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The Seraphic Order

Northern Halo
18-06-2004, 13:08
(based off a story my fiancè wrote. Open RP, however I do expect well experianced players. While this is my first time on this site actually writing, I run several of my own forumn based rpgs.)

The Rouge Hall was elaborately decorated with peach and off white marble tiles that formed various patterns on the floor and beautiful chandeliers suspended in the air by chains. The light shone through the millions of crystals causing miniature prisms and creating a quite a breathtaking sight. There were around twenty circular tables adorned with cream tablecloths and light peach napkins that could easily fit up to eight people. Each had a vase in the center filled with orange tiger lilies and soft green fern. The piano played and its melody though the chatter as people talked of their accomplishments and hopes, failures and fears.

Luke Versai had never been one to enjoy parties of such formality. It was an honor to attend to be sure, however his time was spent leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets, watching as others enjoyed themselves. He hated the charades that people put on just for one night. They smiled at people whom they would only gossip about the day after and danced with their enemies with an innocent demeanor as if this was the way it had always meant to be. Luke could not bring himself to submit to such a thing. He would not conform, not even for one night. So he was left there, standing at the side of the room, watching as they danced with their rivals, joked with their bosses, and ate with those they loathed inside.

He looked downward at the white gold chain that hung loosely from his belt disappearing into his pocket. He put his hand within his pocket, his fingertips tracing over the inscribed transmutation symbol upon it. He wished he never came. It was pointless for him to stand there when this celebration didn't concern him personally. It was simply a celebration for those recently inducted into the order. Year after year it always was the same. People came, chatted, and left. It was always that way.

The Seraphic Order was the most prestigious in its class, recruiting members from the highest ranked schools such as the Shentavo Academy, or Westin. Luke was ranked in both the fighting and alchemy sections, though the former lieutenant's specialty lied in fighting mostly.

He pushed back the short strands of brown hair from his forehead in a clean sweeping motion with his right hand. His grey eyes scanned the people as they walked by as he remained silent against the wall. Why couldn't one time be different?
Earth II
19-06-2004, 00:03
Five Civilized Nations
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Earth II
19-06-2004, 21:13
The man wasn’t tall, barely of average size, and he wouldn’t have been striking at all if there hadn’t been one thing that had to strike at such a celebration like this: the white collar of a priest that contrasted with the simple black clothing the man wore.

Only few people payed enough attention to him to notice the collar but not only those who did kept their distance. It wasn’t obvious if this was because of somekind of respect or not but the results were.
While nearly everybody else had to fight her way through the crowd the unconspicious man in black with the white collar was one of those few persons who had enough free space around himself to move.

Slowly he approached a point not far away from Luke Versai’s position. Apparently he chose his way by chance. Even when he leaned against the wall only about one meter next to Luke he didn’t look at him but at the people passing by.

After a while he put his hand into the pocket of his jacket and took out a long and thin cigarillo and put it into his mouth. Then he put his hand into the pocket again and stopped short. He searched his trouser pockets without finding what he was looking for. Finally he turned to face Luke.

„Excuse me Sir, would you be so kind to give me a light?“
Northern Halo
20-06-2004, 02:02
The gift given to many alchemist lays in what their maester specialized in. For Luke, however, it was in his blood. His forbidden blood in which not a single soul in the room had ever dared suspect him of. Never. It didn't make him a bad person, but that was a general classification of a hybrid. Through their eyes, he was normal, if not reclusive, alchemist.

Luke lifted his hand directly under the tip of the cigar and moved his hand in a short quick motion as a flame errupted to light the end. The movement of his hand with his gloves allowed for him to ignite the oxygen present in the air. The ability to do so, for him, was hereditary only. He was the only person in the room who it was hereditary for.

He looked at the man. "What are you? Some ill behaved priest?" he questioned turning his piercing grey eyes upon the man. "Last time I saw a priest smoke, the next thing he did was pull a gun."
Steel Butterfly
20-06-2004, 02:30
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Northern Halo
20-06-2004, 19:40
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Earth II
20-06-2004, 23:22
The priest laughed slightly and dry before he took a deep drag of his cigarillo. Then he faced Luke again and sized him up for some seconds with his dark-green eyes.

