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New ArAreBee
19-06-2004, 04:00
OOC: The Grand Supreme Thread of all News, Technological Advances, and political intrigue summaries.


"I'm bored. Let's see what happened today."

The stranger glances around his tiny apartment, the control globe was somewhere in this room. Why technological advances had dictated that all media must be controlled by an object that could roll away was a question oft ask by those who lived in the apartment spires in the Deep. The Globe wasn't by the window, well, technically it was a projected screen with a bright 'natural' sun coming out. In truth he was somewhere in the middle of the building. The swirling algae clouds down here weren't very interesting to watch anyway. Useful for food with the proper strainer. Better then breathing the methane and other unfun gases that descended down here from pollution.

At any rate, the stranger glances under his bed, which also took up almost all of his quarters. The thing was difficult to lift, always scratching the knees. He glanced at his folded up table, and there it was, attached to the wall with velcro. A small sum of things were actually on the wall, attached to velcro. The stranger wanted one of those fancy things called 'cupboards' or 'tables', but all he could get was the one that folded up on the wall.

He twisted around in the tiny cube as he got himself into the television watching position. He moved his 'pillow', a large sponge (nice for cleaning up stains). The stranger fed his credit card, entered in his Bank ID code, and sat back for some programming.

The Holovision quickly went into it's 'desktop' as the rolling meadow scene turned off. A female voice spoke in a cheery tone.

You have exited the Rolling Meadows channel. Twenty four seven schedule of relaxing meadow. Total charge, ¤RGB1680.75.

Please enter selection into the search. Do you accept the service charge using Yeehaw?

"Yes. Search for News."


Complete. Please choose your service!

Martian News Network: Intermartianal Business, Entertainment, and more!
Elysia Era Newslinks: NRRB Business, Entertainment. Features VR interactive media!
Mangalan Local: Featuring the Voice simulated narration!
Valles Broadcasting: Interactive Paintball game during conferences!
Bajon New Agency Anchorman Glachel's three hundredth anniversary!
[server down] Auman Broadcasting Company: lol this place sux - Cult of the Undead Cat.

"Elysia Newslinks."


A deep male voice replied:

Welcome to Elysia Era Newslinks! If a subscriber, please enter your use name and passcode. For temp use, enter your Bank ID here!

The stranger slid his pass card across.

Thank you for using Elysia Era Newslinks. What would you like to view?



Displaying, now!

Tech News The Superior initiative has gone very well! Trickle down effect due to corporate espionage and disgruntled employees has resulted in a cheap market of 'generic' organs that have been engineered for a variety of purposes. Black Clinics have sprouted up due to the recent influx. Rewrite tanks are at sky-high prices. Only accessible to the Middle Class. Kidnapping on the rise due to corporations installing 'organ plans' for employees. Discrimination upon geneprint has been reported, but never held in court.

Business: Trust interests in the Belt have risen due to recent reports from third part spelunkers. Crime has sky rocketed in the region as Industrial Feuds are declared within various court systems. The Soldier of Fortune 500 companies have gained a very high increase of profit as firms seek to enforce claim jumping. Bleux Security has rented out several vessels in recent auctions. In local news, excess resources has resulted in a buy market due to deflation in industrial products.

Entertainment: The Military Entertainment complex has gained substantial profits due to feeds from the Belter Proxy Feuds. Current Hit: Iron Man. An elven ex-black ops agent takes out an entire habitat with only his cloaking power armor (mostly unarmed). Five stars! The Baelrog Syndicate has released a documentary into the all elven syndicate. Includes excellently filmed scenes of drug runs into an anonymous port. The Giraffe Hazardous Salvager Clan has released battle footage from an operation in Earthspace on shipping lanes. The Clan maintains the all this footage is forged.

Political News: Relations Officer Vandir Chaug'nir has once again stated that free healthcare is out of the question. A filmed response from the Freehealthist Cell has threatened an attack on the government towers in Elysia. Vandir Chaug'nir voted teen heart throb for the sixth time this month by Rogue. Vandir charges of sexual misconduct still in question. Protests against ArAreBeen's running for office claim 'A Monopoly on influence has been established by these aliens in the Directory, taking any thing resembling power away from all subscribers to Government Incorporated."

