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Annoying Diversions

Der Angst
19-06-2004, 15:46
ooc edit: Of course I contacted Drakonian Imperium beforehand, got clearance, and he also proofread this post. Thank you very much.

Edit #2: This thread is (directly) related to Mind Games (Psi Revolt) ( and Dyelli Beybi rogue nations (

Drakonian Imperium

Sven walked through the rather empty streets of Alexandria, the climate rather... inconvenient for him. Too warm.

So far, it had worked quite well. Using an Lavenrunzian airline (Which, in itself, was amusing enough, considering the current troubles with Lavenrunz) hadn`t been a problem at all. Of course, significant equipment wasn`t one of the things he had, but oh well... He would have to work with what he could get.

He chuckled, watching an (apparently) Angstian businessmen walking down the street. Most certainly one of the ones who would strongly disagree with the ideas and plans of his superiors... Well, it couldn´t be helped, and informing them beforehand was out of question. Opsec. Not to mention that about every second one of them would likely warn the Drakonians, hoping for his own little advantage.

He stopped. Nice ones, this are... "May I...?"

"Of course." She smiled, he smiled back. "This ones, then."

He continued on his way to the airport. Officially, he was a Lavenrunzian tourist, on 'great tour' in Drakonia. The last three days, since he had arrived, he had spend with watching various attractions, a night in the clubs, and... Well, he was just returning from his meeting with the liaison.

One thing was for certain: Alexandria wasn´t worth it. Too hard a target for too little to gain. Not that they had to gain much...

Tobago, on the other hand... When he had been briefed, it seemed like a valuable target, and rather easy to get.

Well, 'easy'. It was an acceptable risk.

And since it wasn´t too unusual for a tourist to be there... He stopped, watching the ruins of a building next to him. Apparently, yet another one of this terrorist attacks... Ok, actually, it is rather strange to be a tourist in Drakonia...

He shrugged. It could only help him. The only problem was his liaison on Tobago. It was there, yes, however, its... 'reputation' wasn´t the best... And the equipment he could probably get there... Well, he would see.

Two hours later, he sat in the plane, heading for Tobago, giving the flowers to the stewardess. "If there is anyone deserving this flowers, its you, Miss."

The next day.

Cursing his apparent lack of money, he stood up, crushing a couple cockroaches under his feet. He hated third- class hotels like this one... Well, it couldn´t be helped, he needed his budget for other things.

Adrien Castano... With a sigh, he went to the shower. He really didn`t want to do this... he just hoped Adrien would have the necessary equipment... The meeting wouldn´t be pleasent, at least he didn´t think so.

Half an hour later, he left the hotel to visit certain 'attractions'. And considering the impressive amount of attractions walking around, he cursed his fate... He was only lying...

Ok... Talking to Adrien, getting the equipment and the details about the harbour. Tomorrow, watching the harbour. Then, waiting for a DB fleet to show up, if their conflict with Tersanctus doesn´t prevent them from doing it. Goddamnit, it is possible that my mission is already outdated...
Dyelli Beybi
20-06-2004, 11:00
Drakonian Imperium
25-06-2004, 18:05
Drakonian Imperium
25-06-2004, 18:50
Drakonian Imperium
25-06-2004, 18:55
Drakonian Imperium
25-06-2004, 18:57
The Caribbean island of Tobago is what only can be described as paradise. The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean lap her white sandy shores and palm trees line the coasts. And to top it all off, was an amazingly deep blue sky, at times filled with wispy white clouds. (

The local sights were also as amazing. Towns were full of bustling happy people where open air markets (with goods of all varieties including an amazing selection of fruits) are filled the pleasant sounds of steel drum music and the Soca music of the locals. The buildings themselves were bright and colorful, seeming to show the spirit that filled the entire island.

The locals were a diverse group with skin tones ranging all the way from yet black to tanned bronze to a pale peach (indicating those newcomers, this color which darkens to bronze in the island sun). Most were of darker skin tones, but lighter skinned Drakonians were not hard to find. All seemed cheerful and joyous, and all wore vibrant bright colorful cloth that left little to the imagination.

