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Brochure for Republic of Giant Foreheads (Tourism) [RP]

Giant Foreheads
19-06-2004, 18:12

There could be a thousands reasons to visit our beautiful land and take in its' endless beauty. Our great nation allows its' citizens to prosper as they wish. Compulsory public nudity, no borders on what you do to your own body, lush and green rainforests (You are of course, permitted to wear clothes within the rainforest!), as well as a more powerful gambling sector than anywhere else on earth!

What does this mean to you? We'll first stamp you with a removable barcode chip. This will allow us to keep you safe on your vacation, and the chip will be removed after you leave our borders. After this, you can do whatever you want. The local fetish clubs, swingers clubs and red light district give the youthful in us the chance to "live it up" with the sexually transmitted disease-free population. Or perhaps just smoke some of your private crop of pot on our many hashish shop porches, basking in our lovely sun.

Our public libraries are vast and well loved, and as such the elder in you can find a virtual cornocopia of colorful novels, encyclopedias and tomes. And when yer' old and lonely, you can always find a night of passion to cure your ills.

Come to our loving and caring nation. See your most happy days. The sexually oriented society that fulfills your every desire. And try not to be disuaded by our form of currency.....we can explain that in our many city tours....

Oh , and did we mention that the planes you'll be transported on are military class vessels, due to our massive army? Yes, it's true. We rule.

----End brochure---