ArAreBeen Director GulShuGoth has this to say: "This absurd, we can clearly see the glaring xenophobia in this vagrants, look at their beady eyes. They also forget the current alignment of the political axis in the NRRB intelligentsia is clearly in favor of the innovative policies the ArAreBeen people are known for giving out. Furthermore, the fact that our race saved this country from political nonexistence is a fact these people seem to forget. Now if you excuse me, I have to attend a Newforgers meeting at the lodge. No cameras please, members only."

Other: Another temple has been claimed by ArAreBeens as property due to long standing 65 million year old deeds. Archaeologist are once again denied entry to an entrance to a long theorized 'labyrinth' that stretches beneath the country. Construction of a milespire over the entrance continues as a Newforgers lodge takes up the bottom floor in order to start an algae kitchen.
21-06-2004, 00:53
New ArAreBee
27-07-2004, 02:21
Tech News Ticker:

Vat made material prices marching downward. Neurochemistry advances have caused a record breaking amount of new narcotics. Zee Trust expertise in robotic enhancements have led to a paradigm shift due to the exponential increase in the biotech market. Trust coffers have shifted funding away from an attempt at catching up to rival biotech, and a more focus on robotics. BobBotics, Zee Trust member company has released it's first commercial homebot. Increased use of diamondoid plastics has led to an increase in security measures for most insurance plans and corporate offices.

Business News Ticker:

Biological technologies the wave of the future says Ea spokesbeing. Helix wars over a standard DNA template cause geneware conflicts among users of both Ea and Emen products. Economist doomsayers warn of a 'Biotech Bubble' do to the rapid inflation of biotechnological companies. BobBotic homebot sold out after first day release, experts blame good marketing. Recent polls point to a trend of shifting over to robotic enhancements in place of biotech due to geneware conflicts. Belt War continues inflating Soldier of Fortune company and Mining Group stocks.

Entertainment News Ticker:

Radical increase in narcotic promiscuity has created huge sails for Nuage Retrobands. Military entertainment complex suffers losses over latest PPV show due to, as critics put it, 'un originality'. Documentaries of the Belter War to begin airing soon, the Recent History channel's special is rumored to have footage. Baelrog Syndicate airing a report on antiquendicism in narcotic smuggling.

Political News Ticker:

Peace now! calling for a government ending of the current Belt Industrial Feud due to breaches in the ancient Geneva convention cited in the Document. Northern communes hold a protest over the Neocolonial activities taking place in the various Arcadian Dominions. Antislothists are boycotting the BobBotic homebot due a 'dramatic increase in the sloth of the people, we should know how to cook our own food, damn it'. Vandir Chaug'nir to run for re-election soon.
27-07-2004, 02:31
taggity tag tag tag...and a bump for the hard martian capitalist news.
New ArAreBee
21-08-2004, 07:31
Recent UN reports cite Government Incorporated's Market Expansion

Government Incorporated has always been classed as the 'brotherly' megacorp, a needed PR move considering their strangle hold on emergency response, employment safety nets, and various insurance branches. Hell, they even host the NRRBAB and maintain the Directory (while netting profit from the tourism, of course), but recent UN reports have shaken investor and consumer alike.

Government Incorporated's percentage of citizenry employment has taken an exponential growth as a series of employee raids gutted several competitors. Freelance Memetic Engineers were toiling several months on an antinoetic that has steadily reduced the consumer base of rivals, causing a multitude of 'down sizing' intiatives. A few bounties on corporate secrets later and their rivals are ruined, along with any nondisclosure agreements. The rival employees were quickly transferred to G.I. human resources were hired to do more work for less pay.

In short, GI just tripled its consumer base as citizens fall back on back-up policies. Trust-affiliated holdings in GI were also reduced as GulShuGoth managed to net a large some of shares due to media backlash fears. Realpolitik has raised Government Incorporated's influence in NRRB affairs by a dozen rankings, nipping on the big ten trustaffil'ed megacorps. Bleux Security also raised a few points as doomsayers increased armegeddon fears. Ea still holds the top three positions, with Zee and Emen with four and five, in that order.