Such made clear that tropical climate that all felt. The air was thick with humidity and everywhere was warm. The interiors of most building however were quite the opposite (possessing powerful air conditioners) and it was oft complained that one went from too hot (outside) to too cold (inside). Rain was frequent (happening on almost a daily basis, even as much as twice or more a day), lasting usually for only an hour or two, but pouring down in buckets for that time. But within an hour all traces of the last rain were gone, excepting a slight increase in humidity.

It was a tropical climate and a tropical paradise, favorited by tourists, Drakonian, Emirate, and many many others. And, it was amazing.

The nightlife was just as spectacular as the day-life. Concerts of the latest Caribbean music were as numerous as nighttime parties. It was easy stay that the islanders knew how to have fun, for it seemed their entire lives involved it.

It was a feeling one caught on the mainland, but was blatantly obvious when one arrived on the islands. Celebration was part of being a Drakonian and the islanders knew this most of all.
Drakonian Imperium
25-06-2004, 20:01
Marcus Remus was a sterotypical spy. He was tall and handsome, with dishwater blond hair and a well-built body. He even wore an expensive black suit as he entered the extravegant massive casino/hotel where he would be staying in Der Angst. He was here on business, at least that was the official story. Obviously, he was spying for Drakonia on Der Angst. He was at the casino to see if he could glean anything from the high-level government officials that frequented the showy expensive gambling establishment.

Luke Dashing was not a sterotypical spy. He was short and thin, wearing nothing spectacular. A newspaper was open before his face as he stood off to the side of the sidewalk, his eyes slipping over the newspaper and watching Marcus Remus enter the casino. His was the dirty job no one wanted, especially when on assignment in Der Angst.

The city was horrible. Smog seemed to hug the streets, getting in your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Not to mention all throughout your cloths and the rest of your body. It was impossible to get rid of the feel or smell of the dirty smog-soaked city and Luke Dashing hated it. Now he had to stand in the smog while a fellow Drakonian Intelligence Agent got to prance around inside an amazing gaudy casino, spending loads of money. It was enough to make almost anyson stark-raving mad.

But, Luke bit down his annoyance. This was his job. He served his country. It was his duty and he would do it.
Der Angst
21-07-2004, 10:53
A few blatant assumptions (Like character takeovers) made, and I will edit any and all 'wrong' parts (I assume I will have quite a few), still, I'm posting immediately, instead of backchecking, in the interest of this eventually continuing *cough*


The Casino wasn't too full, the recent recession having hit basically everyone.

Still, there was business to do, and it hadn't exactly been a disaster. Well, not too much of a disaster. There was still money to be used... And it was used, as the rather expensive items the guests wore or used proved.

Or the insane losses they took while playing.

In the end, it was basically, well, a pleasent place, and since the radioactive dumps were a couple kilometers down... There were no problems.

There was, of course, lots of talking, lots of anecdotes, lots of jokes, smalltalk, a few family disasters, some business deals...

And perhaps, in the center of the colourful, bright place that was the casino, some plotting. Thelas. Glorious Humanity. Sirithil Clones. Many a thing.

However, being a stereotypical spy had its disadvantages. Like, other knowing about it.

And though everyone was friendly (Actually, a bad sign, considering the general rudeness with which Angstians tend to act. The friendlier one is, the less he respects one), occasionally even rude, no one did actually mention any of this things when Remus was close. A few things he could catch, perhaps... Some rumours, some names... The general unpleasentness of everyone's mind, the annoying pointy ears all around... The necessity to support the development of psionic entities...

But in the end, it wasn' t much more than a waste of money, considering 1. his losses on the various tables and 2. the lack of information he got.

A smile, a greeting, was the best he could achive.

Now, outside the casino, it was a bit different. Luke Dashing was kinda... unoccupied. And so were the few people who came along the way, occasionally.

And while the people in the casino were happy, cursing at each other, the occasional pair leaving for a duel, someone was... Coming.

It was a rather innocent- looking person. Well, not exactly innocent. But at least decent.

A few glances, a quick greeting.