„Pull a gun? Why should I do something like that? Here, at this place and at this time? No, no, don’t worry. And even if I would, what could I do against this,“ he waved his smoking cigarillo,“ with a simple gun?
No, I’m just a usual priest with some ... not so usual hobbies.“
Northern Halo
21-06-2004, 16:00
Luke chuckled slightly. The priest apparently thought he had been serious. He honestly didn't like priests particularly, if it hadn't been noted before. "So tell me, priest. You're a new inductee to which section of the Order?"
Earth II
22-06-2004, 10:18
„Alchemy.“ he answered. The priest apparently didn’t notice Luke’s antipathy against him and smiled. “It’s … different to what I’ve learned before to say the least. Different and exciting.” He pulled a small bible out of his pocket, held it in his right hand and placed the left hand over it. When he lifted his hand after a few seconds the title written in golden letters had changed to [I]Faust[I].
He grinned: “I really like this book.”
Northern Halo
24-06-2004, 04:19
Luke tilted forward a bit, and placed his hand on the book. In seconds, it ignited in flame. He pulled his hand back slowly, the flames not bothering to consume his flesh, rather the flesh of the book. "I don't." Probably considered blasphemy of some sort, but it didn't say bible any more after all.

It was clear now that the man wasn't going to be that easy. He seemed, in fact, very difficult. he was the stubborn type with a laid back attitude. It was really hard to pin point him exactly.
Well, at least it isn't like all the other times...
Rave Shentavo
24-06-2004, 05:28
Their eyes turned up as they matched the voice to the face. There were whispers of lies and deceit. Their eyes sought to tear her down, but the smirk strangely could not be taken off her face. The soft silken fabric clung to her form, moving with the gyration of her hips. Her hair was a deep brown with a not-so-subtle crimson hue. Her eyes were a deep scarlet. Both marking her as taboo. The child of taboo was said to bring great misfortune to those they encountered. It was forbidden due to the blood bond between a human and a youkai.
Whispers filled the room, but seemed to be cut down by her velvety voice.

-That's Hesione...
I’m living two lives,
I’m High and I’m low,
To my eyes.
I push and I pull
Jeckle or Hyde

-Isn’t she---
-the angel-eyed alchemist...

-I've heard that she's a child of taboo

-what is she doing here?
-she's an alchemist....and a good one at that.

You’ll never be sure,
The line is a blurr
Doesn’t seem right…

-Hesione…she’s the daughter of Azali, isn’t she? The high priestess…
-and that wretch Mikayal…
-Good thing he’s dead.
I am a God and I know it,
I’m taking you down.
I’ll take you down
I am a bomb about to blow
-I’ve heard she’s unforgiving…

-I heard that her tainted blood causes the earth to die.

-She’s a damn good alchemist, regardless of her heritage.
You’re going down
I’ll take you down
Bringing you down
Power you down.
Bringing you down
I’m taking you out…

-She is as well, isn’t she?

