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The FIFA Club Championship (xlrFIFA)

Kaze Progressa
19-06-2004, 19:39
The FIFA Club Championship (known as the xlrFIFA in Rejistanian) is the tournament that pits top club sides across the region of FIFA against each other.

The teams have now been entered, and the draw has taken place. The teams have been drawn as follows:

Vaje~n Sekhika
Abysmalia Shanty Town
Dinamo Milkinsk
AS Virgernia

Hades Lavamje
Spartak Izhlintograd

Kaza X-Teem
FK Eintracht Skarlett
FC Bankruptcy

Whogivesa City
Paninara Kick
Grenadier Juniors
Eightball FC

Each team plays each other twice in the group, with the top two teams then qualifying for the quarter-finals. These take place on a two-legged basis, as do the semi-finals. The final is a one legged match, and takes place at the Sen~La Sao Relekhati Stadium in Rejistania.

Scores will be posted on the FIFA regional board - this is the RP thread.
20-06-2004, 00:21
Coach Eww describes the perspective of Shanty Town as "Abysmal"

Coach Eww answered to the question how high the chances were for Abysmalia Shanty Town to do something similar to not-losing-and-also-not-drawing by: "Completely Abysmal. if nothing totally unpredicted happens, we will end 0-0-3!" The Abysmal Times can only hope that Eww does his best to makethis happen. The national motto "Underarchievers and proud of it" at least was the reason to call the piece of swamp, Shanty Town plays on, "Underarchievers Grass Patch".

The Abysmalia Shanty Town team:
GK: Ciq (substitutes: Hsi or any other player)
Other starting players (tactic is still rarely used here): Mi, Gulp, Kash, Zoom, Hri, Qik, Doh, Shhh, No, Boing
Substitutes: Hsi, Qa, Mirc, Roo, Dai, Meep, Suu
The Belmore Family
20-06-2004, 10:59
20-06-2004, 11:53
Rejistanian clubs see mostly unknown opponents

In the xlrFIFA, most of the opopnents of Vaje~n Sekhika and Hades Lavamje are either totally unknown or considered no challenge at all. The latter especially referring to Abysmalia Shanty Town, a club whichis not known for successes but for the bad state of the pitch they are playing on. Hades Lavamje will face Spartak Izhlintograd from Ruslana, Adrasuvare side Angeleria and Sportzentrum from the land Rot-Gelb-Grun in Group B. The name Hades does not refer to the Greek underworld but is an abbreviation of Hanin kali & Desnike kali Lavamje. Hades was the soccer club of both cities untill Hanin Sekhika was founded in Hanin kali. Both cities became a part of KaMaRi kali, which is an abbreviation for Kalimnintan-Maiju-Riandu.

Vaje~n Sekhika will face Abysmalia Shanty Town from the Abysmalistan swamp, Dinamo Milkinsk from Ruslana and AS Virgernia from Adrasuvare. The Vaje~ni are really concerened about the lack of information about some opponents. They still remember how they got trashed against the unknown opponent Alan City in the tournament in Melmond. Vaje~n kali is a city in the southern part of Rejistania, which is normally not known for its devotion to soccer, but Vaje~n Sekhika changed it when the club missed the champions title of the HVSR only on goal difference. (OOC: In case you don't know how to pronounce the name, it rhymes with the french word 'matin')
Kaze Progressa
20-06-2004, 11:59
DAY ONE RESULTS can be found shortly on the FIFA Civil Headquarters (regional board) and will be posted here shortly after this.
22-06-2004, 12:01
Vaje~n starts strongly
The xlrFIFA saw a great Vaje~n Sekhika win against AS Virgernia in Adrasuvare. The 'nanti kansuan dream' continued with a 5:0 victory. AS Virgernian fans became a minority in their own stadium due to many fanatic rejistanian fans. Fortunately the Vaje~ni are expressing their joy after victories, but they are not known as Hooligans and so, also this match saw no unpleasant violence.
About the match, not much is to say, it reminded of a test game in large parts when Virgernia was seriously outclassed. In the 46th minute, they nearly shocked Vaje~n and entire Rejistania by archieving the consolation goal, but goalie Mija Halij could reach the ball with his fingertips and spoil their chance.

The result:
AS Virgernia (Adrasuvare) 0
Vaje~n Sekhika (Rejistania) 5 (Higgins 5th 35th, Tika 18th 63th, Lile 78th)
22-06-2004, 12:19
slani forums + few time = double posts
22-06-2004, 12:20
Hades rather weak
The Hades Lavamje team played the first match against the club Sportzentrum from Rot Gelb GrĂ¼n. Hades had many matches in the H1SR*, HVSR** as well as in the Melmondian invitational tournament, so the team was rather tired and lacked all star-players. Amateur Esi Lexa, normally playing for the second team, brought the Hadesi ahead in the 50th minute and extended the lead 7 minutes later, but everything else was boring defensive soccer from both sides. Even though many rejistanians are fans of defensive soccer like known from Karela, a match were no one attacks also not quite pleases them.