A smile. Very good. The 'decent' man thinks as he checks his account. Zero knowledge banks are certainly useful for this kind of thing. Impressive. You're fairly interested in this, right? No answer. Well, foreigners rarely like this form of communication. Which is understandable, after all, it is their mind which is being invaded.

Anyway... Yes, the so called 'independent mercenaries' in Glorious Humanity are council backed. For copies of the evidence see the usual place, they are already there. We're not sure... It looks almost as if the councils even pay for it, rather than the rebels. We might get further information about that. There is one other thing, though. A few documents about Drakonia...


I'm not too sure... But it looks like they want to keep you busy... Elsewhere, instead of Glorious Humanity. How, or when, we don't know, yet. But we saw a short list... The Klatch was mentioned.

I see.

I would suggest further inquiries on your own, we will check, too. But time may be a bit short.

It was the end of the conversation. A corrupt businessman and his employees had made quite a fortune, Drakonian Imperium had spend a significant amount of money in a casino, information had been exchanged... And a few casino guests were under the wrong assumption of having fooled a foreign intelligence agency.

Not yet the 'big thing', but it would likely come, soon.

Luke could return. Marcus was unlikely to return soon, anyway, following the attractions of the tender gender, and seemingly enjoying himself, despite the money he had just thrown out of the window.


It had been a few days. Sven could be satisfied. He had got most of his equipment, and the parts he hadn't got he replaced with, well, homemade things and some fancy black market items.

And another day to lurk around... He had yet to figure out just how he could do soemthign useful, like, taking out some warning systems, or generally spread confusion...

Well, he would know it soon enough.

If just they didn't catch him too early... But then, there was no reason for them, his identity being fairly save. Heck, according to it, he was the citizen of an allied nation fighting with them.

Yawning, he stood up, the bed being anything but comfortable... It didn't matter.

Another hard day in paradise. Yes, he envied them, the people here... To bad it wasn't exactly his style, thusly, his brief tours to experience the local nightlife, the beaches and other such things hadn't been all that interesting.

Earth Orbit/ Dyelli Beybi

The hive watched.

Impressive. Not too dangerous a target, but still worth it.

Yes. Of course, Dyelli beybi will have serious troubles getting there without being noticed.

That is their problem. Well, maybe the operators will fiddle a bit to make it easier.

True. well, anyway... Connection established. Transferring data... Done.


Bah. They can always intercept the non- telepathic parts. Decryption should be harder, though. I'm using a DA only code.

Good. We will see how DB reac- Oh FUCK. Demented rowdy. Gotta hate the earth to orbit transports. Almost ramming C3...


And while the Hive continued with its internal smalltalk, idly discussing the possibility of one of their operators finally getting laid, one of the two A- Level operators in Dyelli Beybi gave (relatively) detailed information about the Drakonian military installations on Tobago [ooc: detailed information as soon as I find my irc logs and do a quick search] to them, offering... It.

And, of course, additional help to hinder Drakonian reconnaissance. A little.
Dyelli Beybi
21-07-2004, 12:07
(OOC) I'm still watching this btw. I'm just waiting for those logs before I make a post ;)
Der Angst
24-07-2004, 20:44
ooc: I'm not exactly knowing much about Dyelli Beybi's architecture, culture, & stuff. So, improvising, TG would be a tad long.

They didn't need to enter the building, since they had stayed in there for most of the time, anyway.

With reason, considering the general, ah, environment in Dyelli Beybi. Now, they entered the office, and handed a copy of the data (On a data medium that was compatible to DB technology) to the man they worked with. "It arrived."

The information was detailed enough. Tobago would be the target.

"Three bases. Scarborough Naval Academy, Bloody Bay Naval Base, and Man O' War Naval Station. We aren't entirely sure, but we approximate about 30000 men personnel for all three bases, together. Bloody Bay being the largest, Man O' being the smallest. We also spotted a significant amount of Army/ Air force personnel at Bloody bay, so it seems to be a bit more than just a naval base."

The second A- Level operator continued. "Furthermore, the Crown Point Air Force Base seems to be a significant threat to approaching forces. Other than that... Not much there."

