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Professional Athletes Exiled or Must Accept Minimum Wage

18-06-2004, 18:04
The time has come to balance the usefullness of one's productivity to society with one's compensation. Since "Free Agency", professional sports has dominated the wage structure of many countries. This will come to an end in the Confederacy of Anti-Profitism. The value of hoops, stickball, golf, et. al. shall be deemed as MINIMUM WAGE enterprises. Popularity will still exist as well as endorsement compensation, but the actual earning wage shall be governed and set. The allure of Pro Sports shall be humbled as a common blue-collar trade skill. Athletes shall accept or be exiled or be re-trained into a skill more beneficial to society. Countries willing to accept our non-conforming athletes, please respond. Note: Residual retirement incomes of these individuals shall be forfeited upon their departure.
18-06-2004, 18:26
Starblaydia's sporting system allows players to be paid what the Board od Directors, Owner, Manager or Head Coach beleives a player is worth. With multi-million Credit advertising deals and prize money, the rewards the right player can bring to a sporting organisation is great indeed.

Starblaydia's sporting clubs and associations would welcome the athletes from Anti-Profitism who believe they should be paid a worthy salary for competing in the Sports they love, I'm sure the fans would welcome them too.