The result:
Sportzentrum (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 0
Hades Lavamje (Rejistania) 2 (Lexa 50th, 57th)

*heven mje'het sekhika rejistaniha = first rejistanian soccer league
*heven'het vinali sekhika rejistaniha = final league/playoffs.
23-06-2004, 11:38
Ruslana At xlrFIFA: Match Day One

Dinamo Milkinsk
Dinamo lost their opening game 2-1 against Abysmalia Shanty Town (ABY), a team who WANTED to be 0-0-3. Improvement needed.

Goalscorer: Gharei Simitov (82').

Spartak Izhlintograd
Better news for Spartak as they defeated Angeleria (ADS) 2-0.

Goalscorers: Dyniseia Berkamin (11'), Tierei Onreev (29').
Kaze Progressa
26-06-2004, 11:12

FK Eintracht Skarlett (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 0 Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa) 2
Grenadier Juniors (The Master Cooper) 0 Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates) 2
FC Bankruptcy (Slani Hyperinflation) 1 Platypi (Halfassedstates) 1
Eightball FC (sprotbot) 0 Paninara Kick (Kaze Progressa) 1
1. Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa) 6 2 0 0 5: 0 5
2. Platypi (Halfassedstates) 4 1 1 0 3: 1 2
3. FC Bankruptcy (Slani Hyperinflation) 1 0 1 1 1: 4 -3
4. FK Eintracht Skarlett (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 0 0 0 2 0: 4 -4
1. Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates) 4 1 1 0 2: 0 2
2. Paninara Kick (Kaze Progressa) 4 1 1 0 3: 2 1
3. Eightball FC (sprotbot) 1 0 1 1 0: 1 -1
4. Grenadier Juniors (The Master Cooper) 1 0 1 1 2: 4 -2

Dinamo Milkinsk (Ruslana) 0 Vaje~n Sekhika (Rejistania) 3
Angeleria (Adrasuvare) 0 Hades Lavamje (Rejistania) 3
AS Virgernia (Adrasuvare) 0 Abysmalia Shanty Town (Abysmalistan) 1
Sportzentrum (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 0 Spartak Izhlintograd (Ruslana) 3
[code:1:04572b8f8f]GROUP C Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Vaje~n Sekhika (Rejistania) 6 2 0 0 8: 0 8
2. Abysmalia Shanty Town (Abysmalistan) 6 2 0 0 3: 1 2
3. Dinamo Milkinsk (Ruslana) 0 0 0 2 1: 5 -4
4. AS Virgernia (Adrasuvare) 0 0 0 2 0: 6 -6
1. Hades Lavamje (Rejistania) 6 2 0 0 5: 0 5
2. Spartak Izhlintograd (Ruslana) 6 2 0 0 5: 1 4
3. Angeleria (Adrasuvare) 0 0 0 2 1: 5 -4
4. Sportzentrum (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 0 0 0 2 0: 5 -5[/code:1:04572b8f8f]
26-06-2004, 11:59
The mighty nation of Ruslana never double posts!

You must have problems with your vision!

Go see your optician!
26-06-2004, 12:00
Ruslana At xlrFIFA: Match Day Two

Dinamo Milkinsk
Dinamo are eliminated after a 3-0 hammering from Vaje~n Sekhika (REJ). They will be hoping to avoid the derevyannaya lozhka (wooden spoon) against Virgernia (ADS).

Spartak Izhlintograd
Meanwhile, the Sharlakh are going from strength to strength, hammering Sportzentrum (RGG) 3-0. The win means they will be in the quarter finals regardless of the result against Hades Lavamje (REJ).
Goalscorers: Silivan Ulitorov(27',33'), Tierei Onreev (66').
26-06-2004, 13:40
Ruslana At xlrFIFA: Match Day Two

Dinamo Milkinsk
Dinamo are eliminated after a 3-0 hammering from Vaje~n Sekhika (REJ). They will be hoping to avoid the derevyannaya lozhka (wooden spoon) against Virgernia (ADS).

Like in champions league, there is a home and an away leg so you aren't eliminated yet.
26-06-2004, 14:21
Coach Eww got furious after the final whistle blew and Abysmalia Shanty Town wo... ah sorry, did-not-lose-and-also-not-draw.

"Ciq, do you want to leave Abysmalistan? Why were you blocking any attempts of Mi, Qik and D'oh to archieve an own goal? Don't tell me it was incidentally! We are underarchievers and no han-hi-len-ly winners! Understood? No, I'm using that rejistanian curse due to the forum rules! Kash, ever realized that the sides are changed after half time? No? Well, your attempt to score an own goal was counted for us, not against us. Didn't you at least recognise the Russian goalie? What do you mean by '10% eyesight', are you blind? Gah, you are?"
26-06-2004, 23:02
26-06-2004, 23:07
Updates on the xlrFIFA:

(Without any fancy formatting this time cause I am tired of finding out the colors)

Rejistanian teams win both 3:0
The Rejistanian teams Vaje~n Sekhika and Hades Lavamje both won the matches on MD2. The Hadesi found back to their srengths and played with a roster not containing mostly substitutes. Despite this, Esi Lexa again played for the Green-white-blues. The 20 year old student of business again showed his impressive form and was involded in many chances against Angeleria. After the last game, in which the System Karela (ooc: think of Catenaccio) was used, they played in a System Hangila (4-3-3) this time. Angeleria used some defensive errors for good chances, but goalie Y Jen could parry them using up luck for at least 5 matches.

