however they seemed to be - almost more sinister.

Shaking his head the Captain Daci dismissed the thoughts. Pulling his jacket closer against his body in effort to ward of the chill of the night, he entered the bridge.

A young Lt. greeted him, saluting sharply.

"Sir, A flash traffic message from the Admiralty." He said handing over the dispatch.

Captain of the IWCS Plastic,

You are hereby ordered to halt immediately and reverse course. You are not to enter Eugenicain waters, or impede any vessels of their nation from conducting their business. STOP

You will maintain the fleet’s position 5 kilometres off the territorial boundary of Eugenicai, in international waters. Confirm position with GSP and Private WC Network. STOP

You will continue in the holding position till further orders. You will only fire when attacked by hostile crafts. STOP


Briefly sighing he turned around and addressed the pilot, giving him new orders. He instructed coms to inform the rest of the fleet. He couldn’t help but notice the sudden feel of disappointment form the men.

Another time perhaps, he thought looking out at the sea you can have me another time.
24-06-2004, 08:11
Eugene watched with satisfaction as a merchant ship, the S.S Morph passed the Water Coolan blockade without trouble.

"Perculiar and yet pleasing, I have yet to understand how a nation imposes a blockade against me without stopping my merchants. Oh well, Alexander, keep an eye on the Coolan fleet."

Alexander nodded.
24-06-2004, 15:38
As the WC ships turned, they found themselves facing an invisable wall of fire. More specificially, a wall of plasmatic gas. With the ability to move at neasr 200mph underwater, the Virginia VIIs were able to cover the distance from Imitora to Eugenicai easily. When in range, they opened fire, each sending out three Mk XXVIII Plasma Yeild Torpedos towards the Water Coolian Ships.

Each torpedo moved at a speed of near 300mph, and had the explosive power around that of half the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. And several were in the water.

Meanwhile. over Canada, the weapons continued to target, but didnt not fire. Over Water Cooler, the satalites finished their Geosynchronization, and locked onto major military targets.
Magnus Valerius
25-06-2004, 01:24

Bah! Space/Future Tech really ruins the fun; it amounts to me not being able to do much with my WWI - WWII tech (kinda; there are implementations from modern/future with missle defense and SAM batteries) military...


The Tsar, upon not receiving a response from Eugenicai, decided to try contacting the Eugenicaian leader to prevent war. Alexander did not want to go to war... well, at least not yet. For one thing, the vast Valerian Navy was not mobilized, and the soldiers, too, were not at the ready. 'Perhaps I was a little too brash...' thought the emperor. However, the newer versions of dreadnoughts in the navy, with their fearsome 12"-18" guns and thick metal shielding (that can withstand many types of missiles easily, as they are not meant to penetrate ship armor after the decommissioning of battleships on a world-wide scale), with ample support from carriers, might crush the competition in Eugenicai...

The main worries from the emperor came from his technological plans. Many technologies and advances were still being implemented and researched, and war might ruin the progress his scientists had made so far. It also might distract them under a wartime economy and stance within the Empire.

The emperor contacted the leader of Eugenicai again.

To Eugenicai,

Will you not explain to me why are you trying to achieve "perfection"? What does perfection mean to you? I've decided to hold my threat of war at the moment, but please explain to me your program in your nation and your goals... Perhaps we, outside Eugenicai, are inferior. I will issue an apology for my brash and harsh threat.

Tsar Alexander II
Emperor of The Crown Empire of Valeria


The Valerian Steel Industry was born when the Proto-Valerians (fabled to have came from an extraterrestrial planet) helped the Vedusians, the Slavic peoples who once populated the plain, develop steel-making techniques through a painfully iterative process of developing all of the technology up to steel forging. With 32% of the nation's GDP in steel, Valeria has a workable base for more heavy industry and shipbuilding. The Crown Empire has neglected its air force in favor of a mighty navy, much like the British Empire (only that the British Empire seemed to have neglected its army).

With the rumors of war already leaked out into the public, many industrial corporations have begun the shift into war-time production without the government's approval. The shipyards were filled with workers diligently crafting more of the Valerian Dreadnoughts. These massive battleships were nicknamed "Floating Fortresses" by most everyone (not just Orwell fans). Each Dreadnought usually has an accompanying flotilla of corvettes or torpedo boats.

Already in the major port city of Trentino, some privateers have deployed themselves in their schooners and small destroyers and corvettes. The admiralty in the city was out on holiday, which meant that many of these ships had cleared the harbor before the next day, when the admiralty reopened.

These privateers headed towards international waters towards Eugenicai; there was nothing on these ships that would denote them as official Valerian ships... which meant that they might tangle with the Coolian Navy as well, if their egos were secured enough.
The Water Cooler
25-06-2004, 06:23
((Ditto, my nation is pretty much at real life tech levels, so their is little point continuing in this rp if the current level of technology is going to continue. And by the way, why on earth did you fire on the fleet? Do the words international waters mean nothing to you?!))
25-06-2004, 08:04
To Eugenicai,

Will you not explain to me why are you trying to achieve "perfection"? What does perfection mean to you? I've decided to hold my threat of war at the moment, but please explain to me your program in your nation and your goals... Perhaps we, outside Eugenicai, are inferior. I will issue an apology for my brash and harsh threat.

