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United Fascist Front

Fascist Americas
19-06-2004, 18:53
Attention all fascist states. The new region, "Fascist United Americas", is the place to relocate your nation. It consists on the entire north-american continent including the islands. Only true fascists will be alowed to enter. Send me a tellagram, and I'll check out your state. If its worthy of the name, your will be given the password and a residents in our new land. Together we will present to the I.S., a unitited fascist opinion and front. Even if you don't call yourself a fascist, right-wingers and conservatives may wan't to check it out!
National syndicalism
20-06-2004, 13:32
I don't think that conservatives would agree with corporatism or syndicalism which is practised by Fascist regimes. That's what I like about Fascism, it;s a third way between capitalism and socialism. i just joined your region though.
Fascist Americas
20-06-2004, 13:36
Thats what I like about it too. It toses the idea of left and right in favor just doing what is needed. But nobody else does that, and the soldiers of the right are at least closer to fascism than the left.
20-06-2004, 18:35
"I do not think, sir, that i could be bothered wasting the time to carve your gravestone."