Vaje~n Sekhika also won the game against Dinamo Milkinsk by the score of 3:0. Dinamo Milinsk had only few chances in this fast, agressive and sometimes a bit unfair match. The traditionally good away performance of Vaje~n became clear once again. Gareth Higgins, the Europa Brittania international, and Kami Tika archieved the three goals. While Vaje~n had most good chances in the beginning of the match, Dinamo Milinsk became more and more offensive as their trailing grew. The suicidal tactics were fortunately successless but kept the match exiting up to the last minute.

The results:
Angeleria (Adrasuvare) 0
Hades Lavamje (Rejistania) 3 (Lexa 21th, Ju 48th 64th)

Dinamo Milkinsk (Ruslana) 0
Vaje~n Sekhika (Rejistania) 3 (Tika 8th 23rd, Higgins 14th)
Kaze Progressa
17-07-2004, 14:38
Abysmalia Shanty Town (Abysmalistan) 0 Vaje~n Sekhika (Rejistania) 4
Spartak Izhlintograd (Ruslana) 0 Hades Lavamje (Rejistania) 0
AS Virgernia (Adrasuvare) 0 Dinamo Milkinsk (Ruslana) 1
Sportzentrum (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 1 Angeleria (Adrasuvare) 2
Group A Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Vaje~n Sekhika (Rejistania) 9 3 0 0 12: 0 12
2. Abysmalia Shanty Town (Abysmalistan) 6 2 0 1 3: 5 -2
3. Dinamo Milkinsk (Ruslana) 3 1 0 2 2: 5 -3
4. AS Virgernia (Adrasuvare) 0 0 0 3 0: 7 -7
Group B Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Hades Lavamje (Rejistania) 7 2 1 0 5: 0 5
2. Spartak Izhlintograd (Ruslana) 7 2 1 0 5: 1 4
3. Angeleria (Adrasuvare) 3 1 0 2 3: 6 -3
4. Sportzentrum (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 0 0 0 3 1: 7 -6
Groups C/D to come.
17-07-2004, 14:40
Platypi (Halfassedstates) 1 Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa) 2
Paninara Kick (Kaze Progressa) 1 Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates) 0
FC Bankruptcy (Slani Hyperinflation) 0 FK Eintracht Skarlett (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 2
Eightball FC (sprotbot) 0 Grenadier Juniors (The Master Cooper) 1

Region C Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Kaza X-Teem (Kaze Progressa) 9 3 0 0 7: 1 6
2. Platypi (Halfassedstates) 4 1 1 1 4: 3 1
3. FK Eintracht Skarlett (Rot-Gelb-Grun) 3 1 0 2 2: 4 -2
4. FC Bankruptcy (Slani Hyperinflation) 1 0 1 2 1: 6 -5
Region D Pts W D L GF:GA GD
1. Paninara Kick (Kaze Progressa) 7 2 1 0 4: 2 2
2. Whogivesa City (Halfassedstates) 4 1 1 1 2: 1 1
3. Grenadier Juniors (The Master Cooper) 4 1 1 1 3: 4 -1
4. Eightball FC (sprotbot) 1 0 1 2 0: 2 -2
19-07-2004, 20:11
A half-way point TAG
19-07-2004, 20:59
Wild dances cause draw
Rejistanian champions Hades Lavamje could only draw against the 'wild dancers' of Ruslana side Spartak Izhlintograd. The unpronouncable side from Ruslana showed impressive skill, especially in the defense. Their offense however struggled against the rather defensive Hadesi. Of course did Hades not play as defensively as Karela Lines but the System Imdila is a pretty defensive formation for the team. Tierei Onreev had the best chance for the 'wild dancers' (there is a rumour that this nick name is referring to the elegance and speed of the Izhlintograd match) in the 20th minute but the Hadesi were saved by the crossbar. The best chance for the Rejistanians was a combined effort of Lexa'he and Disi'he. The ruslanan goalie however reacted with an incredible amount of skill, speed and not to forget: luck and saved.
27-07-2004, 13:08
A BUMPing matchday 3.

KP 2 Halfassed 0

Matchday 3 saw the biggest challenge for both the Halfassed sides in the FIFA championship as they faced off against the sides from Kaze Progressa.
Unfortunately they both lost to the odd goal, the Platypi 1-2 against Kaza X-Teem, Whogivesa City 0-1 against Paninara Kick.
The result leaves the Platypi 5 points behind the X-Teem, Whogivesa City fall 3 points back on the Kick.