"It is, of course, up to you to decide what to do with the information. Tobago is relatively exposed, unlike the mainland bases which are covered by the antilles, so it seems to be the most useful target. Basically, laying waste to the island, or at least its military installations."

"Basic info, structure, visible defences, communication we eavesdropped on, timetables of the garnisons and some such about the details of the bases is included in the data. As far as we are concerned, we will try our best to keep the Drakonians from watching too closely. We should also be able to do some real time reconnaissance. Oh, and we might also be able to sabotage the base, but we wont guarantee anything."

"The only problem are the rather extensive naval movements Drakonia is currently staging. The numbers change daily, and there are less targets than usual. Still, in the end it just means one can concentrate on the infrastructure."

Both smiled. A little. "So... Will you do it?"

ooc: Tobago Map ( seems to be the most usable thing.

A roadmap ( would be here.
Dyelli Beybi
25-07-2004, 13:12
They were dealing with a rather harrassed looking Cheka agent, "30,000?" he asked, "Sweet Jesus."

He shook his head, "To lay waste to the island we'd need to attempt a full scale landing with at least 3 divisions. We don't have enough transports to pull that off...we can take the men obviously, but we couldn't move the tanks."

The agent shook his head again, "We can of course try other tricks like dropping some shells on them, but it looks at this stage like they'll be able to swarm our ships with planes and generally do a lot of damage...."

He paused, "'One question, are we dealing with a significant contingent of Naval vessels in the area?...your statement before was a little vague...we may be able to rustle something see the new Government is very angry about the Emirates use of chemical weapons on Dyellian soldiers...they want revenge, but preferably at a minimal loss of Dyellian life."

Earth Orbit over Dyelli Beybi
There had been spacecraft coming and going from Dyelli Beybi for the last few a Nation which generally had in the past had nothing whatsoever to do with strange outlandish technologies....but there was something going on in Dyelli Beybi now, but the most interesting arrival was a module of what seemed to be orbital docks.

(OOC:) Dyelli Beybi is future teching itself through purchasing technology offo ther Nations, but this should have basically no effect on this conflict.
Der Angst
28-07-2004, 11:55
"We didn't exactly think about occupying it. Or even landing on it. More about destroying it, or at least the bases on the island." One of the operators answered. "Basically, by the shelling you mentioned. And possibly bombing, depending on your own capabilities."

He hesitates, looking at the ceiling, for a moment. "We can of course try to... limit their general capabilities... Electronic warfare... Not more, though. And then there is that possibility with us sabotaging them... We will see how significant it will be."

Again, hesitation. "We know full well that the target isn't an easy one. But without risks, one cannot have success. We both want to weaken them significantly, and for this, this target, Tobago, seems to be the most usable."

ooc: For the record, ICly, I should be able to privide a rather detailed list of the Drakonian Fleet presence in the area. oocly, Drakonia is slightly confused with his own deployments, and seems to need some time to know it. Depending on how quickly I get a hold of Drakonia on irc, i might even come up with a few sneaky tricks, depends.
Dyelli Beybi
28-07-2004, 12:18
"OK" the Cheka agent clapped his hands together business-like. "Our problems are as follows."

"A. Detection. We cannot sneak a fleet that close if they have opperating radar or sonar arrays in the area. We believe this is a large enough garrison to warrant this defence. They might also of course be watching the area by satelite, in which case we'd be able to try to exploit a fog bank or something, but I digress. The major problem is detection."

"B. Planes. Before we can design a fleet to tackle the problem we need an estimate of fighter and bomber contingents stationed there. It would be preferable of course, to do something like sabotage the runway, or runways first."

He sighed, "Would it not be cheaper and require a lot less logistical support to try to just get some opperatives in to set off a bomb or something?...a large bomb naturally. I'll admit, we are a little worried at the prospect of provoking open war, at this stage it could lead to a renewal of Federal sanctions against Dyelli Beybi...and if we get isolated from the rest of Klatch we are as good as destroyed."

