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Allanean Government official murdered!

19-06-2004, 17:07
In the suburbs of Port-Allanea
Takeshi Kitano, the Allanean Minister of Education, was smiling as he got out of his SUV and started walking towards the entrance of his expensive home. Yet another wonderful day at work. Takeshi liked his work. A teacher since the age of 22, the 60-year-old Allanean liked nothing more than the sacred act of distributing knowledge. Yes, he believed his profession was more sacred - certainly more fulfilling - than that of a priest.
He was still thinking those pleasant thoughts as he noticed three young men approach him accross his law. They were carrying knives, and one had a baseball bat. "Go for it!", one of them screamed, and they started running towards him. Then, it seemed that the world started moving in slow-motion for him. "Probably foreigners," thought Takeshi as he caught the batter in the sights of his Teacher's Special. He squeexed the trigger, twice, and two large red stains appeared on the man's white shirt. "An Allanean thug is never that brave." Another shot, and the man fell as the .45 round hit him in the forehead. "Allanean thugs know they're going to get shot at", he thought, downing the second attacker with a perfect headshot before the first one even hit the ground. The third one tried to make a desperate jab at Kitano, but three shots overtook him and swept him off his feet like a toy soldier hit by a bowling ball. "Besides, Allaneans would be carrying real weapons" he thought.
Then, sudden pain pierced his body - the pain of a knife wound to the left kidney and the pain of realization that there was a fourth killer, waiting behind him all that time. Then there was nothing.
19-06-2004, 17:17
OOC: What's the public announcement?
19-06-2004, 17:21
Allanean Bureau of Investigation Announcement

Today, the Allanean Bureau of Investigation has recovered the body of Education minister Takeshi Kitano, with knife wounds to the back and throat. Three armed attackers were found, dead. His handgun was found, with 7 shots out of 15 fired. It seems that he had killed the three attackers (armed, surprisingly, with non-projectile weapons only), while a fourth one approached him from behind and stabbed him in the kidneys, then slashed his throat as he lost consciousness.
19-06-2004, 17:24
Muktar wishes to make it clear that it is utterly shocked by this attack and wonders what could have provoked something of this manner.
19-06-2004, 17:37
We suggest all government ministers be accompanied by bodyguards as it maybe the start of an organised attack on the heart of the Allanean government.
19-06-2004, 17:40
The following e-mails arrive at the Allanean Department of Justice within minutes from each other.

Official Statement of the Allanean Conservative Union

We claim full responsiblity for the attack. The attacks will continue until the ultra-liberal Kazansky government is overthrown.

Official Statememnt pf the Liberty Group

We claim responsibility for the execution of Takeshi Kitano. The attacks will repeat themselves until the EPA and the acts authorizing its existence are no more.

Offiical Statement of the Allanean Communist Party

We have executed the utra-capitalist Takeshi Kitano. We suggest that the extremist right wing Kazansky government is eliminated - or attacks will continue.
Tahar Joblis
19-06-2004, 17:47
A spokeswoman for the Allanean Affairs Divison of the Foreign Affairs Department of Tahar Joblis broadcast a speech denying Tahar Joblissan involvement in the assassination.

She further denied any and all rumors that Tahar Joblissan manipulation of Allanean government officials is commonplace, denouncing such as the "deranged mutterings of absurdist conspiracy theorists with little to do but explain how it is that they managed to shoot themselves in the foot last night."
19-06-2004, 17:57
19-06-2004, 17:58
Allanean Bureau of Investigation official announcement

Today, the ABI has searched the so-caled "Allanean Communist Party" HQ.
25 assault rifles and a kilogram of marijuana were found, but no proof that the four members of the party (all arrestted during the raid) were up to something illegal.