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Anger of kings death starts war!

19-06-2004, 05:24
There is a parade with the king Aleiman the IVth's standing on the newest weapon to be fabricated a neuclear powered armored motorcycle(NCT). Then a small blue beam of light comes from the sky aimed for the NCT causing it to explode and create a neuclear explosion, destroying everything 100 miles around it. 2,000 human lives taken, 300 humanoid lives taken,and 450 animal lives taken including immortal creatures. Now the new king Aleimos, Aleiman the IVth's younger brother ordered attacks to all over the world with their neuclear weapons to find who caused the death of all 2,750 deaths, including his brother's.


If you would like to be the one who attacked Aleinopolis post another attack on my nation on this topic.Choose from one of these attacks or make up your own, be creative.
*Kill Aleiman the Vth, the ex-king's son.
*Attack the Crystal Castle's courtyard during the ex-king's funeral is being held.
*Attack the Central Office Building.
*Try to blow up the ex-king's body.
Ah yes, also include the story of how these atempts were made.
Here are also some important and famous buildings.
*The Central Barracks.
*The Moreno Tower
*The Moreno Hotel
*The Aleinopolis Central Post Office
*Weapons Factory 13
*Weapons Factory 12
*Weapons Factory 91
*Hanger 321
19-06-2004, 05:30
Sorry, I thought i was in that one other forum.