There was a slight pause, "On what merits exactly was Tobago chosen by Angstian intelligence?"
Der Angst
30-07-2004, 17:40
The two operatives didn't look at each other, didn't exchange a glance. They did 'talk' to each other... Their minds exchanging opinions. Eventually, one of them answered.

"Detection is... Indeed a problem. As far as we know, it would be best to sneak in from the south. Satellites are certainly a problem, but we should be capable of... Interfering a little. It wont prevent detection, but it will certainly help a little."

"As for sabotage of the runways... Unlikely. We're possibly capable to hit their electronics, but not them. In any case... statistics about the exact amount of planes at their disposal came with the data we gave you."

There was a little bit of hesitation. Granted, from DB's point of view, attacking with a sneak attack, with a bomb smuggled in, would make sense. Unfortunately, DB's point of view wasn't theirs. In fact, their point of view was more than just slightly different from theirs, and though they didn#t say it... The amount of DBians dying during a possible Drakonia/ DB conflict was kinda irrelevant for them, as long as Drakonia pulled out of Glorious Humanity.

Which was the original reason why they approached Dyelli Beybi in the first place.

But then, Dyelli Beybi really didn't need to know everything.

"That is... Unlikely to work. And the possible amount of damage, compared to the possible risks, remembering the Drakonian allies' significant capabilities in the interrogation sector..." He meant the Glorious Humanity psychics. "Is, in fact, a risk only slightly smaller than the risk of a conventional attack. With the chance for success being minimal."

"As for... Tobago as a target... It is exposed, not covered by other Drakonian bases. It is important enough to be a hard hit for them, especially as a supply outpost, yet, not too strong to be too much of a danger for an attacking fleet. It is unlikely that the Drakonian Imperium can add significant amounts of forces for its defense, since they are kinda... Spread thin. Very thin."

[ooc: Now, for the information they gave to you beforehand (Yay, numbers... Too tired to add them in some ic form) to review them, and build a plan upon them.

Naval deployments in the region:

Man O' War Bay: One Capital Ship, a frigate, three to five Patrol Cutters

Bloody Bay: three Capital Ships, two destroyers and a Heavy Cruiser, a frigate, too. Also one light amphib assault ship, two amphib assualt ships (pretty much helo carriers) and an amphib dock ship. A Military Transport (really just a HUGE frieghter), and a fast attack submarine

Scarborough: ten Patrol Cutters and eight training vessels, a Magnificent-Class cruiser and Beta-Class Attack submarine


Bloody bay: A couple transports, a small fighter wing, a few small fighter-bombers, and a few bombers. Also a few helicopters (Attack, Assault Transport, and Heavy Transport).

Crown Point: Extensive Fighter wing including a number of fighter-bombers, a few high altitude fighter bombers, a very small group of high altitude bombers. Also a larger (moderate) amount of normal bombers.

This information is included in the data I gave you, icly. The same goes for an (incomplete) underwater sensor network, by coming from the south, one can slip in.

The Drakonian sat network is mentioned as well. And then there are quite a few misile batteries, mainly as anti missile stuff, they can be reconfigured, though (That I don't know ICly, though, only that there are missiles)

Finally, there are vast fuel/ ammunition depots at Crown Point and Bloody Bay, above ground as well as underground, and above ground fuel/ ammunition depots at Man O' War, and a lot of general military buildings at Bloody Bay and Scarborough. Charlotteville, Canaan Bon Accord and Bucco Point will have some installations, too.

Radar is there, of course, and there are installations to jam missiles, which are secret, again, the jammers, ooc knowledge.]
Drakonian Imperium
03-08-2004, 12:31
0958 Zulu
North Point
Tobago, Drakonian Imperium
IDS Storm Crusher

The frigate rounded the point and sped up as it turned toward the Drakonian island of Barbados. The ship's Captain thought after his recent deployment. He was being dispatched to Barbados to reinforce the local naval forces, which were nothing more major than another frigate and a handful of small patrol boats. But he was not the only ship being redeployed there, already a Fast Attack Submarine had arrived there and a destroyer was enroute from patrol elsewhere in the northern Caribbean.

