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Lasatanian State Visit

19-06-2004, 10:54
"Remind me again who's coming."

Rongyi Bei looked at the dossier concerning the Lasatanian delegation before answering. "Their Foreign Minister, head of armed forces, head of production, vice-chairman of their Party and their security minister. Oh, by the way, they like to call their ministers 'Kommissars', so if you can address them as such then it would make them feel at home."

Premier Suun finished dressing and turned for a response. Tian Yao looked at the scarlet silk mandarin suit and nodded his approval. "I swear you're looking more like an emperor than a premier these days."

"Meh. Okay Rongyi, so when they are arriving?"

"They'll be touching down later today. Now, I believe that they are after economic and diplomatic ties, the usual drill as far as that's concerned, but the presence of their forces head suggests military intentions. Possibly an alliance."

Suun nodded. "That shouldn't be a problem. The MPIN has done a great job selling the Lasatanians to the populace; an alliance seems like the obvious step after the amount of pomp and ceremony we've put into this. Am I meeting them at the airport?"

Rongyi shook his head. "Fanrong will meet them. I think it's more appropriate for the Vice-Premier to greet them and then escort them here to see you. Over the next few days, we'll dazzle them with our culture and prosperity."
19-06-2004, 12:30
On board the LasAir Tu-114 at a table sat foreign minister Komrade Molotov, chief of staffs General Morosov of the Revolutionary Army, head of LasProd Komrade Titov and Party vice-chairman, Alexander Zevrosky. Looking at the agenda then looking out the window, Molotov felt a sense of intrepidations. Through the clouds they could just make out the land mass of Marimaia.

'Komrades. We have been briefed as to the purpose of our mission. Prior to the recent economic and population boom experience by our country, we were weak. No we are in a stronger position at the bargaining table. We are here not as beggars but as businessmen. We are looking to secure export markets for our products and to possible sign a military treaty, thus ensuring we have support should any nation take issue with the measures we take to ensure the rule of the party.'

Kommissar Ulyev Kasparachik stood over the table and looked at each of the delegates,

'Remember gentlemen, you are representing Revolutionary Socialism during this visit and should any of your stray from the path, the retribution will be immeditate'

As if to confirm this, two tall Kommissars in trademark leather trenchcoats and leather peaked caps came forward to address Kasparchik. One of them whispered into his ear and he turned to the delegates.

'Gentleman, it looks like we are about to land. Enjoy your visit'
19-06-2004, 17:35
Vice-Premier Fanrong Liang looked around as the LasAir Tu-114 came into view.

"Alright, get into position!"

The Proletarian Guard unit stood to attention as the plane landed and came to a stop near the gathered Marimaian welcome party. The plan was to impress the Lasatanians from the moment they arrived, and the sight of Premier Suun's elite troops in full dress uniform caused Fanrong to have a sudden rush of pride.

Time for the charm, Fanrong thought as the Lasatanians began to emerge. As the visitors stepped onto the red carpet, Fanrong strode towards them flanked by two Proletarian Guards and Deputy Foreign Minister Zhinu Tang. Fanrong grinned broadly and extended his hand to Molotov.

"Welcome to Marimaia dear friends! For those of you who may not know, I am Vice-Premier Fanrong Liang. Premier Suun sends his apologies for not being here in person, but we will be going to Luozao Palace very shortly where he will receive you. This is Deputy Foreign Minister Zhinu Tang, who I believe you are acquainted with."