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The New Political System.

18-06-2004, 07:32
OOC: This is the report on the debate about the newly proposed political system ( that has been proposed in the People’s Republic of Radoslava.

The debate on the new political system introduced by our President begins today. Each and every person in this debate has been specially selected to represent his or her respective faction. There are currently only 3 factions taking part in the debate. They are as follows.

The Dictatorship Party: These are the loyal followers of President Nicholai Solodukhin. They have decided to support the new system and are determined that their leader will remain President after the change. The group consists of 45 people who are led by the President himself. They will begin in the Residential Wing of the Government Building.

The Federalist Party: The young and charismatic newcomer Georgi Federov leads this dangerous band of extreme reformists in their quest for political change in the nation. They support the new system but want Federov to be President so he can make some of the changes in economy, policy, and such that they think the nation needs to have now. They have 34 people in their group and will begin the debate within the big Entrance Hall of the Government Building.

The Old Party: Alexander Rozhnikov leads this group of 60 people who seek to preserve the old system. They will begin the debate in the Basement Section of the Government Building.

All groups will be provided with just enough 9mm Pistols and AK-47 Assault Rifles to equip everybody in their group. Other weapons are scattered through the Government Building to place things a little bit on the interesting side. The factions are required to fight until only one faction has anybody left standing. The people in the debate are knocked out of the debate if they are killed, or if they surrender to the opposition, at which time they may be kept as a prisoner or choose to join the opposition.
18-06-2004, 08:08
Even the Chellian foreign minister was surprised to hear something like this.
18-06-2004, 08:11
((Hmm...political debate via Circle of Death, eh?

*scratches chin, then notes something down on a handy sheet of scrap paper*))