The Storm Crusher was coming from the forces guarding the eastern coastline of Glorious Humanity. It had been merely a prevenative action, but an effective one. Rebel sympathizer aircraft and submersibles had been turned away or captured and the rebellion had pretty much been quelled.

But now the Imperial Drakonian Navy was getting spread quite thin. The normal patrol deployments around the world, as well as strong naval deployments in the Indian and Pacific Oceans were partly to blame, but the redeployment of the ships guarding the homeland as a blockade force off the coast of Glorious Humanity had helped much more. Tensions with the Vrakian Fleet ( moving ever closer had simply been the action that took everything to near breaking point. And if open war broke out...who knew how the spread thin fleets would be effected?

One could only hope it did not come to that, the Captain thought as his ship steamed forward. It would seem the Angstians had almost gotten what they wished for...almost.
Dyelli Beybi
03-08-2004, 23:02
The Cheka agent boggled at the figures, "Small outpost!" he said, his voice breaking under the stress.

"You realise we'd need to throw half our fleet at that place if we were going to flatten it. Capitol ships." he was turning rapidly red, "When we said small outpost I believe we were thinking of small outpost by Dyellian standards. A few patrol boats and maybe 100 man garrison."

He shook his head but his resolve seemed to be weakening, "I'll have to send this upstairs, if you still think this is a good idea."
Der Angst
04-08-2004, 09:56
The two men didn't exactly show emotions. "Yes, we think so. Of course, one can hit a smaller target, with a much lower risk... One can then wait for the Drakonians moving out and striking back with their full, barely weakened, force. Or one can risk something, admittedly a lot, with the results being kind of a headstart. Your choice."

Now, one of them smiled a little. "I will grant you that history proves this kind of operation to be dangerous. The Knootian war comes in mind. But then again... What did your foreign minister, Ledoux, say? 'Copenhagen the Drakonian fleet.' Not stealing a few fishing vessels."
Dyelli Beybi
04-08-2004, 13:11
The Cheka Officer nodded, he seemd to have calmed down a bit, "Yes, yes, of course. Mr Dzerzhinsky will be able to authorise the expedition."

He shrugged apologetically, "I am only allowed to authorise up to 14 ships."

He reached for his telephone and began a rapid conversation. When it was finished he smiled politely, "If you would use the stairs on the left, Mr Dzerzhinsky will see you now."

(OOC If you want to write it into a post, the stairs go down)
Der Angst
09-08-2004, 11:11
They walked down the stairs, not too fast... Being Angstians, they tended to take their time.

Eventually, they arrived at Mr. Dzerzhinsky's office, detailing the whole idea, again, though somewhat quicker.

"Now... We noticed that you have some... Reservations, regarding this matter... There are easier targets, in the indian ocean, in the pacific, that would suit your small outpost scenario." One of them handed Mr. Dzerzhinsky some minor data about the outposts, them being really, really, really insignificant.* "Just... why one would attack them is beyond our understanding, considering their not exactly high value." He hesitated. "But that is yours to decide, I assume it's just certain differences in our mindset. And since I'm not a strategist, anyway..."

* Didn't ask Drakonia about their exact size/ equipment... Would fit the 'a few hundred men' scenario you mentioned.
Dyelli Beybi
09-08-2004, 23:57
Dzerzhinsky was arguably the most imprtant man in the country, he grinned broadly when he recieved word of small outpost rising from his seat, "Drink?" he asked, offering the Angstians port from a crystal decanter on the sideboard.

"Dyelli Beybi isn't a major Naval power." he explained, "We can't afford to launch a major offensive that could potentially end in the best ships of the Kriegsmarine going to the bottom, or worse still, captured.

"We are wanting to attack a small point as this will anger the Drakonians into attacking that may sound like a suicidal plan, but it isn't. Dyelli Beybi is well positioned to defend itself. We have a large army and much heavier coastal and inland fortifications than any other Nation we have encountered. We predict victory in the event of invasion to be 90% even in the event of being outnumber 50:1."
Der Angst
10-08-2004, 11:30
"I see..." One of the two nodded, slowly. "Well..." He hesitated.