-Both of them died.
-she’s beautiful…

Her voice was powerful in a repressed way. It gave people mixed emotions. She could hear their whispers, and chose to ignore, all except one. Good thing he’s dead. She stepped away from her place, stopping her melodic voice from singing one last note. It was through this, their hearts were open to her. She sat down next to the man where those very words had escaped but a minute ago.
“Care if I join you?”
“N-no…not at all...” It was clear that the man was nervous, not because that Hesione was intimidating, but she was the result of a forbidden love.
“Well, in that case, the least I can do is by you a drink,” she continued, filling one of the crystal glasses with water.
“That’s just water,” he said, confused.
“Look again.” She said calmly. In her hand she held a glass full of a red wine as deep as her eyes. “Here,” she said softly. She looked over the man’s shoulder directly at Luke. Distracted by her change in line of sight, he turned to see what she had looked at. Her hand skillfully swept over the edge of the glass. He would never know the difference. She smiled at Luke. She knew he had caught that. The one across from her didn’t, and that’s what mattered.
“I was just curious, how did your parents die?” he asked. “Were they murdered for their sin or did they commit suicide for bringing an abomination into this world?” Hesione did not flinch just leaned in and whispered in his ear as he finished of his glass.
“Murdered. Someone put poison in the tea. The one time I’m grateful, I don’t drink tea. They died right in front of me. Are you feeling alright? You seem tired.”
“P-perhaps I should…go home,” he said in return, “I don’t feel so well.”
“No kidding,” Hesione said, and stood up, walking away from man toward the edge of the room. The man’s eyes widened. “It’s called Chisara Maretu, goes directly to the heart, speeding up the rhythm…inducing a heart attack with no trace left.”
“You’re lying. There are so many people here…you couldn’t pull it off.”
“Watch me.” She said, standing up and walking away from the man. He couldn’t say anything. Soon, he sat motionless in his chair, leaning on the table. She met the questioning eyes of the people passing by and looking at the man she had just lift. “He’s always been a heavy drinker. He should know his limit.”
So many people didn’t want her there, but some did. She just didn’t see why it was worth sticking around for. She came every other year…but it was always the same.
Earth II
24-06-2004, 13:53
The priest looked up to see who or what had caused the trouble. When Luke inflamed the book he didn’t even notice it.

Isn’t it…? Recognizing and ignoring her was one and the priest turned his head back to face Luke. But now his eyes caught the flames consuming the book and touching his hand. He looked at it for an instant as if he had to think about what to do then he opened his hand and the book fell to the ground. The priest crossed his arms in front of his chest and tightened his jaw.

“That was…unnecessary. I already saw you’re talented in fire.” Suddenly he changed the theme. “Do you know her?” he pointed at Hesione, not using the hand he had held the book with.

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24-06-2004, 20:52
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Northern Halo
25-06-2004, 02:33
Northern Halo
25-06-2004, 02:45
"Of course it wasn't necessary, but it was fun, wasn't it?" Luke chuckled. His attention turned toward the girl, and swallowed. His eyes ran across her figure. “I don’t know her…but I’d like to.” He looked at her eyes as red as blood, and shuddered.
“I’ve heard OF her though. Hesione, the angel eyed alchemist, the child of taboo. She’s supposed to carry some curse within her heart, or something of the sort. She was conceived in a way which is forbidden. Despite the fact, she’s one powerful alchemist. They say that real angel’s eyes are purely black. When that girl performs alchemy, her eyes are supposed to turn purely black. That’s how she got the title. Whether it’s true or not, I do not know. But one thing is for sure…” Luke trailed of, lifting his site as the woman got up from the table and began to walk away. “If she’s going to the tournament in Evanescing, I’m sure as hell going to be her guardian.”

"So, how is the Leather-wing alchemist these days?" a voice snickered. Luke frowned as he shifted his eyesight to the side of the room to match the voice. There seemed to be a tension that could be felt throughout the room when the two noticed each other's presence. Drake, and Luke…rivals until the bitter end. Drake sauntered over to Luke, and grinned wickedly. He observed the unkempt brown strands of hair and the feint scar running diagonally down the side of Luke's face. Luke's pale gray eyes looked coldly at the universal alchemist. Drake was a few inches taller than Luke, with bleach blond hair and piercing violet eyes. His skin was pale, and it seemed he didn’t get out much. He was, however, possibly one of the most prestigious alchemists in the world.