Tsar Alexander II
Emperor of The Crown Empire of Valeria

But of course, my good sir. We are sorry that we were unable to reply sooner, other matters kept us from communication.

Our goal in the end is genetic perfection, a human genome that bestows perfect features and abilities to the host. Eugenicai is a massive experiment, a carefully planned and controlled society; some would call us a police state but they are fools who are afraid of the truth; without careful planning our experiment would fail.

The extermination of local populations of inferiors was done in accordance with experimental procedure, they are much like a cancer in a research patient. They had to be removed to ensure that the genetic purity of our nation is maintained.

The Perfect Manifestation of the Eugenican State
The Leader
The Masterpiece Society of Eugenicai
25-06-2004, 08:08
OOC: Yes, international waters mean that the waters belong to no one, and therefore I can do just about anythign I want to in them with out violating any rules. Well, any rules that I hold by. And to retort MV, all you modern tech and earlier nations are taking away the fun for us near to future tech nations.
25-06-2004, 08:27
OOC: I get the feeling this is slowly going to decline into a future tech VS modern tech argument...

The Water Cooler
25-06-2004, 08:30
((Yes, but that's my point. I was international waters, hence there was no point to attack me. Geesh. Trigger finger itchy?))
25-06-2004, 20:02
OOC: Why not? And yes, very itchy. Imitoran Foriegn policy-Kill everyone, leave no witnesses to question.
Magnus Valerius
26-06-2004, 22:31

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

I guess it's not worth fighting over tech, since it'll ruin the fun for all of us, so I'm not going to complain anymore... Whatever happens, happens. But, I just hope my nation doesn't become a smoldering cinder overnight. :D


Valerian Imperial Estate, Magnus Valerius

Alexander received a communiqué with his morning coffee a day after his attempt at outreach to Eugenicai. It seems that Eugene, of Eugenicai, was planning something very strange among his people. Purposively, this mass genocide within his country was the procedure for some experiment that the leader designed to create a nation of "superiors". But who where the inferiors? Alexander probably wouldn't find out unless he invades, but he had decided against it. Instead, he decided to send an observation fleet of three battleships, each equipped with 10 16” guns. To make sure that it isn’t taken immediately as an offense, the emperor replied to Eugene.


I must say, the sound of an experiment is very intriguing. I am one for science anyway. I am going to allow you to continue your project, so long as you do not violate other nations and their sovereignty. I will be sending a small observation fleet of three battleships, and on board of the flagship of the small fleet will be an ambassador. These ships will not be ordered to fire upon anything unless fired upon. If you wish to have my ambassador visit, then welcome her appropriately, as she is a very dear friend to me.

Tsar Alexander II
Emperor of Magnus Valerius

From the corner of Alexander’s office emerged a woman, dressed like a VECOD agent. Her red hair was cropped to her shoulders and her dark violet eyes shone with intelligence.

“You want me to depart now, Alexander?” she inquired.

“Yes, Linda,” replied the emperor, “I just hope… you remain safe.”

Alexander brought in Fleet Commander, Admiral Kitchener, to tell him to order out three battleships: HMS Marcie, HMS Elan, and HMS Prussia. Admiral Kitchener saluted and returned to his office to issue the orders to the three dreadnoughts.

International Waters, Near the Coolian Fleet

The pirates that poured out in an almost jingoistic fashion from the Valerian ports soon spotted the Coolian Fleet. The pirate "fleet" was comprised of five schooners, one clipper, a rusty ironclad, and three small destroyers that the more successful pirates had jointly purchased and commanded. It was likely that every single ship was to be thrashed if they even dared to engage the Coolian ships. It seems that sort of thing was just about to happen, when the captain of one of the schooners orders his ship to open fire against the Coolians.

Trentino Harbor, Central Magnus Valerius

Captain Charles Thomas of the HMS Marcie awoke to the sound of the commands being spewed at him from Kitchener.

“Thomas! Awaken! You are to set destination coordinates to the ocean six miles off the coast of Eugenicai.”

Charles cringed as the domineering voice of Kitchener echoed in his small room.

“Do not fire on anything unless you are fired upon! That’s an order from the emperor himself!”

The captain replied grimly through radio, “Yes, sir.” Charles got dressed and rushed up to the deck to see the skyline of Trentino. The stack of the battleship was bellowing steam, signaling that the ship was ready to leave port. Charles turned in the opposite direction to see HMS Elan and HMS Prussia already leaving port.

“Damn, I know this might not end the way I want it to end,” murmured Charles to himself.
The Water Cooler
27-06-2004, 03:34
Bridge, IWCS Plastic

"Sir, hostile fire off the port bow. It's coming from some pirate vessels." Examined a ensign.