Just why the hell did they ask for our help, then? Can't be that hard...

Don't ask me.

"Anyway, yes, this works as well... Data... A second, please..."

Downloading it wasn't too hard, Or rather, it wouldn't have been too hard, unfortunately, the satellite hive in question had something comparable to PMS, and it took quite a while to convince it to grant him access.

Annoying, worthless piece of so called technology. Whose idea was it to make them semi- sentient?

No idea. I suggest you stab him as soon as we learn of his name.


"Ok, it were a couple minutes. Anyway..." He plugged out the (DB- compatible) disk, and handed it to Dzerzhinsky, while at the same time gladly accepting the drink. "Thanks."

"As for further help..." The second man continued. "I think that... Yes, various non- shooting assets would be at your disposal."

ooc: Booya, saw Drakonia the moment he quit... I would say bugging per TG, while assuming that the data is given
Dyelli Beybi
10-08-2004, 12:14
Dzerzhinsky seemed quite pleased with himself, "I will send this over to the military analysts."

"May I offer you rooms at the Ritz...on the Cheka bill obviously?"

He whistled a tune, "It is only a pity our fellow Klatchians are not as...shall we say, as enthusiastic to destroy the Drakonians as we are...particularly the Alconians, indeed they seem quite positively inclined towards them by all reports."

He paused, making sure he was getting his message across, "Indeed it would be considered beneficial to all concerned were the Alconians caused to see reason, they have an almost dictatorial control on Klatchian parliament and are in a position to torpedo this plan and make the Drakonians stronger than before."
Der Angst
10-08-2004, 13:02
The second men perked up. A little backcheck...

"Well... We are not too familiar with the internal structure and struggles in the Klatch... But I'm sure that something can be done to make sure that the Klatch is as united as it should be..." He hesitated. "Again, we are not exactly knowledgeable regarding the Klatch, but I'm sure that we can help convincing them regarding the Drakonian threat. What exactly were your ideas?"

And hopefully, soon, it would be bad if they decide to...

Quite frankly, I don't care what will happen. As long as Drakonia goes to war, it's ok. The results of such a conflict are of secondary concern.

Yes, Yes... Whatever you say.

And next time, ask before entering my friggin mind.
Dyelli Beybi
10-08-2004, 23:07
Dzerginsky was no mind reader, but he had a fairly shrewd idea what was going through the Angstian heads, "If Alcona and Hubris has their way there will be no war. They will attack us themselves, possibly even have us cast out of the Federation. This will make the Drakonian Imperium very happy and world peace will ensue."

He took a small sip from his glass, sitting down and taping his chin thoughtfully, "What we need to do is make the Alconians very very angry with the Drakonians, maybe some type of bomb linked to the Drakonians, or something similar. Either that or we need to somehow weaken their position within Klatch. How to do that is the question."
Der Angst
11-08-2004, 08:55
"Well... The whole thing would be kinda complex... Option two is something we cannot meddle with, lack of internal knowledge. Option one however..." He hesitated. "Well, it seems to be a possibility." He smiled. "It is not too easy for us to get a hold on Drakonian equipment, but we should be capable of arranging something... It would take time, though. The other possibility would be to arrange something with our own ressources... Less convincing, but fast. I am not authorised to give out specific data... But I think we can handle it. The only real threat would be Glorious Humanities psychics... But then, again, that could be turned into our advantage."

So... What?

Basically, we will take care of an object to use. Said object will be used. It will look like Drakonia faked a Dyellian attempt of taking out pro- Drakonian influence in Alcona and Hubris. Using a DA- Knootoss- Vrak- Rest of the Klatch route should be easy enough, just replacing DA with Drakonia... Eventually, if telepathic influence can be noticed, which isn't exactly impossible, we can blame it on Glorious Humanity. Which wouldn't be too unlikely.


"We would, however, need to get access to certain ressources of your nation, to make the whole thing... Believable. Details as soon as I get clearance from my superio-"

"Have it."

For a moment, James looked at his partner, slightly annoyed. You know, it would have meant having a day off... "Ok. Now, for a rough overview..."