"Still in a regional stage I see..." He observed the white gold chain trailing from Luke's pocket. "Hardly of importance, as always." Luke glanced downwards, and to the doorway, to see Hesione standing there. Though she was unable to hear the words, she was certainly able to see them. Drake caught this glance with pleasure. "Do you like her?" he said wickedly, and he noticed Luke shudder faintly at his accusation. "Such a shame. She is a very talented girl from what I've heard. Such a beautiful trophy she would make for me, don't you agree?"
“I’m not worried about her getting gilded by your hands. She’d curse you.”
“That girl isn’t cursed. It’s her heritage that is, but why do you say that?”
“You’re not her type.”
“And what is her type, do you suppose.”
“Not one who sees her fit as something to be won.”
“Perhaps I should get closer to her then, eh?”
"Don't get to close to the sun," Luke said, placing his hand firmly against Drake's chest and pushing him. A bit of smoke was seen from the place of contact, and Drake was pushed back an inch. "You might get burned."
"Looks like I've struck a nerve, Luke." He whispered so softly, that Luke was the only one that was able to hear the words. "Apparently the scales of the draconic alchemist aren't all that impenetrable." He smiled, and slowly slipped away. Luke looked downward, then toward the priest.
“That’s Drake Retribia, specializes in ice alchemy. We’ve been rivals ever since we were younger. Apparently he thinks its funny to her the ones I have an affinity for. Not that I have feelings for Hesione, or anything. I just hate it when he… forget it. I’ve never gone to confession and don’t plan to start now.
Earth II
25-06-2004, 13:26
The priest watched the confrontation between Luke and Drake with the same tension someone would watch two cars sliding at each other on an icy road with.
When Drake finally left he drew a deep breath, he’d expected the situation to end worse.

“That’s Drake Retribia, specializes in ice alchemy. We’ve been rivals ever since we were younger. Apparently he thinks its funny to her the ones I have an affinity for. Not that I have feelings for Hesione, or anything. I just hate it when he… forget it. I’ve never gone to confession and don’t plan to start now.” Luke said.

Of course you don’t have feelings for her, not you. Yeah!

“Never mind, I don’t think I am the right priest for you to confess.” He looked down onto the burned book and chuckled. “No, definitively not.”

There had been a time when Cyrus McEvans, the priest, would have been … angry, to say the least, about such an answer. Never gone to confession, what a blasphemy. He would have countered with a flaming speech … and obviously achieved nothing. But today, since he had been touched by the Spirit of Eras, he was able to smile about it. As he had said: never mind; he didn’t care anymore.

Again he changed the topic: “What do you think Hesione did to the poor guy at the table? I can’t believe he got drunk so fast.”
Northern Halo
25-06-2004, 13:48
"That man is dead," Luke said indifferently. "Slipped him something in his drink..." He eyed her again, and a smile crossed his face. "Maybe that's why I want to get to know her better."
Earth II
25-06-2004, 14:25
Earth II
25-06-2004, 14:27
"Hum...I don't want to imagine what Freud would think about this wish." he looked at Hesione, then at Luke and grinned. Then the priest with the dark-green eyes, short black hair, square face and a bright smile left Luke and walked over to the corner where Hesione stood.

"Miss Hesione, daughter of Mikayal and Azali I suppose?"
Rave Shentavo
26-06-2004, 14:02
Hesione watched the priest approach her, and waited. Her eyes picked out every detail as her mind raced recording everything from possible fighting techniques to possible weapons. That's how her mind always worked. She was never unprepared. "Depends who i'm speaking with," she replied. She twisted a strand of her hair. "I have a different name depending on who I speak with. To the public, my name is Hesione, so yes...I suppose." She didn't go into it, which wasn't a suprise for such a person.
Northern Halo
26-06-2004, 14:06
"Hey, where are you going?" He asked as the priest walked away toward Hesione. After he saw the conversation begin, he slowely made his way over to where Hesione stood, starlight grey eyes trying to analyze the emotion on her face, which he then dubbed to be unreadable.
Earth II
26-06-2004, 15:17
„Oh, I’m sorry. How impolite. My name is McEvans, Cyrus McEvans.” He started to stretch out his right hand then stopped short when he realized the burned skin on the inside and drew his hand back. He bowed to her instead.
“I’m new to the Order but I already heard enough about the mysterious Hesione to make it impossible for me to miss this chance to meet you in persona.” He turned round and pointed at Luke (making sure he didn’t use the right hand but the left). “And I’m sure my friend here wouldn’t like to miss this chance, too.” He crooked his fingers to signalise Luke to step next to him.
Rave Shentavo
28-07-2004, 03:55
I'm closing this. I've written 35 pages without anybody. I like the other turn better. Thanks. Hey, I posted a new thread in the regional board. That one is more fresh..if i get more replies rather than nothing like this one. I don't like slow starts...