"I see. Send them a telex, demand that that stop within 60 seconds of we will blow them to kingdom come."

Mission Control, The Admiralty, Sohi City

"Sir, Satellites Recon reports that our ships have come under fire." Reported a Recon-Officer.

"From the country that uses deadly and futuristic weapons that seem to rival the power of god himself" Replied the wise and venerable Admiral Nais

"You mean Imitora, Sir?"

"Yes, that's the one."

"No, From a old, pirate ship. Sir, It’s a wonder that it’s still afloat."

"Oh, Put it up on the main screen. Let's see how Captain Daci handles this."

Message to the Pirate Ships

You are hereby ordered to cease firing at once, and prepare to be bordered. We have ruled that your vessel is a pirate ship, and as such world wide treaties compel us to arrest you, and detain your ships.

We repeat, we demand you cease fire at once, and prepare to be boarded.

You have 60 seconds to comply, or we will open fire.

Bridge, IWCS Plastic

"Message sent, awaiting reply."

"Inform the IWCS Garner to come around 50 degrees, and prepare to fire on the ship on my command. Also, make sure Alpha squad is ready to board the ship as well." Replied Captain Daci.

"Yes Suh!"
27-06-2004, 19:00
OOC: Before my next post, can I get a loss count on the plasma torps?
Canad a
27-06-2004, 21:43
Situation Room, Military Complex, Presidential Buildings
Calgary, United States of Canada

President Wittrock sat in the chair as he learnt that the Imitorans had disarmed their weapons however they still stayed in space over Canadan Military targets.

"Get me a line to the President of Imitora."
27-06-2004, 21:52
The phone rang, but it seemed as if no one would answer. a minute later, a computer voice responded. "Thank you for calling the office of Robert Fortier. If this call is in regards to his leadership skills, please hang up, and call the service line. If this is a call of diplomatic importance, press one. If this call is in regards to a mater of war time situations, press two. If this call is in order to offer a scincere and obvious threat to Fortier, please press three, and hang up. Your call will be traced, and an INSA assault team will come for you. This call may be monitered in order to continue to provide the upmost in customer and dignatary satisfication. Thank you."

However, that was not all. After 15 minutes of being routed through several similar prompt menus, Wittrock was finally given the personal line of Fortier. Five minutes later, after the incomming call was routed through a trace line and a recording system activated, the phone at Fortier's desk rang. He had three phones, and this call was comming through the blue one, which signified a matter of extreme diplomatic importance short of war.

"First Speaker Fortier hear, what can I do for ya?"
Magnus Valerius
28-06-2004, 05:25
The pirate vessels, after the first small schooner opened fire, all rallied mindlessly behind the small vessel. They unleashed everything they had on the Coolian fleet in order to soften the ships up to prepare for boarding. The pirates clamored, making lewd gestures at those whom they though was the enemy.

"Die you scum!"

"Don't mess with my homeland!"

"Death to the infidel scum!"

Several more rants came from the crews as they constantly loaded their guns and fired. It was unlikely that the small guns packed by these privateer vessels would do any damage against the Coolians, but even so these pirates continued fighting a futile fight.

One Hour Away from the Coolian Fleet off Eugenicai

Captain Thomas watched the seas from the deck. The HMS Marcie with its companions, the HMS Prussia and HMS Elan, were steaming along at 23 knots per hour. Linda Hart, whom Alexander assigned for any diplomatic mission, emerged from her quarters and admired the guns lined up along the vessel. After a few minutes, she was bored of watching the ambiance, so she walked towards Capt. Thomas.

"Aren't you Captain Thomas?"

"Yes, milady."

"I've heard a lot about you, you know... if Kitchener retires, the emperor might pick you as head of the navy."


Thomas pulled down his cap and headed towards the center of the ship, where the sleeping quarters were. He did not want to think about his future right now especially since his was so cloudy right now. There could possibly be conflict hidden along this journey. The three battleships were unlikely to reach the scene of the skirmish with the pirates in time to be confused with them, but what will happen when the small squadron of ships arrives is yet to be determined.
The Water Cooler
28-06-2004, 06:48
((Umm, err. You blew up some ships, say half of the task force (about 5 ships then). Furthermore one ship was damaged, however repairs are underway, and it's expected that it will be fully operational. If your think you uber weapons where stronger then that let me know))

Bridge, IWCS Plastic

"Well, they are still firing at us. They seem to be speaking gibberish at us. And making obscene gestures"

"Obscene gestures? Well, that's shocking. Instruct the IWCS Garner to open fire on the lead vessel. Blow it to hell if the need be. Launch a few anti-personal helicopters, and order them to provide supporting fire if the needed. After the first ship is destroyed, send a message demanding that the rest stop or they will suffer a similar fate. Oh, inform the Admiralty of the damages to the fleet by Imitora. Suggest they act accordingly. Tell them they attacked us without provocation of any kind. Report such to the Media, and allied countries."